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49 thoughts on “10 World-Famous Sports Logos With Hidden Meanings

  1. The new Washington Capitals logo is also in the shape of a 'W'. And it's the CapitOl building, which is ironic.

    And the logo is also shaped as an Eagle with the wings spread as in US emblems.

  2. And the Diamondback logo shown here also fits inside a diamond, which is also the pattern of a diamondback snake.

  3. The Minnesota Wild North Star is also akin to the Ursa Minor (little BEAR) constellation which contains the North Star. Hence why it's also the shape of a BEAR.

  4. That's an Awesome history, I wish they talk more on logo teams around the world.😎 especially on ⚽️. As curious thinking.

  5. The yellow jersey is not awarded to the winner of each stage but to the overall GC leader at the end of each stage. Come on BI

  6. More like "american famous logos". You literally just talked about the 4 major sports of America plus the tour de France and thats it….

  7. There is a mistake on @1:12 that is the flag of the PRC which did not exist until 1949 and did not participate in the Olympics until 1952. Thus that cannot be the reason for the colors. The first China representatives (the ROC) did not participate until the 1932 LA Olympics BTW.

  8. This is bad clickbaiting. It says "world's famous logos" while these logos a definitely famous only in North America.

  9. Typical Americans, no loyalty or sense of history. If a football team in the UK changed their logo/colours there would be a riot.

  10. Olympic flag created in 1913
    Communist China flag created in 1949
    Business Insider Logic: Olympic flag's red and yellow was based on the PRC flag.

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