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today I had not tropic to discuss, suddenly I got a call as the one is having a tiffin service work and till now they don’t have a brand name,website and when I got to know about it as they want do branding for their business and what do suggest them and suddenly this tropic strict on my mind and most of you are doing the same mistake 1si mistake is there no branding strategies if they do then they do in a wrong way so let’s understand branding branding means my product or service is known by specific name that’s all now its name,logo or may be slogan any thing that represents my brand that is one encourages my branding if you are doing a work where your name is unique in the market so you are creating your name and you can do anything using your name,I started my youtube channel and from there I am receiving my Lapaas work,so how I am getting because of branding because I have created me as a brand in intellectual indies and above the video you see my website,email id so if any one wants any service then they can contact me so you can do the same so do branding of all your work and make a presence in the market suppose there are 2 shops available,so one is without branding and the second one is having it’s branding,both the shops are good suppose both are selling chole-bhature and both are good but if 1st one will try to expand then he will protey as from particular place but the 2nd one will protey based on his brand like you see many food outlet they are expanding faster because they work on their branding so if you haven’t doing your branding then please to your branding,you are making yourself as fool if you aren’t able to do your branding and no wrong branding,means not to put a name which is known by many people and that name is used by many example S.R.industries if you search on google then you will find many may be 10 corer in the world so there is no unique in this branding,but if you search Lapaas intellectual indies then this is unique,you won’t find many of it and you can too take a trade mark of you brand,doing this no one in future can interfere in your business type if one does then you can make a legal claim on it so 1st is to have a unique name,2nd today is everything is going to digital then make yourself and your business digital,making a facebook page is not a big deal if you think a website is required then have a website if you don’t know to make then you can use google site where you can make free website youtube search google site website making write like this from there you can make your website where you can have a online presence because any type of work you are doing,people know about you in your society and locality if you have an brand then people will know about you based on your brand now if you make an website the whole world will know based on your brand if you can design a logo then make it because it make a image of your brand like you can see my logo here if you see any where then you can remember that’s a logo of intellectual indies apple logo,all have specific logo of it,so logo identity is most important,next is slogan or positioning statement means you need to be going on detail so positioning statement means if if he hears my positioning statement by reading from any where,then he get’s clear about my brand massage means what is my brand, what I sell and what my target audience feel if I am saying you about my youtube channel intellectual indies it’s slogan is watch,learn and grow means-see,learn the concept and increase you cariber so this is our statement so this slogan protey’s my thoughts what I am trying to say this is our aim so like this you can make your brand positioning I had already made a video on this in detail segmentation,targeting and positioning and need,want and demand these 2 tropic install in your mind by any way you can click the i button to watch that so mug it up and apply in your business if you won’t understand the need,why my customer will buy my product why my product is so different from others which need is targeting my product and which demand it id identifying,if I won’t understand this then I won’t be able to do branding of my product,if I will understand my need then only I will be able to do branding of it how can I do it,if I know my target audience mine is children then I will have a brand revolving around children,like logo colors and website too based on children theme if mine is defence army then my branding is revolving around that like patriotic if they like creativity than it will be based on that so open your mind based on that and do the branding today,now after the video ends search on google how to make website like google free site also google my business and I had made a video on that,press i button to watch there you can register your business from there any one can search locally you can too watch my local seo video and you can too learn about local seo if any one of you aren’t doing a branding then or your known one you is unable do branding then do tell them this what I have explained you with this our video ends here,hope you liked the video,do comment for any query and do like and share do tell in the comment about the video and do your branding correctly if you done already then put you brand name in the comment like name,target audience,need your website so I won’t delete that link and you can have a backlink too

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