10 Unexpected Products from Popular Brands!

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100 thoughts on “10 Unexpected Products from Popular Brands!

  1. I remember when burger king used to have those ash trays wow! Those were so cheap quality. Ya back in the 80's and early 90's when people used to smoke while you ate and no one batted an eye.

  2. Like speaking of apple failed products look up their smart camera. The icamera from back in the day

  3. Matt gasoline smells great and so does diesel just don’t be my uncle and shove your nose in the can

  4. “tHiS iS tHE lASt TiMe i WiLl bE siTtiNG iN tHiS sPoT” -Matt
    hate to break it to you but you brought this back to the new and improved dope or nope because we missed it 🙂

  5. A year later, i seen dat joke anf almost hate commented XD



    Matthias: Just a joke!!

    Me: why must you play with my emotions

  6. Imagine everyone in your family having that toothbrush and you get in trouble so your phone gets taken so you say “you can’t take my phone I need to brush my teeth” sounded a lot better before I said it😂😂😭

  7. My dads best friend is Matt Kenseth. We hang out a lot with him and his family when he comes to his cabin in Wisconsin. We just recently went to six flags with him and kayln his daughter.👌


  9. I wish you would make Matthias as an old channel and you make this format on that channel only. I prefer the new format

  10. Hahahaha when they think they got “duped” with the Burger King cologne but doesn’t realize perfume is literally rubbing alcohol with scent so it just evaporated in the bottle🤣

  11. Today was the end of an era. Time shall be dismayed today. Most don't like the new name that appears clips after.

  12. How can you not see the way the teeth are facing lol? Your right was all yellow because you didn't brush there. Your left side showed brushed because you did…. Still a great video guys!! 👍🏼

  13. I've been bouncing back and forth through videos based on suggestions on the right of the screen, and I was wondering when I would come across the final Matthias channel video.

  14. I remember those burger king ashtrays! You used to be able to smoke there and I remember being really really young (in the 80s) and bending all of them cuz they're very flimsy lol

  15. Ok so i watched the thing that yt put the subtitles on it and it said at 0:6 Matthias mateing call lol 😂

  16. Did Matt say Harley Quinn was a super hero?
    She's a VILLAIN.
    And I love the character! Especially in the Batman Arkham video games!

  17. I actually found it!!!! .. after 150 or so random videos i found the Matthias <–> Dope or Nope one ! and i found this channel like 4 days back 😀 .. you guys are awesome 😀

  18. i know im a year late to the comments… but tell me why the second chapter of NASCAR shades of love literally starts in the middle of the book… the whole book is just 2 chapters?? SHOOK.

  19. Even worse is that can is of the failed 'wave' or 'new' Coke. Why tf would you want that abomination in your home? Hurry up and destroy it before it gets to the children.

  20. Those Pepsi earbuds.
    I swear you can buy that exact pair at my local Dollar General. For, you guessed it. A buck. Same quality too I'd bet

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