1979-2017 Mustang Modern Billet Running Pony Tri-Bar Grille Emblem Review & Install

Hey, everybody, Alex with American Muscle. Today I’m bringing you my quick review and
breakdown of Modern Billet’s Tri-Bar Running Pony Grille Emblem fitting any Mustang equipped
with a billet grille. So in this video, I’m going to talk about
who this is going to appeal to, the construction and the materials of this officially licensed
Ford product, the price, and then what it’s gonna take to get this on to your Mustang. Where I’m gonna be giving this an incredibly
one out of three wrenches in the difficulty meter and about a five-minute job, and I’m
gonna show you how coming up later. So the Modern Billet Tri-Bar Running Pony
Emblem that we have here today should definitely appeal to any Mustang owner out there no matter
the age or generation of their car. For someone that’s looking to replace an older
or faded and worn out emblem, and for someone else that’s looking to show their appreciation
to the big blue oval as this can honestly install damn near anywhere. I will mention that it is specifically meant
for a billet grille, but on the back, if you were to remove the bracket and put a small
piece of double-sided tape on their you could really install this anywhere on your car. So a little back story on this specific emblem. This was original equipment on the ’08 Shelby
Mustang. I don’t mean the 500s here, and it’s gonna
be a great option for someone that just wants to incorporate that look, pull some of that
nostalgic styling, or for any Mustang owner that’s running a billet grille and thinks
it’s just a little bit lonely. Wants to put it on there and show that appreciation
to Ford. Now towards the manufacturing process, this
is an officially licensed Ford product is going to be manufactured out of a pressure
diecast zinc construction. It’s then gonna be polished to a nice shine
that’s gonna hold up over time in regards to any of the elements your car might be seeing
on the outside, or if you wanted to get creative and install on the inside, it’ll definitively
hold up over time. So something I really like about this no matter
the year or the Mustang if your grille is a little bit on the bare side and you do want
to incorporate that look this is gonna install in a heartbeat, which I’ll tell you about
coming up. But like I said previously, this is not gonna
come with double- sided tape. It will have brackets back here as well as
some prongs. They can snap off if you put a little bit
of elbow grease into them. And if you’re gonna put some double-sided
tape on there, it’s gonna give you an idea where you can put this all around your car,
but if you’re unsure of where you would put it make sure to check out the product page. Take a look at some of the customer submitted
images, and it’ll give you some creative ideas of where you can put this on your car. Now in terms of the pricing here. You should expect to be spending only about
35 bucks on this emblem which is a small price to pay to show that allegiance and your dedication
of the blue oval out there. I would also run this in comparison with running
down to your local Ford dealership and asking how much it would cost. I would almost guarantee you that it would
be, if not double, probably triple the amount. Potentially, even more, depending on your
dealer. Switching gears to the installation portion
of the video just like I had said up top. You’re looking at a very easy one out of three
wrenches on the difficulty meter, and a few minutes no matter where you’re going to be
putting this. I will mention that this is going to come
supplied with hardware if you do intend on installing this on a billet grille. However like I said a couple of times over
I know you’re probably getting tired of it. If you did want to put a piece of double-sided
3M tape on the back all you have to do is just remove the bracket, and the prongs like
I showed you before. The only thing I would mention is if you are
going to stick this onto your car just make sure that you prepare the surface with a little
bit of alcohol just to ensure that it sticks correctly. Okay, guys to just wrap things up here are
some final thoughts. If you are the Mustang owner that’s looking
to replace that tired and worn out factory Tri-Bar Running Pony Emblem with something
that’s gonna be obviously that much newer and cleaner. Or you’re just looking to pull some of that
nostalgic styling off of the ’08 Shelbys I would definitely recommend picking this up
for your car. I’m Alex, and that’s my quick review of Modern
Billet’s Running Pony Tri-Bar Grille Emblem fitting all Mustangs which can be found right
here at americanmuscle.com.

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