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73 thoughts on “✨ Go Wig or Go Home!✨ S11 Queens Name Their Wigs | Logo

  1. Completely random but does anybody know why there was no dragula this year? Will they make more in the future? It was so cool

  2. Why Soju is in this video if she already proved walking fail and went home? O.o
    Meanwhile, these girls are battling and in Drag Race Thailand season 2, Angele Anang won 6 challenges in 8 episodes (5 in a row) . BenDeLaWho?

  3. Whomever handled this season “meet the queen” and any other press related thing should stop doing this and go work at starbucks or something cause PR is not his/hers forte

  4. How does this work? I know rpdr is now on vh1… so I thought Logo had the rights of the show until season 8. But I see this and I don't understand

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