【ibisPaint】How to make a Team Logo

If subtitles overlap, please tap the maximize button. Create a canvas by choosing “1:1” from “+” in My Gallery. Enter text. In this instance, I use the lower case “i” and the upper case “P”. You can also create your own original font using perspective transform and mesh transform. 「Open the tool selection window and enter text by choosing “Text Tool”. Choose your font design from the “Font” button. You can also download other fonts from the Internet by tapping on the “+” in the top right. You can change the font size by choosing “Size” slider. You can change the position of the font itself by dragging it. The size and position of the text can be changed individually if you enter the text separately. Drawing a circle because the text by itself is boring. Open the layer window and draw a circle on a layer different from the text’s. Make a color besides black by using the color window. Choose the “Circular Ruler” from the “Ruler Tool”. Draw a circle using the “Calligraphy” brush from the brush window. Turn off the circular ruler when you have made a circle. Adjust the position by using the “Transform tool” from the tool selection window. I will add depth. After Rasterizing the font, I changed the color in “Change Drawing Color” of the filter. Add a new layer underneath by opening the layer window. Choose the “Drop Shadow” by opening “Filter” from tool selection window. Change the radius, distance and opacity. Draw from corner to corner by using the “Straight Line Tool” from the stabilizer window. Fill in with color by using the “Bucket Tool”. I will add shadows and highlights. Turn on “Clipping” after adding a new layer on top of the font layer after opening Layer Window. Add highlights by using the “Glow (Inner)” from the filter. Use the “Gaussian Blur” filter after highlights are added. Similarly, add a layer and blur with Gaussian Blur after adding shadows using “Glow (inwards)”. I will add highlights in the section in the far back. I will add gradation. Open the layer window and choose the top layer; then, choose “Add Layer from Canvas” command. Turn on clipping after adding a layer to the top. Make a white gradation using “Parallel Gradation” from the filter. Open the layer window and set blend mode to the “Overlay”. Adjust the opacity. Make background translucent by scrolling to the bottom and choose “Transparent Background”. Save artwork by choosing “Save Transparent PNG (Canvas)” from “・・・” and return to the My Gallery. Create a “1:1” canvas. Work on finishing touches. Import the “Underwater 01” from “Fire, Water, light (colors)” category in the “Material Tool”. Import the logo saved earlier by using “Import from Photo Library”. Set blend mode to the “Dodge Color”. Open the material tool and import the logo to “Cyber Image 4” from “Background Tone (Color)” category. Turn on clipping and set blend mode to the “Overlay”. Adjust the color using “Hue, Saturation, and Brightness” filter. Adjust the “Layer Opacity” from the layer window. Import the “Screen Texture” at the top. Set blend mode to the “Overlay” and adjust the “Layer Opacity”. Tap the “Add Layer from Canvas” command for adding merged layer and use “Channel Shift (Zoom)” done! You can easily show the luster of metals by using the “Tone Curve” filter if you are a Prime Member. Choose the “Tone Curve” from the filter. You can add a new grabbing knob by tapping the curve and move knobs for the shadows and highlights. You can make gold color using the “Gradation Map” filter if you are a Prime Member. Choose the “Gradation Map” from the filter. Open the “Gradation Map” and choose “Sepia” from the list. You can change colors by tapping on the grabbing knob of the “Gradation Map”. You can add a new grabbing knob by tapping on a place without one. done! Thank you for watching!

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  1. 翻訳の協力をお願いします。

    Please cooperate with the translation.


    コメントおねがいします‼️Please comment‼️

  2. こんにちは、私はロシア語です、私は翻訳者を通して翻訳をします、そして、私は質問をしたいと思いました。ご清聴ありがとうございました。

  3. Will this be available on computer?
    If it already is, I can’t find it.

  4. Ibis just today this problem just came out of no where, so I was doing some line art as usual and my settings were just the same as always then when I started doing line art, the line would get bigger smaller bigger small bigger smaller, please tell me how I can solve this problem

  5. I tried it out and it was awesome! Great instructions which are easy to understand.
    Great work and please do keep doing these tutorials 😀

  6. People don’t get angry st peeps of ibis paint if they have adds they have so they actually get money for their hard work without having you pay lmao

  7. 動画見ながら同時並行で作りました!

  8. ありがとうございます。私はそれを本当に愛しています。そしてこの素晴らしいアプリを作ってくれてありがとう〜<3

  9. なぜテキストが黒から灰色に出たのか説明してください/the subtitle explain why the text went from black to gray

  10. The Gravity breaker makes the most awesome speedpaints and tutorials in ibispaint and hes only a kid but draws like a pro!!!!!

  11. どうやってあの黒い色からねずみ色にしたんですか?


  12. Ibispaint doesn't want to open and says It still isn't working every time I try tu run the App…
    I've used it a lot… What happened me?!

    Ibispaint no me deja abrir la app… Cada vez que lo intento me dice que sigue sin funcionar y no me deja… Lo he usado mucho estos años… Porque esto a mi???!

  13. やあ、私 できない 行う それ へえ .やあ、できる う 行う 初音ミク。に その他の.ビデオ。

  14. どうやったらバックアップ出来ますか?もしもなかったら、今度のアップデートで追加してください お願いします!

  15. こんなことも出来るんですね!凄いです!👏🏼

  16. Seriously your kidding me?! I love this app if you ever delete this app I’ll die I even made this profile pic with ibisPaintx so without it I’ll just die for real!

  17. اخيرا اضافو ترجمه العربيه 😍 اكو عرب بل طياره 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. I ibis paint. Can you make it optional on both Ibis paint Ibis paint x to close the daily ranking? The drawings can be innapropriet and id like to not see that

  19. ”this is Misa.”

    a bit unrelated, but I’m reminded of a realistic game texture pack made by someone your name.

    Also, can you add support for importing pictures from the internal Files app in iOS?

  20. Do You allow me to mimic your graphics while mentioning your
    channel and viewing it on my own

  21. Hi. I am trying to communicate with you because recently, out of nowhere, my progress was lost and, among that, my best
    Edit. I am quite angry and would like to return my progress. Thank you for reading

  22. I tried doing your instructions and it helped a little but…. Failed. I can't do it… But good job though.(っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ.



  23. 気まぐれに使ってたりして使いこなせてないから動画見ながら使いこなせていけるように頑張ろうかなぁ

  24. iPってなんだろう…って思ってたらアイビスペイントの略だったことに今更気づいたww

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