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  1. Remember that a relevant and successful logo design, requires the logo design process to be undertaken, and time as well as effort put into it. Here are some points on that process.

    Hope everyone is having a jolly holiday season! I will be back on Friday with the last video of the week
    0:35 Minimal Logo Design #1
    4:03 Minimal Logo Design #2
    6:06 Minimal Logo Design #3

  2. My fav is the first one, and I like how you made it, it looks so easy but you really have to know where to place everyhing and cut. I think the second one looks like Doctor Strange magic if he was minimalistic very fun 😂

  3. Once again you nailed it dude. I wish u could make a video about managing color profile for device like Android or iphone from Ps or Ai, sometime it seems Way too saturated than the original. And no good solution out there. Keep it up, it help a lot
    P.s: sorry for my bad english

  4. alright the first one is really amazing … amazing idea and technique to make it ….lol i had to re watch to understand it well thanks man but i used shape builder tool lol it was much easier for me to cut

  5. I like the different techniques you used to create each logo. The very logo is my top favorite and the last logo is my next favorite. Great work sir. As always have a great day. I hope your Christmas Day was great and fun.

  6. Very useful video, especially at this time when design tends to be more and more minimal these design ideas definitely match this purpose and will help many designers. Great job man. 🤙

  7. These are very good techniques in making a logo. But I think it is very difficult to do it in Illustrator without having some sketch first?

  8. You are wonderful and creative I learn from you a lot ,
    You're inspired. We want a lot of these videos to learn from you

  9. in my illustrator horizontal distribution is not working as same as yours why??
    if i m trying to distribute the objects it distributes in all the artwork not on the first object

  10. Thanks very much! I'm a fan of your work. I like the first one the most. well done on your growing numbers too!

  11. hey boss. i think it would be good to clarify at 1:40 to make sure align to selected is on instead of align to artboard. i was freaking out for a second before I looked it up haha but yeah you usually simple it up and im still learning small things like that. Great as usual!

  12. Thanks Tom. Liked #1 best, but 3 makes me lean toward liking gradients. You found me on Instagram 😉 Lol. Will be posting some new stuff this weekend. Getting my portfolio together. (There are people making hundreds of thousands teaching their skills online. Would love to see you go that route. Check out Surface Pattern Design Immersion Course. That lady is getting paid.)

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