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100 thoughts on “10 Hidden Messages In Famous Logos

  1. "Google isn't a company that plays by the rules"
    You got that right, any employee in Google with a differing political opinion gets harassed on a basis 😉

  2. Yeah. Google. Where it's run by feminists who despise input and good ideas by men. They went as far as to fire a man for trying to improve the company. Google is so shit now with their biases

  3. How Many Fucking times are you going to list these Same Fucking Logos in the Same Fucking Topic?
    And you Still get the Amazon one WRONG! It Points to the O, Not the Z. The Z is Over the Arrows Point not after it.

  4. Although most of these have been featured elsewhere on YouTube, you did something remarkably rare in giving credit to the creatives, both people and advertising firms, that actually designed the logos. Speaking as an artist who sees uncountable examples of art posted without attribute on the Internet, I thank you for going to the effort to research and give names and faces to the commercial artists responsible for some iconic logos.

  5. Love the channel! Top notch! I have but one question… DOES ANYBODY THERE SPEAK ENGLISH?!? Good God man! You BUTCHERED the words "ADIDAS" & "HYUNDAI" beyond recognition ! Those are just to name a few. You're from the UK, right? Didn't you invent the language? HAHAHAHA…

  6. I like the game cube logo. At first it looks like and unfolded 3D cube but then you realize the logo then forms the letter G.

  7. Amazon is also an unfortunate misspelling of Amazin' to represent its "amazing deals" back in 1994 when it was a small internet start-up. Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos was a high school dropout with poor marks in English, and when questioned about the title for his legendary 1999 Rolling Stone interview, he was quoted as saying, "It's AMAZIN', not this Amazon river bullshit. Once I found out that I spelled it all shitty, I was like totes embarrassed. I hit my lawyers up like boom, and I was all 'bros, we gotta change that garbage domain name' but they were all 'chill brojeff' and I gotta say now I see the light. Damn, man, it's lit AF. That name's pure 24 karat magic, Grammy award winning song by Bruno Mars."

  8. You said Pepsi represents the American🇺🇸🇺🇸 flag according to me it represents the Dutch🇱🇺🇱🇺 flag !!!!

  9. I never noticed the arrow in Fex Ex but even as I write that now, I now see the arrow so obviously missing from my memroy for so long.

  10. Damn it Britain, it's "NYE-KEE"!! And Nissan is pronounced "KNEE-SAWN", Dynasty is "DYE-NA-STEE"(you don't say dinnamic you say dynamic; nor Dis-son, it's Dyson). Also it's "Hun-Day" (Hyundai).

  11. You sound really dumb when you show the fedex logos secret in the thumbnail and be all smug like you know something we dont

  12. If the logos show stuff and no one notices or knows it’s there or symbolizes something, what is the point of it?

    If that “H” supposed to be 2 guys shaking hands how comes no one sees that.

  13. Just before watching this video I saw the clickbait with the FedEx truck… Before I had a chance to watch it however I had to go let my dog in and lo and behold a FedEx truck drove by so I studied it very hard and I saw no indication whatsoever of an arrow. Just sayin…….

  14. Back construction, not forward thought or planning. Too much thinking coming from too little info. The real point is missed "quantity of exposure".

  15. You sound as if you should have said, 'Amazon sells everything from a to zed'. As 'Joe' says in the famous Molson Rant, 'It's ZED not ZEE'!

  16. I understand you have a thick accent but HI-YAN-DIE???
    Hyundai 👍🏻 gd job!!
    Also @3:47 same 🤫🤫
    Our secret I won’t tell

  17. That adidas three stripes logo is actually bought from finnish sport brand Karhu in 1952. Karhu used those long before And the price was 1600 euros (todays money) and two whisky bottle.

  18. I am commenting quite a while after the video was uploaded. You guys keep mispronouncing both Nike and Adidas! Nike is pronounced, "Ny-key" while Adidas is, "Ah-DEE-dus", stressing the second syllable. I have heard you pronounce these incorrectly in other videos, also! Just wanted to let you know!

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