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100 thoughts on “12 Hidden Messages In Famous Logos

  1. Tostito, "No sharing"… "ItS aCtUaLaLy (spelled wrong on purpose) 2 PeOpLe ShArInG a BoWl oF sAlSa AnD sUm DiP!" the sentence is all true including what they said.

  2. Everyone has seen a bag of tositios

    Me:nope I've never seen it

    But you mabye haven't eaten one

    I've have not ate one or seen one

  3. I Know That If You See The Sign BR U Can See That The B Is Really A 13 So If U See That Sign Please Like This Comment 😀

  4. I know Baskin Robins. Because one time I was in a food court, and I saw the number 31 and my fiend was like "Hey, did you know Baskin robins had 31 flavours." And Amazon I knew. (After the book)
    Them : The Trinity
    Me : The Me!

  5. So this guy says the arches in the McDonald logo looks like boobs but the says he thinks it looks like French fries . But the he says that's just as tasty!!🙊🙊

  6. MacDonalds EXPOSED! The deepest, darkest meaning of that "M" they have in their logo…

    It stands for…..

    Rdy for it…????

    it stands for MacDonalds 😀 (Totally did NOT know that earlier)

  7. i thought that in Wendy's Had the word "mom" in the Logo Girl the neck thing It represents that Wendy's cares for you like a mom "and it isn't hidden

  8. The Amazon logo has the A to Z but also is a smile to represent satisfactory customer service.

  9. this video is wrong and much too innocent about these satanic logos, I see something much more sinister…

  10. Anybody ever pick up on the giant kangaroo on the Hershey's chocolate bars?? There isn't one but if you saw one lemme know

  11. These are satanic symbols, yet I’m surprised you didn’t mention that all… makes me question this channel’s agenda…? 🤔🤔

  12. Wendy is not even close to my mom’s cooking
    And plus, my mom isn’t Caucasian or has red hair, it seems as if they just made a logo that is broad to a certain race/gender

  13. My teacher said: "What is the hidden logo in McDonald's?"

    Me: "Ma'am it's W!"

    She said: "yes it is W. But it is a breasts.. they say that they always feed the people so it's really a breast..

    ME: NEVER GOING TO McDonald's

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