10 British Brands You Pronounce Incorrectly

Hello Eat Sleep Dreamers. What is your favourite
British brand? Ted Baker? Jack Wills? or maybe Paul Smith? Today we’re looking at how to
say ten famous British brands correctly. One of Britain’s most famous fashion brands,
Burberry. It looks like Bur berry, in fact we only have three syllables. Let’s
look at that separately. So Bur is the same sound as bird so Bur. Then Burbe is the schwa
sound, so it’s Burberry same sound as tree but without the /t/. Let’s say it all together
Burberry. You can see there, the stress is on the first syllable, Burberry. Let’s put
it into an example sentence ‘I love my Burberry coat.’ A quick tip if you want to practise your pronunciation
for a certain word is not to repeat the same sound Burberry Burberry etc. That’s really
boring, you’re going to fall asleep, you’re not going to want to practise. So what I suggest
is changing the speed, the volume, the amount of times you say a word. Sometimes sing it,
so just say Burberry, Burberry, Burberry, Burberry etc. Just play with the words, that’s
what I’d suggest, just play with the word. Don’t just say Burberry Burberry you are going
to fall asleep, you’re going to be so bored. Play with it, make it exciting Burberry, make
it sad Burberry, make it funny Burberry. OK, maybe this is something to do when you are
practising at home but just play with the word and it’ll make it more fun when you practise
saying the word. Another British designer Paul Smith. Let’s
look at that first name. Paul so my lips, it’s the /p/ sound, so my lips are going out,
so Paul and to make the ‘ul’ sound my tongue goes up. The tongue is doing a lot of work
to make this name correctly. So Paul. Paul Smith, so it’s Smith. At the end there you’ve
got the /th/ sound. Now to make that sound you need your tongue touching your top teeth
and then you are blowing air out. So Smith, Paul Smith. Let’s put that into an example
sentence ‘Paul Smith is my favourite designer’. Probably Britain’s most famous car company
Rolls-Royce. Now this is a tricky one so let’s look at different sounds that we need. So
the first and most important sound /r/. Now I know this one causes a lot of problems for
some speakers of English. The /r/ sound, the most important thing, your tongue is doing
nothing. Let it relax, let it chill out, take a holiday. The /r/ sound you don’t need your
tongue. So Rolls-Royce, Rolls- Royce. Now at the end of Rolls you’ve got the /z/ sound.
Rolls so a very subtle sound Rolls-Royce and at the end of Royce you’ve got the /s/ sound.
Rolls-Royce. Let’s put that into an example sentence ‘Rolls-Royce make engines for airplanes.’ Another famous fashion brand Ted Baker. Baker
is the same pronunciation as the job, the person that makes bread, baker. Ted Baker.
Let’s put that into an example sentence ‘I just bought a Ted Baker shirt.’ Next one, Jack Wills. I remember when I lived
in Hong Kong I used to see so many people wearing Jack Wills t-shirts and shorts and
all those kind of things. Ok, so Jack Wills. Jack and then Wills, the /w/ sound can be
quite difficult /w/. So lips are close and then we just push air out air /w/ Wills. At
the end there the /z/ sound Wills, so Jack Wills. And an example sentence ‘There’s a
sale at Jack Wills.’ Easily Britain’s most famous shop and now
a brand in itself Harrods. Let’s break that down, so we’ve got Harrods. At the end there
there’s a /z/ sound Harrods. The stress is on the first syllable. If yo don’t know what
Harrods is check out Mr Bean’s Christmas special. He goes to Harrods in that it’s pretty hilarious.
Let’s put that into an example sentence ‘Harrods is one of London’s most famous shops.’ One of Britain’s most popular female designers
Cath Kidston. Cath which is a short form of the name Catherine has the /th/ sound again.
So again tongue touching your top teeth and blowing air out. Cath and then Kidston, Cath
Kidston. Let’s put that into an example sentence ‘I love your Cath Kidston bag.’ Remember if you find any of these names difficult
just rewind and listen again, rewind and listen again and hopefully with time and practice
you’l be able to pronounce them perfectly. Another famous car company Jaguar. Now this
looks difficult, it’s actually not that hard. Three sounds Jaguar. Stress is on the first
syllable, Jaguar and an example sentence ‘My next door neighbour drives a jaguar.’ They are famous for making big strong boots
and I’m sure most people have had a pair in their lives Dr Martens. Two names, Dr and
then Martens. When you put it together personally I don’t pronounce the /k/ sound on that C
the/k/ Dr I would just say Do Martens. So actually not saying the /k/ sound. Let me
put that into a practise sentence for you ‘I used to have a pair of Dr Martens.’ Our final brand for today Mulberry. Now just
like our first brand Burberry there are three sounds. It looks like Mulberry but in fact
it’s three sounds Mulberry. Ok, let’s put that into an example sentence ‘I’d love to
have a Mulberry bag.’ Are there any other British brands that I’ve
missed out guys? Let me know in the comments below and also tell me which ones do you find
hardest to pronounce? Alright if you want any more English lessons please check out
my website which is Eat Sleep Dream English dot com. But for now guys, this is Tom the
English Hipster saying goodbye.

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38 thoughts on “10 British Brands You Pronounce Incorrectly

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  3. Unfortunately I can't afford a Burberry coat so I'm going to buy one at M&S …
    BTW Rolls Royce Cars had been taken over by BMW in 2000 and I
    guess Jaguar is Indian now and Bendley and Mini are also…forget it…😉😉😉😉

  4. 😂😂 when u said u gonna fell asleep i remembered ur sister she told us once that u can fell asleep at anytime and anywhere haha just like me and i'm sure if i say it more then twice i gonna fell asleep too😂😂. Tom thnx fir ur video i gonna share it with my friends 😊😊

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    and the "RO" in Rolls-Royce, a little bit like dog's barking if you try it repeatedly 😂😂
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  10. I always mispronounced “Twinings” until heard it from a native english at the Twinings Channel here in Youtube.

  11. Hi Tom. Needed to know how to pronounce one of the famous brands and found your video. It’s so helpful and you made it exciting. 🙏🏼 I am obsessed with English🇬🇧 and have a feeling will be obsessed with your channel 😄❤️

  12. Ohhh. I assume it's the same pronounciation with blackberry isn't it? I have another question : why do I hear a T sound in "Dr Martens " but not in "Chris Martin" ?

  13. I’ll start pronouncing Jaguar with the U when Brits start correctly pronouncing the American brand Pantene (and it doesn’t end with “ten”)!

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  15. In Mexico sounds weird to pronounce like a british haha, so we just say ''Boor-BE-rree'' (stress in secons syllabe and do not forget to thrill the R's

  16. Actually in England Marks & Spencers usually is called Marks 'n Sparks.
    If you are knowledgeable on Rolls Royce you never shorten it up to Rolls but use Royce.
    Mr. Rolls was the guy who put the money, the car was developed by Mr. Royce.

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