01/03 Sketch — Graphic Design: Create a Vintage Lettering Logo

Here, you can see a couple of sketches that I’ve done. I’ve based my idea on the brand’s fan tradition. I’ve made a couple of square logos and some that are a bit more horizontal. I even tried with the subtitle and different icons to see how the composition works. It’s really important to make hand sketches before the digital version, especially when drawing letters because we can make some natural movements that look really well on paper. But then when we take it to a digital media, that natural look get lost and doesn’t look really good. Only when I’m designing logos, I make different versions because I think that the time you put into final versions that will not work is a wasted time. So now it’s our moment to choose. I’m going to pick this one. I like the composition, and I think it will look really good at vertical and horizontal versions. But anyhow, I’m going to play around with this little element later on the computer. I also see a couple of mistakes here, like the spacing. There’s a very little here, and too much here. Now, we just have to scan or take a picture and send it to the computer.

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