13 EVERYDAY SYMBOLS You Didn’t Know The Meaning Of!

13 Everyday Symbols You Didn’t Know The
Meaning Of 13. BlueTooth Symbol- Even if you don’t turn
on the Bluetooth feature on your electronic device, you know what it is but where did
it actually come from and how did it get its name? While most people think the symbol looks like
the letter “B,” the sign goes all the way back to ancient history. Bluetooth designers took this symbol from
Norse mythology. It is a combined rune, and it made up of two
separate runes. The first is H, which means Hago and the second
is B, which stands for Biogen. Put them together and voila! But why the initials H and B? Well, its initials stand for Harald Bluetooth
who is a Danish king that reunited several tribes back during his reign. And the Bluetooth symbol does exactly that;
it connects people just how King Bluetooth did. I know what you’re thinking, mind blown! 12. The Star of Life- Best known as the medical
symbol, they are mainly found on emergency vehicles. It contains a snake emblem which is the Rod
of Asclepius who is a Greek figure in mythology that has healing powers. It is a six-pointed, blue star with six branches. Each branch represents a primary task that
is followed by rescuers through a routine. The first is detection. When a first respondent appears on the scene,
they identify the problem and the dangers to ensure their safety. The next is reporting, and they dispatch emergency
medical help. The third step is the rescuer’s response
and how they provide the care. The fourth is the care they give, and the
fifth is the care executed while the patient is en route to a hospital. The last branch stands for the proper care
given at the hospital. 11. Eye of Providence- Widely recognized on the
dollar bill, many people have accumulated several conspiracy theories as to what it
means. It has been linked to the Illuminati, Freemasonry
and the occult. If you look at the symbol closely, you’ll
see light rays emitting from the eye. This symbol actually represents the eye of
God and a reminder that he is watching over man. In modern society, the eye represents the
Great Seal of America which is a way to authenticate government documents and currency. 10. Apple Mac Command Key- If you own a Mac, you
identify this symbol as a command key. But it wasn’t always that way. This command symbol actually came late in
the Macintosh development. Steve Jobs originally had an Apple logo on
the menu but felt this was too cliche. It wasn’t until a few days before the deadline
that bitmap artist Susan Kare picked this symbol out of a symbol dictionary. The symbol was commonly used in Nordic places
and is the official road signs for many countries like Finland and Denmark. The Apple team took an immediate liking to
it, and it became the official command symbol for Macs starting in 1984 9. Peace Sign Hand Symbol- In the United States,
throwing up your index and middle fingers while the rest are balled up represents a
v-sign. In the counterculture of the 1960’s, the
v-sign became a symbol of peace. It has been adopted in many movements like
during the rise of hippies, women’s rights and psychoactive drug experimentation. It is a hand gesture widely used in society
but has different meaning among many other cultures. In fact, positioning the peace sign with the
back of your hand facing a person means that you just insulted them, which is the equivalent
of flipping them off. This gesture is called the finger, or two
fingered salute in the United Kingdom and Australia. So wherever you are in the world, just make
sure not to offend anybody. 8. Four Leaf Clover- Ah it’s the luck of the
Irish! Many people would be ecstatic if they ever
found a four leaf clover. It’s no secret that many people associate
this symbol with luck, but not many people know that each leaf symbolizes its own meaning. The first leaf represents faith; the second
means hope, the third leaf means to love, and the last leaf means luck. It is disputed that the first leaf means fame
and is used as a form of protection from evil in some cultures. But its symbolism has been tried all the way
back to the Middle Ages. 7. The Heart- Anywhere from candy to jewelry,
most of us know the heart symbol is a general meaning of love. Tracing the heart all the way to its origins,
it was first identified on Roman coins. But looking closely, it doesn’t resemble
the heart we know of today. It’s actually a silphium seed and was valuable
to Romans and used as a form of birth control. With the heart shape being such an integral
part of everyday life, it’s hard to believe that it’s connected to love at all. Its association with sex and love eventually
grew over time. 6. The Jesus Fish- Found on the back of cars,
it was a very traditional symbol that was turned into a popular bumper sticker in the
past years. Many people of the Christian faith have used
this to depict Jesus as a fisher of men. In ancient times, Christians would be killed
if they were found to practicing their religion, so the Jesus fish was used a symbol to identify
each other. One man would draw the first arch, and another
man would draw the second arc. Its real meaning is that it is widely associated
with Norse god Freyja that represents a woman’s genitalia that symbolized fertility. 5. Pentagram- Seen in many horror flicks, crime
dramas, and thriller, most would associate the pentagram with black magic and the occult. However, contrary to popular belief it doesn’t
contain any inherent power at all. In fact, the symbol has been used in many
various cultures across the world, including Christianity! The five-pointed star symbolizes the five
elements in ancient Chinese and Japanese religions and in ancient Babylonian times, it was a
sign that represents many different gods. It wasn’t linked to any occult practices
until the mid-1800 were when a researcher claimed when flipped upside down it symbolizes
evil placing chaos in the spirit world. 4. Female and Male Symbols- Every knows that
each of these symbolizes one’s gender, but a few people actually know its true meaning. These symbols can be linked to alchemy, which
is an ancient practice of mystical science that involved astrology and chemistry. The male sign with the arrow stood for Mars,
and in earlier depictions, it had a dot in the center which represented the sun. On the other hand, the female sign with the
cross was inspired by a necklace or a mirror. Chalkos was its astrological symbol that signifies
Venus, who is a powerful goddess in Greek culture. It is now widely used in biology, sociology,
politics and the LGBT community. 3. Barber’s Poles- When most of us see this
sign, we know that place is a barber shop. Going all the way back to the Middle Ages,
it is a pole containing red and white stripes, but usually red, white and blue in America. The colored poles represented a time when
barbers perform medical bloodletting procedures to those who were sick. Known as barber-surgeons in ancient times,
they performed many operations that including, cupping, enemas, leeching, and teeth extractions. The red symbolizes blood while the white symbolized
bandages. It’s hard to believe now that a barber would
execute all those procedures and not even cut hair! In some areas of Asia, the barber’s pole
is actually a symbol for a brothel. Even though prostitution is widely illegal,
the pole is used in a subtle way to avoid police intervention. However in South Korea, barber poles are used
for both brothels and barber shops, so be sure to know which store you’re walking
into! 2. Biohazard Symbol- Many of us recognize the
biohazard symbol as an international sign used as a warning around harsh substances
and chemicals. However, in recent years, the biohazard symbol
has been used by the gay community as a way to display they are infected or have Aids. Members of the gay community have bore this
symbol as a tattoo to raise awareness. Instead of being used in a negative way, it
reduces stigma and reminds society of how living with HIV or aids have a profound effect
on life. They do not believe that this makes them victims
but shapes the symbol to show that they are survivors of this life-threatening disease. 1. Gammadion Cross- It is a religious symbol
that hailed from South Asia. While many people associate this symbol with
hate, it is known to be an ancient sacred symbol in Buddhism and Hinduism and originated
at least 11,000 years ago. It is an important symbol in Indian religions
as it represents fortune and promising ventures. In Hinduism, the symbol is worn on the body
or head during festivals and religious rites. It is used as a lucky charm to protect those
from evil harm and attracts good instead. The symbol has also been traced back to many
other cultures dating as far as 10,000 BCE and has been identified in the Bronze and
Iron Age times.

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14 thoughts on “13 EVERYDAY SYMBOLS You Didn’t Know The Meaning Of!

  1. I imagine plenty of guys got the toxic symbol tattoo on their arm because it looks cool.. and now everybody thinks that they're gay guys with aids.. still better than a tribal tattoo i guess

  2. the "2 finger salute", as you call it, derives from Britain's war with the French. our archers were world renowned in skill and so, if captured, the French would cut their 2 fingers off. so to stick your 2 fingers up is to say "ha ha! we still have our fingers!" …or, "fuck you"

  3. Bullshit video nice try making these symbols seem like they are not what they actually are with a soothing content and nice friendly music first off the eye of lucifer really is the eye of satan NOT GOD! then the peace sign is a broken cross to mock JESUS also the swastika is a satanic symbol adopted by hitler and reversed it he got that from aleister crowley who said in his books do everything backwards

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