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100 thoughts on “10 HIDDEN Meanings Behind Famous Symbols

  1. The ying yang actually means in my perspective there's always a little good in bad and a little bad in good. 👌

  2. I thought the Swastika was a type of cheese or a mans genitals when I was younger… Flashes back to subway when I was 5

    Oh god

  3. how first how do you know all of this hijo de Puta!??!??!??! you could just been lying and you just make up things and make all this YouTubes for shit and get pay little money hahahahah wow why don't you get a real job!?????

  4. 0:30 actually I'm not on my pc right now but my pc doesn't not infact have that symbol. I have the Alienware x51 case and it's just a button with an led on it

  5. the heart was the shape of a seed (or something from a plant) that had that shape, when consumed it would act like viagra and was used a lot and the shape started being used as a sight of love making.

  6. I've also heard that the heart symbol is 2 hearts together – meaning two lovers hearts equals there love for each other ☺️

  7. 1. Skull and crossbones is used by modern pirates (or they use guns instead of bones)
    2. Ok actually means Zero Killed and it was used first in england in the 100years war
    3.Swastika inst that hated tho there are a lot of communities that are naziphile

  8. The heart is very wrong! Some greek dude claiming he was a god painting some random shit that turned out to be our picture of hearts and two swans picking a fight?!?! What foolish boloney rubbish isss dat?…

    Everyone knows that the heart is shaped after a female booty with her legs squezzed tight af! xD

    Cmon man! Check your facts!

  9. yin and yang is not found in 400 b.c .. it's way too older no one knows when and who and where it has created and found.

  10. I thought the bluetooth sign had something to do with Dead Kennedys 😛

    WTF about the Jolly Roger 'Skull & Bones' flag. It's reported as pirate flag since 18th century …

  11. the list in order
    10: Power button
    9: Medical
    8: Ampersand
    5: skull and crossbones
    4: ok sign
    3: peace sign
    2: Swastika
    1: Ying Yang
    Your welcome

  12. you are just lying about everything you put on here. why make up things to please others. if they are stupid enough to be pleased with lies then their attention is unworthy of your time.

  13. Seriously! Yin is dark place, Yang is Bright place. And it's not Ying, it's Yin. My spell check even just tried to correct Ying.

  14. Very wrong about the swastika… It was a Rune used in Norwegian and Scandinavian countries, but not all, as the runes differs from locations… This is proven by an archeological find of one of the last remaining viking swords known as the Sæbø sword, "also known as the Thurmuth sword"… where it was inscribed with runes down the blade, with a swastika in the center… with the swastika drawn in the same direction the Nazi's later used when adopting… The Nazi's didnt steal this from eastern religions then change it, they did just like many other things such as the SS in Rune fashion to the Iron Cross which was when King Otto became Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire after defeating the Hungarian Magyar…

    Get your facts straight and stop popping out revisionist history just to try and demonize the Nazi's… They discredit themselves enough as it is… But to try and demonize them with fallacy and lies, the truth eventually comes out, and when it does, many will think to themselves… "Hey, if I been lied to, then I guess all the other things told to me about the Nazi's were also lies as well…"

    So by pumping out revisionist history, your actually creating future degenerates… Stick to the truth…

  15. Fail on the meaning of the heart symbol, a lot of your "facts" are off, plus you quoted 50Cent… I fucking hate you now

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  17. hey i liked and subscribed! but charlie your wrong about the heart. it was actually made to look like a womans bottom

  18. hey i liked and subscribed! but charlie your wrong about the heart. it was actually made to look like a womans bottom

  19. Ok in America is a condensation of the French words aux quais which means on the dock. the steevedores unloading steamboats at the port of New Orleans would say aux quais when the cargo was unloaded allowing it to go back up the Mississippi river.

  20. The swastika (or whatever it is) was a design/stolen design created by hitler, the original orientation is as it is seen now, do keep that in mind as hitler was semi-artistic when he had spare time

  21. Ok i'd watch this video and i am shock beacause i have a bracelet and the logo of my bracelet is a SWASTIKA

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