1 Dollar Microphone Audio Sound Test

subscribe for more [ruth] and I are they really what we will evolve to me follow Me I’ll start running Hey guys boys up looking back here with all the videos for winter. We’re just talking to you. They got your back with another unboxing Video guys today, I got something quite special like seriously this thing right here I’ve always want to have it not because it’s cool But I want just to see how it works cuz three months is so cheap as you can see from the title What I’m about to embark is actually the cheapest microphone out there So pretty much guys. I’ve been doing a lot of Microsoft videos these days I did actually have three dollars Microphone review where I actually bucks it and I show it off because pretty much Had a lot of questions about it because pretty much x microphone. I actually used right here guys I have this Microphone all right it is really really cheap like Korea this is actually like a dew point like 99 or Something like this like around 1000 x phone you will be study guide before I did Sorted into the inbox It doesn’t notice guys. I have the new love goes alright. I have a new logo on my channel. Which is which I really really really like at least was better than then the one before this logo is really really sick like 30 I really really like it And I want to give a big shout out to the welcome acre actually made it for me just for free Deliver not for fucking free um if [you’re] interested and want to check him out probably did you make your logo secure? You know looking for some logo makers, but anyways as you Can see mine is so professional it looks pretty cool right? So I’m gonna leave this link down below in description Go ahead and check him out on three that being said let just destroyed it. So yeah guys. We just did into a pot Guys, this is the one dollar microphone. We just open her up real quick You know straight out dude straight up here. We go. This is a microphone [so] guys [here’s] the cable is right here. There is the Jack right here to Jake’s plug in a balloon assault. I don’t know so you can see guys This is the microphone comes with this filter over here this science culture Which is actually pretty late to be honest with you. That’s actually pretty lit and here you go. This is the microphone Oh my God, it actually feels so cheep to be honest with you can see right here. This is the microphone So guys actually this is actually singing times. I’m doing a microphone review video right now guys let’s see What’s good on the quality alright? This is actually the first time I’m using it So they just see how it sounds right? Hey guys, what’s good. It’s suppose. We’re here It’s a pleasure talking to you today guys and as you can see right now I’m up legit using the one dollar microphone with no editing as going to see right here arm straight up Gotta put it in the video and Yeah, this is actually the microphone is going to see 3i guys this is the one dollar microphone So these guys [I] want to ever speak one of you guys to go ahead and let me down Low blow the comment section if it sounds cool that are good alright. Just let me know down low comment section So yeah guys that was the one dollar microphone um By the way guys right now. I’m using the phone camera. I don’t know which one’s the best I still don’t know actually but I just I just listened to The audio and to be honest with you. It’s not that bad alright. It’s not actually that bad to be honest with you It’s not the words out there. It’s going to see so pretty much by the way if you’re interested. I want to check it out I’m going to leave this link del blown inscription, so by the way guys. I’m not sponsored or it’s like I bought it with my money actually as you can see one dollar do I regret by enables to be honest with you No, I don’t regret like so far. I don’t regret it. But let me know that little comment section how you think it is already, just let me know down below the comment section and Yeah, that’s what it is actually, so that’s pretty much guys for this video I hope you really enjoy watching it please if you did don’t get this national like pudding and of course makes you say that Subscribe button if you knew so yeah guys with that being said this is the boys with you so much watching I cab Robin and [on] [the] back to the calina site pretty cousins down five getting the [risk] [image] [s] legacy Time flat wait you did like a bunch going on. I got my turn up any cuter than a new vegas be fun wait How you pull done terrible game?

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15 thoughts on “1 Dollar Microphone Audio Sound Test

  1. dude i just watch your 300 push ups video and this one and you can really grow up you got something special and your videos got a nice high quality standard but dude forget video s about 1$ microphones make videos about sth to entertain the people at the best way you can with having fun. its just about good entertainment good quality and you! i sub you and i really want to help you with my opinion i give you 1 month then i unsub you or i share it with my friends and groups and everything 😉 i hope this is enough motivation but we all new you can reach amazing results in 1 month good luck bro😏

  2. What program did you use for recording the audio with the microphone? I bought it and I can't find a program that let me use it

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