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100 thoughts on “10 Symbols You Don’t Know the Meaning & Origins of

  1. A precision regarding the fleur de lys : It is not a stylised lily (lys means lily in french), but most probably an "iris des marais", a marsh iris ; when you look at a marsh iris, you're struck by the similarity between the symbol and the actual flower, and even the bright yellow color of the flower reflects the gold of the fleur de lys.
    Now what's interesting : the marsh iris grows wild just about everywhere, still to this day, in the Netherlands…Which is the place from where the Franks came when they invaded Gaul to make it eventually Francia, mordern-day France…The marsh iris not growing in the wild in France people renamed the symbol after the most likely-looking flower they could…But it gets more complicated than that : historians have acknowleged that Clovis's father (Clovis first king of France, everyone knows that, you ignorants :)), Chideric, still based in the Low Countries (the Netherlands first, then Belgium), had a standard displaying three times a symbol looking very much like a fleur de lys, but they were actually toads (this having perhaps something to do that, when taunted that he lived in marshlands, he replied that he and his army would march on to their enemy "as numerous as frogs (or toads) from those marshes")…Up to now, historians have been unable to find the transition between the very fleur de lys-looking toads and the actual fleur de lys, undoubtedly a flower symbol, undoubtedly the marsh iris…That said there are 5 centuries between the toad standard and the ubiquituous diffusion of the fleur de lys in France so may be this is a wrong hypothesis, or perhaps has it been done in stages, the toads been already very stylized, becoming more and more abstract, to the point that the meaning was lost, until an artist saw rather an iris in the symbol (who wouldn't prefer a flower to a toad anyway?), to the point that the stylized iris, not growing in the main Frankish territory, would be confused with a lily.
    The smartest among you would probably say : if the marsh iris was made the symbol of France after the Frankish invasion of Gaul how come they could take it since it wasn't growing in Gaul naturally? The answer is : for three more centuries France was much more than Gaul, and the Frankish Merovigian kings' realm consisted not only of Gaul, but also of their original territories, which were mostly the Netherlands, Belgium, and a big chunk of Germany…Some artist may perfectly have come from the Netherlands and done the transition from toads to flowers on some French standard, a symbol that would have been appraised and later adopted on a very wide basis.

  2. No Holds Barred comes from the pipe organ built into many churches The pipes had "holds" which expanded the tone. When a hold was barred, the note faded. When the organ was played with no holds barred, the tones rang through the church with huge power.

  3. In Numbers 21:8 Moses was commanded by God to make a snake out of copper and put in on a pole and those who looked upon it when bitten by a poisonous snake would be healed. (the snakes where sent to deal with sin within the people of the Exodus) This is where the symbol came to be associated with medical intervention

  4. "holds no bar" & Navajo pronounced with a hard J? All the pronunciation mistakes are the reason why I love these videos. SMHL

  5. @10:38~ When saying Avant garde, one must not pronounce the T in avant
    as you have done here Sir. The T is silent. It had to be said!

  6. You seriously need to work on your pronunciation. Incorrectly enunciating so many words makes you appear to be a little bit on the thick side.

  7. To me the fleur-de-lis looks much more like an iris than like a lily.
    "Ampersand" may come from Latin "`and' per se, `and'" = "And" by itself, `and'

  8. The swastika is even found in Australian and North American petrogliphs along with the perpetual circle symbol. Do some research on Gnosticism. You find those sybols as drsribing god in the center and reality eminating out from that center. All of the major reilgions of the world have some form of this spiritual understanding. Excluding biblical Judaism and Christianity.

  9. The Barber pole. They may have strung up along doors but the had a pole that they hung the blood soaked rags on and spun it to drain blood from rags.. Just a note

  10. #3. The "Ok" sign is actually the "666" hand sign.

    Each finger creates a 6 shape with the index and thumb together.

  11. try looking up the first time German culture started to use the swastika. You'll find that the cultural symbol predates many of the claims made in this stream.

  12. Disclaimer: this is part of the wiki dialog. If you want to learn more. You can ask wiki.

    The earliest known swastika is from 15,000 years ago – part of "an intricate meander pattern of joined-up swastikas" found on a late paleolithic figurine of a bird, carved from mammoth ivory, found in Mezine, Ukraine. It has been suggested that this swastika may be a stylized picture of a stork in flight.[52] As the carving was found near phallic objects, this may also support the idea that the pattern was a fertility symbol.[53]

  13. The snake on a staff also comes from the Bible, when the Israelites cursed God, which God in turn told Moses to erect a snake wrapped on a pole so that the Israelites who saw it would be protected from dying from the bites of the "fiery serpents" which God had sent to punish them for speaking against himself and Moses. So it does have some kind of medical history to it.

  14. Why did you say "corps" like "corpse". Its pronounced like "core". Youre kinda snooty for something who doesnt know how to pronounce a lot of words.

  15. Wow! But whoever did the subtitles doesn't apparently know the basic grammatical fact that the possessive pronoun ITS does NOT HAVE AN APOSTROPHE, any more than HIS or HERS do. DUR!

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  17. I’ve heard the Caduceus is from the bronze serpent made by Moses that if you were sick and would simply look at the serpent, you would be healed.

  18. The oldest swastika and yng yang simbol found cames from estern Europe, Romania the Cucuteni culture more then 7000 years old painted on ceramic vases! CUCUTENI CULTURE rules!! preceding by at least hundreds of years in human setlements and writings the egypt and sumer!!!

  19. So glad to hear an English voice actually say “zed” when so many say “zee” because American kids won’t understand

  20. Some good history here, so i subscribed. Want to learn to cook better ? Our Chefs will help ! Subscribe.

  21. The caduceus is also a staff spoken about in the Bible. During the Exodus from Egyptian rule, the Hebrews were wandering in the desert and decided that they wanted meat to eat. So God sent a huge flock of quails into their camp. However many became ill because of their gluttony. A staff was made that had 2 serpents wrapping around the shaft and then facing each other atop a crosspiece. Any who touched it or looked on it were healed.

  22. The staff and snake actually originates in the Bible when Moses held up a snake on the staff and the Plague ridden Israelites only had to look at it to be healed. The heart happens to be the shape of a butt. The swatzica(sp?) For Christians represented a cross that was broken depicting Christ's defeating death. And the fluer de leis was a symbol from the Babylon mysteries, picked up be Freemasons and knights of Templar all of whom knew no country boundery and so the symbol spread. It is also sexual in nature as it looks like a peinus and testies. The rest was pretty close

  23. oldest swastika symbol was found on Ukrainian ground…about 14.000 years old or more 😉

  24. I beg your pardon but the s in Lis as in Fleur de Lis is silent Li.
    Not finished. The j in Navajo is pronounced as an h as in Navaho.
    You're welcome.

  25. The skull and crossbones is far older than you are portraying it here. It was used to mark graves by aboriginal peoples for thousands of yrs.


  27. *********************Correction************************
    Clockwise Swastika means "Surya", the Sun god & prosperity. Counter clockwise Swasthika is called Sau-sthika which represents Night and tantric power.

  28. But can you explain why we use ampersand for the word "and" rather than "perse" when we still use both and they don't mean the same thing. Obviously it doesn't mean "and".

  29. "CORPS" is pronounced the same as "Core", the "P" and "S" are silent. The reason why is because you are not talking about a corpse.

  30. Never heard of the heart symbol being used to represent a set of nuts. It does however represent the rear end and vagina of a woman, when she bends over, you see that shape. But you do not see that shape when a guy drops his drawers, even if you invert it.

  31. Can you not overuse the flashing and blinking of the image and stuff like that?
    it's a) unnecessary and irritating when the viewer is OK b) does no good when the viewer has a headache or is epileptic.

  32. In the bible, there is a passage about God instructing someone to make a staff with snakes on it made of bronze. When the people looked at it it cured them of their illness. It was called the Nehushtan, and it predates the ones in the video.

  33. I've always debated true meanings behind certain symbols such as The swastika so I'm very happy you made this video!

  34. Notice the correlation of banning the swastika in western culture, while western culture declines into utter degeneracy?

  35. Here from 2019 and in the future the ok symbol is a nazi symbol as well stupid liberals screw up everything

  36. No matter how cool your accent sounds, mispronunciation is mispronunciation. And if you're going to narrate, particularly an educational video, learn to pronounce the words.

  37. The swastika could also be found in American First Nation people artwork I don't think it originated in India

  38. I love how people repeat corrective comments over and over, I see like a dozen about the corps pronunciation being wrong. Seriously, it would make comment sections a lot shorter if you would check to see if yours has already been stated, especially when I see some 2 years old, 8 months old then 3 weeks old. Sheesh.

  39. Oh yes! You missed a big one!
    I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED THIS VID ! I'd like to see more, so next, talk about the iconic prism symbol that is now the most recognized symbol in the world! (I've heard)
    It is used on Pink Floyd's
    Dark Side of the Moon album cover.

  40. Well witches used the heart symbols as long or longer than Romans lol or sorcerer's as they were call before they got the name of witch 🤔🤔🤔🤣🤣

  41. i have to corect you on the skull and cross bones the first recorded use of the symble was used in 12c as markers for the knights templar knights in scotland The primary reason skulls appeared on memorial and headstones was as a Memento Mori, a reminder of our own mortality, an aide-mémoire, should it be needed, that you too will die one day – death is inexorable it was centeries later that the pirats used the symble on there flags so please stop making things up just for views

  42. You are wrong about the swastika. It was made for the simple fact of four 90 degree angles which make a perfect circle. Perfect harmony life of infinity. Everything in our universe from a single atom to the biggest star/sun is made into a circle.

  43. I'm surprised you didn't make the connection in your last 2 examples. The lightning bolt symbol is only associated with the Nazi party because of the Sowillo rune they used from the norse Elder Futhark runes (because they idolized the old norse) which is depicted twice over in what is commonly referred to as the SS. Sowillo symbolizes victory through power of will, but also was used as a symbol of the sun. If two sowillo runes are crossed over eachother, they create the norse Solar wheel, which amplifies the meaning of the Sowillo rune as well. It's safe to say that Hitler was intrigued by runic magic during his time in charge and was using it as part of his commonly referred to "occult" practices (by the way, germanic magics are very commonly associated with dark occult magic, so much so that old germanic words serve as the base for a grand majority of our english "curse" words) to employ the powers of victory for him and his movement. So basically his symbol and the SS symbol are one in the same, only one is a rune phrase and the other a bindrune (which causes them to work in different ways).

    Swastika was a great go-to because it was associated with peace and harmony. But remember too that these symbols will share similar meanings (just like the religions they hail from) because they are all derived from the one religion that humans worshipped pre-cataclysm (inspiration for the story of the tower of babel). Hence why so many of these faiths believe that reversing the orientation of a symbol also inverts its meaning and orients its intended direction (love to hate, creation to destruction, defense to offense) like flipping a coin over. It's such a universal belief because it's all from the same origin. We just can't uncover much from 15,000 years ago without having access to dig sites in the african and middle eastern landmasses, what with it being a graveyard of empires since the dawn of modern man and all. And even then we won't find too much intact, but enough to give you an idea.

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