2 of 3 How to Create a Vinyl Label – Prepping and Cutting Vinyl

In the previous video we learned how to
search for our project by using both the Categories pull down menu and a keyword.
We then selected and customized a Ready- To-Make vinyl project. In this video
we’ll prep our materials, cut our design, and prepare the cut vinyl to apply to
our jar. Anytime you’re ready, click Make It.
Notice that our project is broken into three mats. That’s because we’re using
three different colors. Each gets cut on its own mat. Position the vinyl for the
first mat. Make sure the paper liner is facing the mat, and in the upper left
corner. To eliminate waste, when you cut your vinyl down just make sure it’s just
a little larger than your actual design. Click Continue. If you’re using Cricut
Maker select Vinyl from the Set material menu.
If you’re using a Cricut Explore machine, use Vinyl on the dial to achieve the
perfect “kiss cut.” Now, make sure the Fine- Point blade is inserted into clamp B. And
load the mat into your machine by clicking the load/unload button. And
press Go when you’re ready. When the first cut is finished, carefully
remove the vinyl from the mat. Now, repeat that process for your remaining two mats.
And when all your cuts are finished, we’re ready to prep the design for
application. First, carefully remove the excess cut vinyl from the design. Make
sure the design stays attached to the liner. For the smaller pieces,
grab your weeder tool and start removing all the pieces that don’t belong. It’s
usually best to work from top to bottom. Once it’s fully weeded, grab some
Transfer Tape. Cut a piece roughly the size of your design. Now, remove the liner
and carefully lay the Transfer Tape over your vinyl.
If you get any air bubbles just smooth them out, just like that. Now you’re ready
to apply your vinyl, and in the next video that’s exactly what we’ll do.

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5 thoughts on “2 of 3 How to Create a Vinyl Label – Prepping and Cutting Vinyl

  1. This video makes it looks so easy but I have been wasting paper because my vinyl doesn’t separate is there another setting my maker needs to be in to get clean cuts

  2. Can i cut multiple items at once? For example, can i set the Cricut to cut 4 jars at once using one large sheet of vinyl that covers the entire mat, as opposed to cutting just one jar on a tiny square of vinyl in the corner of the mat?

  3. We are brand new, tried a project with 2 mats. But when we get to the point of pressing the "go" button, nothing happens. No messages, no blinking lights, nothing. What are we missing?

    Update – I deleted text and was left with an image (doing the Good Morning cup vinyl project). Then it seemed to work with just the one mat. We're totally lost.

  4. Pls help: my maker does not seem to recognize the small piece of vinyl that I placed on the mat for cutting. I had to cover the entire mat area with vinyl before it cut my text. It did cut the text in the right dimensions – which would have fitted the piece I originally cut. Can you pls provide some insight into how to correct this?

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