竹渕慶 / Kei Takebuchi 〜A Brand New Phase〜

All the lights are out, except for a little night light. We’re cuddled up in this blanket, on the bed here in your room. It’s so quiet out there, it feels like we’re the only ones awake. In this world that could be so cold, with no place to hide. When you were a little boy, the nightmares blew away with your mom’s lullaby. When you were a little boy, the bruise didn’t hurt so much, you made your dad so proud. When you were a little boy… When you were a little boy… Now you ain’t a little boy… You’re on your own. But baby, you don’t have to be stronger, you’re the strongest man I know. You don’t have to try any harder, ’cause you tried enough, you’ll break. I promise I will make you smile at the end of each and every day of your life. So it’s alright. You can cry, cry, cry like a little boy At least for now, in this blanket, it’s just you and me.

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100 thoughts on “竹渕慶 / Kei Takebuchi 〜A Brand New Phase〜

  1. Ga sengaja nemu di beranda hihi
    I love it, please make your songs available on Spotify!! I'll wait for it! Keep your bestwork, Keiiii!!! hihi

  2. 素敵な曲ですね。ずっと前から知ってましたけど、初めてコメントしました。これからも素敵な曲を紡いでください。

  3. love your voice but still don't like common western style pop songs.. i know that you are creative, so please do something

  4. Amazing!! The song is so beautiful and so realistic. Please dont' stop to sing! You are incredible!! Congratulations!! 🙂

  5. i promise i will make you smile at the end of each, and every day of your life.
    so it's alright.

  6. I've listened to this song literally over a hundred times, have the lyrics memorized, and even figured out how to play the piano part. This song is just too good!

  7. play youから応援してます

  8. 涙が出てきた。Goosehouseといえば「光るなら」歌ってたあのメンバー。少しずつそのメンバーがいなくなっていってる。4月は君の嘘は光るならがあっての感動もあったからなんかそれが薄れてしまっているような気がしてとても悔しい。本当に悔しい。ありえないほど悔しい。

  9. あ、勘違いしちゃってソロになったんだwwwwww

  10. けいさん

  11. milletって新しいスターが出てきたけど英語使ったりやりたい音楽とか近そうで
    KEI's 8くらいから一人で勝負して実力つけてればなぁと思ったり

  12. この曲がフルコーラスで配信されることを世界中の慶ちゃんファンが願ってますよ~(*´-`)

  13. 歌唱力の高さがソロになって良く分かりました。

  14. The man who gets to sleep next to her every night is the luckiest man in the world. Can I have your hand..? <3

  15. 今日初めてライブ行けてほんのすこしだけどお話することができました。最高の一日でした。

  16. I think I'm crying…T.T kei, I wish you all the best ~ I think I respect people who can move on strong after a chapter in their lives. Moving solo would be hard, but I also believe that's because you once experience having around so many great people that you knew how change feels like. So in this manner, I wish you the best in personal and your career life.. I can feel it in this song- a new Kei. I'm happy for you. 💜

  17. 本当に辛い時この歌を聴くと涙が流れます。

  18. 今更このチャンネルを見つけました!

  19. CD出てるのかなぁ??出てたら買おう😆😆😆 ダウンロードとかじゃなく、CDで買いたい

  20. all the lights are on except for a little night light
    I’m cuddled up in this blanket on the bed here in my room
    it’s so quiet out there it feels like i’m the only one awake
    in this world that could be so cold with no place to hide
    when i was a little boy the nightmares blew away with my mom’s lullaby
    when i was a little boy the bruise did hurt so much i made my dad so disappointed
    when i was a little boy
    when i was a little boy
    now i ain’t a little boy
    im on my own
    but i think i don’t have to be stronger
    im the strongest man i know
    i don’t have to try any harder
    even though im not trying enough but i’ll break
    i guess anime will make me smile at the end of each and everyday of my life so it’s alright
    i can cry cry cry like a little boy
    at least for now in this blanket it’s just me

  21. Hi everybody! Cek Ig story kei-san there is announcement, and who looked it I sure you will happy 😁😁😁

  22. やっぱり慶ちゃん好きー!
    Play gooseのライブ行くけど、慶ちゃんいないのは、寂しい…

  23. この曲を聴くと、いつも涙が溢れて来ます。すごく心の中が暖かくなりました。

  24. 慶ちゃんがgooseからいなくなるってさっき知ってなんにも言葉が出てきませんでした。ちょっと遅くなったけど今までお疲れさまでした!あなたは私がgooseを好きになったきっかけであり、同時に、歌うことの楽しさを教えてくれた人でもありました。そんなあなたが歌ったこの曲のサビを聴いてなんだかわかんないけど涙が溢れてきました。慶ちゃんはもう十分頑張ってるんだけど、これからもっと自分探しをしていくんですよね。ほんとに死ぬまで応援し続けます!慶ちゃんもきついときはちゃんと子供みたいに泣いてくださいね。みんな慶ちゃんのことが大好きだから、無理して欲しくないから。笑顔でいられるくらいでがんばってください!i love you💕

  25. Found this through the spotify weekly discover playlist and loved it. Ill be definetly listening more of your work.

  26. KEI THANK YOU so much for coming to Indonesia! We saw you cried at the end! We're happy you came to like this country! I didn't know about you before this event and your voice BLEW me away!! So now I'm a new fan!! All the best to your new solo journey! I'm sure you will make even more people fall in love with u !! We're so lucky to be your first audience abroad and even got to contribute to your song!! Have a safe trip back! ♥️♥️♥️😭

  27. alright. so here it is. i know this song for quite a while now, but i havent really hear the full version. until tonight. when you played it in GJUI. yes. i was there.
    i didnt make it before time, but luckily i got there just before your performance, lucky for me someone offered to sell his ticket outside, because his friend cant make it, phew.. so yea, i only got to watch right there at the back, near the FOH.

    when this song came out, it touched me. you see, i was quite busy with work lately, its so hard. im really tired, its so tired i feel like i can break any moment now. and this song… well, i was there standing in the middle of so many people, yet its as if, you sing it personally for me. its somehow.. your voice is comforting. well kei. i guess you werent the only one who shed a few tears right there in that place. :))
    i just wanna say. thank you. thank you so much.

  28. Every I heard this song. I like, I can feel what you feel Kei. You can do what you want to do. So MANY people LOVED you. So, don't worry, just do it!

  29. kei-san, where the full music? its very good music. your voice so beautiful like international singer. hope good career for you kei-san

  30. "..do not have to try any harder.." but please : "..to do it right from inside of the heart." thanks for singing!

  31. Hayoo siapa yang masih lihat video ini di 29 agustus 2019? Hehehehe gw setelah lihat video Kei yang Mashima Moto Istuska dalam acara Gelar Jepang UI 2019 jadi pensaran dengan Kei hehehe i love u Kei 😘

  32. 私もインドネシアのファンです。 あなたの声と外観が好きです。  スペシャル。 あなたがくれたシャツにあなたの署名をもらいたいと思います。 いつも健康でいることを願っています

  33. Hello Kei Takebuchi san! I discovered and liked Japanese music long back, but only really started listening to it and loving it more recently. One of the songs that I loved was Sakura (Ikimono Gakari). Another one was Fireworks (Daoko). I really enjoyed listening to your covers of those songs! Listen to Kiyoe Yoshioka san singing Sakura, especially when she sings the first few lines. There's passion and innocence in her voice when she sings those words. Even before I could find the translation (I don't speak or understand Japanese – yet), I could feel that. Reading the translation is like realizing that you had already felt it while listening to that part of the song. Most artists would just sing a song perfectly in terms of tune and pronunciation and rhythm, but only a few can make the listener feel the words and the music. I heard that in Kiyoe Yoshioka san's voice, and then I heard it in your voice, that's why I chose to put this comment here, on your new song. With this comment I want to encourage you to keep singing in the way you do, and even better. I am sure there will be more beautiful songs from Goose House and from you. All the best!
    – Your new fan from India. 🙂

  34. I'm your fans from Taiwan.I keep following you from the play you house period.All I want to say is that your voice and songs bring a really warm energy and really hearty and touched.Thank you for keeping singing I will keep listening your music 🙂

  35. 発音も声も、グースから思ってたけど、めちゃくちゃ綺麗…ところでこれはシングルですか?

  36. 今更ながら自分でもちゃんと翻訳しながら

  37. Brothers. Find you a girl who thinks like these lyrics, in your darkest moments, and marry her.
    Too many take for granted the "be a man" and "man up" attitude, and those girls aren't worth your time.
    Appreciate her, work your ass off being a good man, and find one who appreciates you and your hard work. I'm yet to find mine, but go brothers, find yours.

  38. 慶ちゃん、チャンネル登録者数10万人おめでとうございます。

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