3 Marketing Hacks to Make Money Online for Your Brand

So you started a t-shirt company. That’s
awesome but what do you do next? How are
potential customers going to discover your brand? These days thinks the social
media and the explosion of user-friendly web-based tools, it’s easier than ever to
set up and successfully market your brand online. In this video we’re sitting
down with Wes from Printful to talk about tips for marketing your t-shirt
line cheaply and effectively. So let’s let’s start with the most important
thing which is your online webstore presence. What type of tips do you have
for customers who are just opening up their first online shop? Well if you’re
just now starting out you’re trying to figure out what webstore or e-commerce
platform to use definitely pay attention to what needs you do have. Maybe there’s
certain elements that you’re trying to do like having a email plugins really
important to you so when you’re researching ecommerce platforms you know
checkout and see which ones have plug-ins for that or if you’re using
like a primitive and partner do they have an integration that you can
easily work with there. So what type of online platforms did you recommend to
people opening an online web store? There’s really great resources out there
now Shopify for example Squarespace is another big player in the game. There’s
also what are called marketplaces so those that consider standalone stores so
that’s where you would tell your customer to go to mystore.com and it’s
just your store but there’s also what’s called a marketplace and that’s where
your customer is going to this other company and then finding your product
there. So that sometimes is a good place to start if you are brand new and you
don’t really have an audience. For small brands who are just starting
out email marketing is often overlooked but what are some tips you can give them
in order to optimize their sales through this channel? Yeah it is often overlooked
and it’s really unfortunate because the return of investment is like huge it’s
like $44 for every $1 spent and then if you think about the fact that so much
marketing can be done for free it’s like just free money that people are missing
out on there. You can grow your email list very easily these days. You have to
remember that you should always be giving something of value back to
someone so if they’re trusting you with their email address you should also give
them something in return. And then what are a few email platforms that you
recommend to customers to use? There’s a lot of great ones out there like
MailChimp, Constant Contact is another one that lots of people know of um Klaviyo is another one that’s really great and most of these do have free plans so
you definitely can get in there and start working on it seeing if it’s right
for you it’s gonna be a good match. Definitely get on Instagram because
that’s such a visual spot for you so if you are trying to grow your Instagram
account or your followers on Facebook you can use paid ads to get yourself in
front of these people just to let them know about your brand they might
actually like that more than just being sold a product and when you’re selling
yourself and your company that might be a little bit more of a genuine way to
connect with people. How would you do paid advertising on a budget? Yeah so I
have like a little bit of a hack insider trading stuff for you as far as this
goes. There is a thing called social proofing and it’s very like real so if
you start an ad from scratch right you’re not gonna have any likes in it
there’s not gonna be any comments and now you’re paying money to show it to
your audience and if that’s here in the states like that can be pretty expensive
it can be like 10 cents a click or whatever it is for the moment, so what you can
actually do if you’re running ads on Facebook or Instagram you can look up and
see what countries actually are cheaper to run an add in first to do likes so
for example I didn’t add one time and I first ran it in India where the click
rate was like point zero zero five cents a like so I ran it there first like
overnight woke up in the morning a couple of thousand likes and comments
on the post and then I turned around and ran the ad in the US so now for the
first time as it’s going through US I now have a couple of thousand likes and
I got so many more likes and comments and visits to my website because of that.
What about boosted posts? Boosted posts are great for if you have like
announcements or special anything going on because the algorithms on Facebook
Instagram once you have your followers they only show it to like a very small
like crazy small percentage of the people that follow it so you do have to
do boosted posts so I definitely want to say anytime it’s like a special holiday
or you’re running a sale or there’s like an exciting new launch, a new product you
want to make sure people know about you definitely want to be boosting that post.
So for everyone watching this video what are the action items that they should
start today? Right, so the very first thing I would say is to just go through
your website right now, click on all your links, check out your check out because
when you start doing your marketing you don’t want to get people there and now
they can’t even buy the product so just make sure all your links work, your carts
work, and the second one I would say is to start your mailing list like today
there’s no reason like to wait on that anymore um it’s only gonna help you the
longer you have a mailing list the bigger it gets and it’s only gonna help
you as you start getting to like the end of the year holidays and the third one
is go ahead and start your social media if you haven’t done that yet go ahead
and start your Instagram Facebook accounts, connect them and go ahead make
your first post. The digital world can be overwhelming without any guidance but
we hope these tips were a great starting point for you to increase your brand
awareness in the online space. After watching this video which platform are
you going to work on the most to increase your sales? Email, social media, your online web store? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to like
this video and subscribe to our channel! Be Different

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15 thoughts on “3 Marketing Hacks to Make Money Online for Your Brand

  1. I’m starting with big cartel mostly because of cost. But social media is where I am most focusing my efforts right since it’s where I have neglected heavily in the past. My first line launches next month!

  2. This channel is really starting to grow. Must be because of Claire 💪🏻💪🏻😂🤣😂 jk.

  3. Thank you so much for making this video
    I've seen a lot like this but had never heard of Social Proofing before, really nice. You guys are doing well🔥

  4. Webstore linked to my website and social media but don't know where to start. But first i need. Tee shirts.

  5. Great tips. We would also ad, do a budget calculation when starting your apparel business, DO NOT forget to allocate money for a marketing/advertising plan.

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