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9 thoughts on “12 Famous Logos With A Hidden Meaning

  1. Insane Curiosity I have a question based comment have you ever noticed that also in the fed ex sign in between the e and the d if you look close enough you'll see the shape off a spoon

  2. Actually BMW was one of the engine makers for Germany WWl Planes It was considered top notch, & they made it so they couldn't make them any more after the War l, so they turned to making cars & kept the symbol to represent that part of their past in their plane industry history & pride & the circle on the outside meant (the shape of it also) "to fly around the world" for the company & the colors you are right plane prop with blue sky.

  3. So question. The icon for this video is of Hyundai's crooked "H". Its not in the video. Whats the significance of the crooked "H"?

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