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so once you’ve done with your sketch what you want to go do is locate it on your computer scanning in or just take a photo of it and just get it on your computer and then once I’ve used on that just going to click it and drag it into illustrator you can see I’ve got my sketchy and which one I picked is this Zeppelin here that I’m going to use and what I want to do is going to make sure in my layers panel it’s on its own layer so to open the layers panel you can go to window and go to layers in the middle there you can see that and you want to rename the layer to sketch or whatever you like I’m just going to select it and then holding shift and dragging that to make it bigger so I wanted to cover my artboard the artboard is just 20 1080p normal sizing it doesn’t really matter what size it is and then what I’m going to do is select the image there and just drop the opacity a little bit maybe 70% just so we can make it lighter so we can trace on top and then what I’m going to do go to your later on even if you click next to the eyeball you can get this lock and that’s going to lock the layer now what I’m going to do is in your layers panel you can see my mouse here just click this little paper there and we can make a new layer what I’m going to do this is now I’m going to call this design trace and what we’re going to do now we can start working on top of our sketchy so first up what we’re going to do is going to start you know building out these shapes using the shape tool and the pen tool I’m going to get this oval shape here for the balloon so when I press start with P I want to start from the far end because to get nice smooth curves you want to make sure that the there’s less anchor points and you’re going to use the handles there so you can see there I’m dragging that out now I’m just going to change the color so you guys can see I’ll get my stroke panel up here and just bump up the stroke there then once again press T and then click back on to the last anchor point there and I’m just going to hold alt just to drag that handle out and so you can start going again doesn’t to be perfect but notice we get some nice curves there and you can hold shift to actually keep referring the proportions as well of course you can see that and this is a little bit wonky so you can always go back and edit so you can start to see this balloon shape taking action and then what I’m going to do is I’m going to use shapes here as well so I’m going to use some oval shapes here and you can see that we don’t want to overlap so what we can do is select both the shapes and then press shift m’ for the shape builder tool and then you can see that it’s recognizing these are shapes and what we can do is hold alt or option if you’re on a Mac and what it does is going to – the shapes I can just click and drag it’s going to – and leave us with this shape here so that’s a fast way to create those shapes then I’ll do it again so I’m just selecting the ellipse tool from the left here holding option or alt and then just dragging that placing it and then selecting knowledge which I want and then use the shape builder tool and – it off and then for these ones here we can use a rectangle or we can just use a stroke Emily’s a stroke so I press P for the pen tool and then I’m going to click left click let’s click like that so these are all separate strokes now as you can see that I’m going to move that up make it more even so we’ve got that front of the balloon and then now we’re going to work on is seen at the back or the rudder whatever you call it I’m gonna go to my shape tools on the left here and then when I go to the star tool so looking to now is let’s click and drag out the star and press the up and down arrow keys and you can actually create more sides to it someone that make just one a one sided triangle from that I’m going to rotate it and then you can see what I’m going to do here I’m willing to select this trick the box the bounding box and for the jag holding alt like that so we now we can get that wide triangle there so you can see you’ve got that shape and then once again I can – it off from the main shape but you want to make sure you make a copy of it and then select the copy and that and cut it off so you don’t end up deleting this so now we’ve got these two shapes here like that that we can use and then we can do the same for that other piece everything is just shapes pretty much and I’m going to drag this one out like that and then holding out I’m just using the eyedropper to select other stroke so it doesn’t be inconsistent and so make it a bit a little bit then once again I’m going to select the oval I’ll change color so select it make a copy of it and then I’m going to select this triangle and then cut off the excess there so now I like this shape II really simple and so you can see how the shape so that’s how that this one’s overlapping and if I bring it to the bottom it look like that depends how you want to look like so we’ve got our main shapes here and then what once again we can just add the lines to this part just like that they’ll be fine and then for this you can just use a stroke so there’s one stroke and the key is here is open your stroke panel so if you get a window and stroke panel my bottom here click that you’ll get a stroke panel and what I can create you can create dashed lines if you want and you can also round the corners so you can see here I’m going to round the corners like this and I’m also going to bump it up hold hold shift will go up by 10 points you can see that we will get guideline there then I can just copy it and then move like that holding shift to keep it straight and then I’m going to select this and press o for reflect and then hold option option click in the middle line that we just made and then go preview and we’re going to make it horizontal and it’s going to copy that same one there any press copy and it’s just copied this same exact so it is going to be evenly spaced now so I’m gonna group these three together holding shifts like this triangle and then once you’ve done that you can see at the top here it’s going to be on key object and then we can Center it so click the center and now this is Center to this triangle there which is perfect now I’m just going to then can move that yeah so we have our basic shapes or there and then now we can start adding the type and adding some detail to it

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