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23 thoughts on “$35 for a Logo- The Story of the Nike Swoosh

  1. The Nike tick and slogan ‘Just Do It’ may be among the most recognisable advertising in the world, but it appears some of us are still unclear about how to pronounce the name of the sporting brand.
    This week, however, the matter was settled once and for all after two students – one of whom thought it was pronounced Nike, and the other Ni-key – wrote to chairman Philip Knight for clarification.
    He circled Ni-key and returned their letter.

  2. Νίκη or Níki is the Hellenic spelling.

    Nike as you said was the goddess of Victory. The Winged Victory in the Louvre is probably the most iconic representation in art.

    But Nike also represents the Vikings and it's a part of the famous Julius Caesar quote: "Veni, Vidi, Vici" I came, I saw, I conquered.

    But was also used when the Germans occupied France during WWII: Vichy Regime.

    Beyoncé used a créole translation of it when she sang about "Becky with the good hair" – bèkè.

    The logo is really a play on Mercury or Hermes' talaria, the winged sandals. That's why it's so often prominently displayed in white on each side.

  3. i kept expecting there to be some kind of rip off on davidson; they swindled her or something, but then the story kept getting nicer and nicer this is fantastic

  4. Disappointed they didn't show her earlier designs. As a designer, I was interested more in those than the actual history.

  5. "I don't love it but I think it will grow on me" yeah right, mother fucker loved that shit the second he saw it and acted nonchalant about it to get her to sell it. So if you ask me 750k in 2018 sounds like a rip off imo. If she had a good paying job at that time 2 dollars an hr which equaled 40 dollars an hr today she should've told him "you know what, I will keep it for me and patent it instead because I love it" and it would've been a whooole different story today..

  6. If you think it's crazy that $35 resulted in the famous Nike Swoosh, wait until you hear about the $25 bonus that led to the invention of the synthetic diamond.

  7. The way this narrator pronounces the word Nike and Adidas is just cringe worthy!!! Learn how to pronounce a word before you make a freakin video using the word/words over and over again!!! PLEASE!!!

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