Every night, every person on earth experiences
different dreams and sensations during sleep, sometimes those imaginary images appear clear
and understandable, and sometimes the subconscious tries to send us deeper and vaguer messages.
Dreams are a universal language, making dream research a fascinating field because people
from different cultures and backgrounds report similar dreams with repetitive symbols.   Dreams are a reflection of the dreamer’s
inner world. While each individual is greatly influenced by the world around them, dreams
reflect the dreamer’s mental, emotional, and physical state.
Dreams come in many forms, shapes and sizes. They can be precognitive and deliver messages
of future events. They can be messages from the higher conscious mind to solve problems,
or share spiritual knowledge and wisdom. To add clarity to an event, or help prepare the
conscious mind for spiritual work. When we dream, we are in an altered state
of awareness. It’s one of the best times for our higher self, our spirit guides and unseen
teachers to reach out and make contact with us to guide us and provide answers in our
waking life. The appearance of certain actions or things
in our dreams are commonly found in many people.  While each individual who remembers their
dreams need to examine them through the lens of their particular conscious life, these
SYMBOLS can act as a guide for self-examination of issues you need to pay attention to. Today at spirlution.com we bring you 11
COMMON DREAM SYMBOLS THAT SHOULD NOT BE IGNORED:  1. Falling A very common dream is one in which the person
feels like they are falling. This may be your subconscious’s way of telling you that things
are getting way too out of control in your life. You may be afraid of failure or that some
of your riskier life choices may be coming back to bite you in the end.
If falling is a recurring symbol in your dreams, it is probably a good indicator that you need
to focus on anxiety-fighting activities in your day-to-day life, such as meditation or
yoga. Another very common dream is the dream where
you are falling from a cliff, a building, a rooftop, an airplane or from some higher
ground. When you fall, you have no control and have
nothing to hold on to. Thus your falling dream is analogous to a situation in your waking
life where you are lacking or losing control.  Maybe You are not sure where you stand in
a particular circumstance or in your relationship. Perhaps you are at risk of losing your job
or losing your home. Such loss can make you feel that the ground is falling away underneath
you.  You have lost your foothold and unable to
keep up with the demands of your daily life. Your falling dream may be a wake-up call of
your reckless behavior or poor decisions. You are headed the wrong way in life. And
if you continue on the current path, you are going to hit rock bottom. Falling in your
dream could be viewed as an analogy of your fall from grace.  
In order to understand and interpret your falling dream, look at what is happening in
your waking life that could bring about the dream. Where in your life do you feel a lost
of control? What is causing your insecurities?   
2. Flying Flying shows that you are ready to make bold
choices in your life. Flying in a dream can be a truly exhilarating
experience.  If you are soaring up high it can denote a feeling of freedom…perhaps
you are feeling liberated from something that has plagued you.  As you soar high above
the clouds and defy gravity these dreams hold great significance that shouldn’t be overlooked.
There are a lot of pressures that come from the daily grind — either in your relationships
or at work — and you seek some kind of release. You not only wish you could fly away from
your problems, but you wish you could fly above them. Keeping a positive attitude and making strong
choices will both help you to gain this much-needed release. Before you start analyzing your dream you
must take into consideration all the details of the dream. Once you have understood all
the feelings and symbols, then you would have a better chance of decoding the flying dreams. It is important to know what direction where
you where going when you where flying high up in the clouds.  If you are flying upwards in
your dream suggest you are now on a new level spiritually. If you where flying downwards we
are trying to get more in tuned to our unconscious. If you are flying low to the ground it represents
strength and determination in your life.  If you are flying an airplane it means your
not fully free to have fun but your almost there.  If you are flying backwards suggests
you want to relive the past and the good memories you experienced.
Dreams of flying often indicate the need to reach ambition. Where are you going? How are
you getting there? Are you having trouble navigating through life? Flying dreams tend
to leave us recharged when we wake. There is a feeling of freedom and being able to
accomplish anything in our way. 3. ROADS Just like in life, traveling on roads can
be difficult or easy, and its meaning changes accordingly. The important question is what
your road conditions are. Roads and paths symbolize the journey that you go through
in your life: If you dream of a clear path, it means you know what you want to achieve
in life and where you want to go. But if your path is vague and difficult to navigate, it
is likely that your subconscious is trying to convey your uncertainty about the future. To see a road in your dream refers to your
sense of direction and how you are pursuing your goals. If the road is winding, curvy,
or bumpy in your dream, then it suggests that you will encounter many obstacles and setbacks
toward achieving your goals. You may be met with unexpected difficulties. If the road
is dark, then it reflects the controversial or more frightening choices which you have
made or are making. If in your dream you see a very long, seeming
endless road it signifies that happenings in your professional life will soon test your
patience. Alternatively, this dream might mean that a close personal friend of yours
will cause you a lot of worries soon. Traveling along a dusty, grimy road signifies
that you should not expect support or understanding from your environment about your ideas and
actions. On the contrary, this dream can mean that some will try to discourage you from
moving forward by tarnishing your reputation. There is also an alternative interpretation
of this dream which states that someone will envy you soon. Dreaming of a dirt or gravel road implies
that the path toward your goals will take some effort and work. It may take perseverance
and time before you see progress. Alternatively, the dream suggests that you are paving the
way. You are doing all the work to make it easier for others later on. To see an unknown road in your dream represents
a path that has not been ventured. You are setting a new precedence for something. If the road is smooth and bordered by trees
or flowers, then it denotes a steady progress and steady climb up the social ladder. If
the road is straight and narrow, then it means that your path to success is going as planned.
To dream that the road is flooded implies that you are letting your emotions stop you
have moving toward your goals. You are being too subjective in some matter.  If you had a dream about walking down a narrow,
winding road, it means that you will achieve success in your life but not before having
significant difficulty due to factors that will be beyond your control. You will have
to go ‘uphill’ all the way and work very hard if you are to reach your goals. Traveling along a full and straight road indicates
that you will reach fame and renown in your life. You work will likely be much known to
a lot of people, and you will be in a way defined by it. This type of dream is especially
prophetic if it is dreamed in the early morning hours of the night or if it is recurring. Walking along an old, cobblestone road signifies
that you need to take it slowly in the upcoming period. Risks are also not to be made especially
if they have a potential to tarnish your reputation. A dream in which you will have to build a
road to get to somewhere is a strongly positive portent. It often signifies that you will
achieve a lot of hard work and dedication. Your zeal and stamina might even serve as
an inspiration for many others. Ultimately, the symbolic meaning of crossroads deals
with choice, consequence, making a selection about the direction in which we want to go (both
physically and philosophically).   4 DEATH
While dreaming about death can be upsetting, it strangely may be symbolic of positive endings
in your waking life.  Perhaps you have moved on from a situation or person that was having
a negative impact. It generally is symbolic of change, which is a part of life that is
ongoing, and some of us have more difficulty being in transition than others. Sometimes, people have an unsettling dream
that revolves around death. What does this mean, though? Dreaming of death is not 100%
a bad thing. Instead, dreams that involve death can mean that the person wants to terminate
something in their life, like a bad relationship or a job that the person hates going to. So, what should people do if they have a dream
involving death? Take it into consideration that something in your life needs to be shed
and that it’s been sitting heavy on your mind for a while. Once you know what the thing
is that needs to be shed or terminated, let go of it! That should help with the dreams
of death and could reduce some of the stress and worry you had about it. Dreaming of death is more common than most
people admit. As morbid as it feels, to dream of death usually symbolizes the ending of
something. Death is the termination of ego parts. There is the death of anxiety and anger.
The death of a situation. There is the death of an idea allowing for the birth of another.
Dreaming of death or dying can be a psychological aspect of working on tremendous changes in
emotions. If you see death in your dreams, ask yourself
these questions: Were you the one who died? Was it a loved one? These dreams can also
be guidance from a departed loved one trying to give comfort. 5. Cats Whether or not you are a cat-lover in your
waking life shouldn’t matter; cats can appear as a powerful symbol in anyone’s dreams.
Your subconscious may be telling you to get further in touch with your feminine side.
This can easily be accomplished through a deepening of your relationships with females.
There is a large amount of power associated with femininity. It may just be time to embrace
that confidence. This may even lead to a sort of personal spiritual awakening. Dreams are our subconscious minds communicating
to us using the language of symbols. Dreams of cats have more often come to symbolize
your feminine essence and sensuality. Dreams about cats may also be a message to tap into
your inner mischievous and mysterious nature. A black cat in your dreams may be telling
you to pay attention to your intuition. As far back as the ancient Egyptians and possibly
farther, cats have been believed to be able to travel between dimensions. Is there a message
from another dimension here for you? To see a cat in your dream symbolizes an independent
spirit, feminine sexuality, creativity, and power. It also represents misfortune and bad
luck. The dream symbol has different significance depending on whether you are a cat lover or
not. The cat could indicate that someone is being deceitful or treacherous toward you.
If the cat is aggressive, then it suggests that you are having problems with the feminine
aspect of yourself. If you are afraid of the cat in your dream, then it suggests that
you are fearful of the feminine.  If you see a cat with no tail, then it signifies
a loss of independence and lack of autonomy.  To dream that you cannot find your cat highlights
your independent spirit. You need to allow yourself to be free and not let anyone or
anything hold you back.  To dream that a cat is biting you symbolizes
the devouring female. Perhaps you are taking and taking without giving. You may be expressing
some fear or frustration especially when something is not going as planned. To dream that you
are saving the life of a cat implies that you are reclaiming your independence and power. To dream that a cat is scratching you suggests
that you are feeling threatened. Dreaming of a cat without a body or any legs
symbolizes limited independence. You are being mislead into thinking that you have the freedom
to do whatever you want.  Seeing two identical cats in your dream means
that you need to balance your own needs with the needs of others. You need to remember
to take care of yourself and not always worry about others. Dreaming of thousands of cats running around
in a house indicates a lack of direction in your life. There is too much going on in your
life that you are losing sight of what’s important.  If you dream of a cat with two heads, then
it implies indecision; you cannot make up your mind about something. Alternatively,
the dream may also mean that you are too easily distracted by your surroundings. 6 Teeth For many people who have experienced dreams
involving teeth, they may have felt something much more akin to a nightmare, with their
teeth either breaking or falling out. Dreams with teeth are very common. Not all
teeth dreams symbolize aging. Pulling of teeth symbolizes something that needs to come out,
while rotten teeth symbolize the holding of fear and anxiety. Dreaming of falling teeth
are the most typical of all teeth dreams. They are usually derived to new situations
that cause stress: a new job, fear of loss, lack of power in a relationship, or lies that
are being kept hidden. A great way to combat this fear is by trying to live each day to
the fullest, and by leading a positivity-driven life. If you see teeth in your dreams, ask yourself
these questions: How do you feel about your teeth? We use our teeth to nourish the body.
How are we nourishing our lives? Falling teeth relates to health:
Dreams of missing or losing teeth pointed to malnutrition or poor diet. This notion
may still be applicable to some dreamers. The dream could also be a sign of poor dental
health and that you need to visit a dentist.  
Thus, such dreams may stem from a fear of rejection, feeling unattractive, feeling sexually
undesirable or from growing older. To support this notion, a dream research found that women
in menopause reported a higher frequency of dreams about their teeth. So there seems to
be a correlation with getting older and having more teeth dreams.
Teeth are an important feature to your attractiveness and how you are presented to others. Caring
about how you look is a natural concern. Falling teeth relates to communication:
When your teeth are missing, you may also have a harder time talking or annunciating
your words. Thus your falling teeth dream may be highlighting some communication issue.
You are not speaking up about something or you feel prevented from doing so. Perhaps
you are having difficulties expressing yourself or getting your point across. When deciphering your falling teeth dream,
look at what is happening in your waking life that could bring about the dream. Teeth dreams
may occur when you are in a new relationship, when you switch jobs, or during a transitional
period in your life.  This may also be your subconscious telling
you that you are too concerned about your appearance and not enough about your health.
After all, it isn’t about how you look so much as it is about how you feel. 7 Hair Hair also symbolizes a desire to connect with
other people, so long as you know your status. You prefer to know exactly where you stand
in relation to others — both at work and in relationships. To dream that you are cutting your hair suggests
that you are experiencing a loss in strength. You may feel that someone is trying to censor
you. Alternatively, you may be reshaping your thinking or ambitions and eliminating unwanted
thoughts & habits. To dream that you are combing, stroking or
styling your hair suggests that you are taking on and evaluating a new idea, concept, outlook,
or way of thinking. You may be putting your thoughts in order and getting your facts straight.
A more literal interpretation suggests your concerns about your self-image and appearance.   To dream that you have long hair indicates
that you are thinking long and carefully before making some decision. You are concentrating
on some plan or situation. Dreaming that you have hair so long that it gets in your
way suggests that your thoughts and/or ideas are preventing you from moving forward. Perhaps
you are doing too much thinking and not taking any action.  To dream that you have short hair implies
that you need to downsize your lifestyle.  To dream that you are losing your hair denotes
that you are concerned with the notion that you are getting older and losing your sex
appeal and virility. You are preoccupied with aging and your appearance.  Losing your hair
also signifies a lack of strength; you do not have the power to succeed in an undertaking.
You may be feeling weak and vulnerable. To dream that the wind is blowing through
your hair signifies freedom to express uninhibited feelings. You are “letting your hair down”.
Dreaming that you have gray or white hair indicates that something important has just
been made aware to you. It is a symbol of knowledge, wisdom and insight. If you dream that you have black hair or that
you are dying your hair black, then it indicates that you are feeling closed off. You are trying
to cover up your true feelings. To dream that there are endless amount of
bugs coming out of your hair suggests that something is weighing on your mind that you
are confused about. Perhaps you are making a big deal out of a minor matter. Alternatively,
the dream refers to concerns over your public image.  8. Water Water shows that you are either a person who
likes to take chances, or you aspire to take more chances. You have big goals, and
your subconscious wants you to shoot for the moon. What is important in analyzing what it is
telling you, is the form it comes in.  Water is the ultimate expression of the unconscious
mind expressing your true emotions.  Is it a giant wave coming at you that will suck
you under?  Is it a calm relaxing pool or lake?  Is it a waterfall that gently cleanses
you, or a torrent of water where you feel like you are drowning?  Looking at how water
comes to you in your dream, is a generalized indicator of the degree of ease or uncomfortability
in your life. When you had a dream about water in your house
or a flood, this means you are flooded with emotions in real life. Something in your life
caused these emotions and you can’t fight against them.
Everybody around you notices how emotional you are and how much this situation has impacted
you. This dream can also represent problems you
have that need to be taken care of. You keep stalling the inevitable and running away from
things in your life. The sooner you start solving these problems, the sooner they will
disappear. Dreams that include different water sources
reflect your level of ambition. If you dream of a vast ocean, it may be time for you to
take the initiative and not be afraid of risks, so that you can conquer bigger goals and be
exposed to as many diverse opportunities in life. On the other hand, if you dream of weak
currents and shallow pools, you’re probably trying to take on more than you can right
now. Dreaming of dirty water represents our feelings.
Dirty water indicates that you have some negative emotions bottled up in you. These negative
emotions could be caused by many things, but they almost always represent emotions we have
towards our partners. Only this kind of love can cause us to feel negative, so the only
way we can get rid of these emotions is by talking to our partner. If you were drowning
in dirty water, then you feel overwhelmed by many problems you have in life, and you
don’t know how to resolve them. Dreams about deep water are warning signs.
This dream is warning you to be more careful about your actions in the future. Situation
you are about to get into is going to be very delicate and you need to think twice about
your every step. Problems might occur on your workplace and you need to be more careful
about decisions you will make. Every mistake could cost you big time, so think thoroughly
about everything. Dreaming about running water symbolizes a
period of meditation and relaxation you are going through. Period that is ahead of you
will be extremely important for decision making, so be extra careful about the decisions you
make. Since intuition is going to be incredibly
accurate in the upcoming period, use it to make some tough decisions about important
things in your life. When water in your dream was wavy or restless,
you need to take control over your life. You let your emotions lead the way and take control
over your every decision. Other people often use your soft nature to get what they want.
However, if your emotions are expressed through aggression, then you often lose opportunities
in life because of this behavior. Dreams about drinking water indicate you will
be extremely successful in the following period. This dream is reassuring you that everything
you had planned will be successful. You can continue working hard on projects you had
started and expect large profit coming your way.
This dream is a positive one in general, and other areas in your life will progress as
well. When water was flowing towards you, in your
dream, this indicates you have a lot of negative emotions bottled up. Release these negative
emotions by talking to people who are close to you and try focusing on positive things
in life. You need to remember that there are many things
in your life to be grateful for. 9 Flowers 
Just as flowers often make people happy in reality, in dreams they usually attest to
something good that is happening. If you see a flower blossoming in your dream, new opportunities
are probably headed your way, while sprouts symbolize that you are about to see the results
of a great investment. However, if a flower loses its vitality and wilts, it may indicate
a chapter in your life that is coming to an end. Flowers are not only aromatic, they are also
very beautiful. They are tender and delicate and symbolize beauty and comfort. Many people
see them in their dreams. In dreams, flowers mean that you are a kind and gentle human
being with love and compassion in your heart. It also reflects your hidden feminine side.
There are hundreds of flowers with different colors and aroma having different dream meanings.
Color and aroma of the flowers seen in your dream reflect different meanings. But in general
flowers in dreams indicate happy times ahead in real life. Receiving flowers in dreams
as an honor mean that you will be rewarded in real life also.
The emotions or feelings represented by flowers in your dreams are kindness, love, compassion,
and gentleness. You love beautiful things and people and seek pleasures of life. Flowers
in dreams mean that you are happy and joyful and enjoying financial fruits through hard
work. Your happiness is indicated when you see fresh and bright colored flowers either
in a garden or a vase. If you see see flowers growing in a barren land, you can expect good
times in near future. It also means that your hard work and energy will eventually pay off
and you will easily come out of adverse situations in life. However, if you see dead or dried flowers
in your dream, this is a warning for you that you should not behave in an overconfident
manner. It is time to rectify the situation behaving in a more careful way. Throwing away
flowers in your dream or seeing them in a wilted condition also signifies turbulent
times ahead for you. You are not utilizing your potential and full talent to meet the
problems in your life. If you see buds or flowers opening up, you
are experiencing psychic powers blooming inside you. But if you see flowers made of plastic,
it is a sign that you are not a genuine person and fake things in life. You are putting on
a facade of cheerfulness though you are sad inside. Try to be your true self rather than
pretending as someone else. 10 NAKED IN PUBLIC It might sound strange, but the majority of
people have actually dreamed that they were naked in public at one time or another. That
is because this dream symbolizes a universal fear: the fear of being judged.
While it might take a lot to put yourself out there, allowing others to see your vulnerability
will only diminish those negative, judgmental feelings. Dreams of being naked are very common. They
connect to our fear of being exposed. If the dream is about someone else being naked, it
signifies “the naked truth” of a situation or foretell an illicit affair. It can also
mean the loss of respect. Nakedness is about accepting flaws and imperfections. Just like
in waking moments, it is about how much is exposed to the world of the self.
Nudity also symbolizes being caught off guard. Finding yourself naked at work or in a classroom,
suggests that you are unprepared for a project at work or school. You may be unprepared in
making a well informed decision. With all eyes on you, you fear that some flaw will
be brought to public attention. You fear that people will see through your true self and
you will be exposed as a fraud or a phony. If you dream that you are proud of your nakedness
and show no embarrassment or shame, then it symbolizes your unrestricted freedom. You
have nothing to hide and are proud of who you are. The dream is about a new sense of
honesty, openness, and a carefree nature. Perhaps you are trying to get to the bare
facts. Alternatively, the dream may be telling you that you are drawing the wrong kind of
attention to yourself. You want to get noticed, but are going about it the wrong way.
If you do have a dream where you show up naked somewhere, don’t be embarrassed. What you
should do is not feed into the feeling of vulnerability. Up your confidence by doing
something good for yourself or practicing a few times in front of the mirror if you’re
worried about a big presentation coming up.   11 A HOUSE To see a house in your dream represents your
own soul and self. Specific rooms in the house indicate a specific aspect of your psyche.
In general, the attic represents your intellect, the basement represents the unconscious and
intuition. The goal at the end of the day is always self-acceptance.
Your subconscious wants you to be proud of who you are. This dream is your wake-up call
to start saying “I love you” to that person in the mirror. To see an abandoned house in your dream implies
that you have left behind your past. You are ready to move forward toward the future. 
To dream that you are cleaning your house signifies your need to clear out your thoughts
and get rid of old ways. You are seeking self-improvement. To see an old, run-down house in your dream
represents your old beliefs, attitudes and how you used to think or feel. A situation
in your current life may be bringing about those same old attitudes and feelings. Alternatively,
the old house may symbolize your need to update you mode of thinking. If you see messy and/or
dilapidated houses in your dream, then it implies that an aspect of your own life is
in chaos. You may be suffering from some emotional or psychological clutter. You need to release
these feelings in order to regain control. To dream that your house is damaged indicates
your waking concerns about the condition of your house. To see a new house in your dream indicates
that you are entering into a new phase or new area in your life. You are becoming more
emotionally mature. If you are locked out of the house, then it represents rejection
and insecurity. You feel you are being left behind.  To dream that your house is broken into suggests
that you are feeling violated. It may refer to a particular relationship or current situation
in your life. Alternatively, it indicates that some unconscious material is attempting
to make itself known. There are some aspects of yourself that you have denied. To dream of a haunted house signifies unfinished
emotional business, related to your childhood family, dead relatives, or repressed memories
and feelings. Symbols are the language of dreams. A symbol
can invoke a feeling or an idea and often has a much more profound and deeper meaning
than any one word can convey. Acquiring the ability to interpret your dreams
is a powerful tool. In analyzing your dreams, you can learn about your deep secrets and
hidden feelings. Remember that no one is a better expert at interpreting your dreams
than yourself.  Every detail, even the most minute element
in your dream is important and must be considered when analyzing your dreams. Each symbol represents
a feeling, a mood, a memory or something from your unconscious. Look closely at the characters,
animals, objects, places, emotions, and even color and numbers that are depicted in your
dreams. Even the most trivial symbol can be significant.
With practice, you can gain an understanding of the cryptic messages your dreams are trying
to tell you.  The best thing to do when you have dreams
is to write them down. The sooner the better. The longer you wait to record a dream, the
more chances you have of forgetting some of the finer points and details. This will help you understand how your sub-conscious
mind tries to communicate to your conscious mind. Through this understanding, you interpretations
will become easier.  
You might also think about creating your own Dream Encyclopedia. Keep a list of the symbols
you see in your dreams and what they mean to you. In the future when you dream about
one of those symbols, you need go no farther than your own encyclopedia. Sending you vibrations of peace love and light
on your amazing journey

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