5 BIG BEGINNER TIPS to Survive Fire Emblem Three Houses!

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40 thoughts on “5 BIG BEGINNER TIPS to Survive Fire Emblem Three Houses!

  1. Also one tip from me: Don't be afraid to use your resources. Any resource you have, are meant to be used. Don't hoard your good items just for the sake of it and make use of them when they are, you know, useful.

    And permanent stat boosters are best used ASAP. And it is usually better to use a stat booster on a unit that has the corresponding stat in a very middling area, so the boost might push the stat above the optimal threshhold.

    Make use of your items when they seem useful and don't waste Speedwings on Dedue.

  2. Since this is flier emblem, I use the red area to mark the range of archers, only non-fliers and those with null flying will be stepping on those tiles.

  3. Battalions has the emphasis on ‘tal’ and only 1 ‘i’ sound. I really like your channel but that has been really bothering me.

    Also, magic is very variable with some characters getting way more magic and spells than others,

  4. It's hard to repair weapons when you never ever get Umbral Steel from defeating monsters on the battlefield to repair the weapons that matter like the Sword of Creator, Thunderbrand, etc. Great video of beginner tips OJ. Hopefully they patch in another way to get Umbral Steel because the only way to get them is from a random drop from a monster/beast and I so far have gotten none since after I reached the timeskip.

  5. I would also argue to tell people that fishing is very lucrative. you can catch a number of fish that sell for 500 to 1000, and when you catch those fish, you make a lot of xp for your professor level. and there is not cap to leveling your professor level when fishing. just remember that if you fish, you do NOT have to catch the first one the bites your line. You are good to let up to 3 fish go before you risk losing your bait. The rarity of a fish is determined by the icon's colors, with Gold (in my opinion) being the best. as that gets you the most expensive fish. but purple is the rarest, and red gets you some pretty good fish, though they may not be worth the money you might have to spend on bait.

  6. Wish Nintendo would release a strategy guide…there are sooo many new changes & things the game doesn't tell you.

  7. Mastering classes, especially base, Is usually Just a waste of time, no one cares for +2 dex picking up an ability slot, and advanced class passives are usually crap, eg warlock=bowbreaker, lol

  8. I appreciate the tip about mastering your class before moving to the next. I didn't realize how important this was until much later in the game thanks OJ

  9. Mastering classes for skills is good advice, but remember you can reclass back later and take advantage of higher growths early. It mainly comes down to if you care about min-maxing. But great vid OJ!

  10. Surprised OJ forgot the greatest tip of them all GARDENING and FISHING does not take a activity point so use them to the best of your ability to lvl up prof lvl.

  11. I'm playing it on casual mode and several of my characters died at various points in missions.
    I'd be afraid to play this game in classic mode because I wouldn't want to lose any of the characters from my house. 😶

  12. Fantastic video PE Ninja Master. Really good advice here guys. I have been doing alot of this but defo Replinish your Battalions before Battles, it's really cheap too do that aswell. I've not been getting all the Chest Boxes myself but I thief on the team is definitely valuable for sure. The Greenhouse I have been Harvesting but I didn't know anything about the Skill Seeds I was just doing the basic Harvesting lol but now I will take it more seriously.

  13. Great tips, thanks so much for the video.

    In regards to the Greenhouse, I can't remember where I heard about it, but if you plant the same types of seeds, you'll get a better yield. For example, flowers with flowers even if they're different colors, vegetables with vegetables even if they're from different regions. Spots for planting will increase with Professor Level, as well as the options for cultivating.

    As for the Thief class: It's a great class to invest in early on, especially on your speedier units like Petra, Felix, and Leonie. Having a Thief, along with a Monk who mastered their job and earned Draw Back, you'll be able to Steal a Dark Seal from the optional boss; you only get 3 chances to steal the Dark Seal from this particular character (number may depend on which route you're playing).
    Related: Ashe from Blue Lions has the Personal Ability Lockpick, which basically makes him a permanent Thief, as he can open doors and chests without needing keys.

  14. Battalions are busted, Farm every resource every time you explore and don't forget to train your own skills. I say this because I was so busy training everyone else up that I had barely realized my guy hasn't got anything outside of his starting skills of Swords and Authority.

  15. Also dont forget to three star the characters weakness, they become awesome like savant felix that can one shot magic attack

  16. If you want to recruit students from other classes, ask for their assistance at the beginning of the month and do as many missions with them as you can, keep them next to Byleth the entire mission to raise support. On your exploration days, save and keep inviting them to tea parties. If they decline or you don't get a perfect tea party, restart. Use up all your activity points spamming tea parties. Throw in whatever gifts you think they'll like throughout the month too. Once your support is at B, you can talk to them and recruit them. It only takes about a month to recruit people this way.

  17. If you let your weapons run down to 0, you can upgrade them to their + variant. It's cheaper then repairing them and gives them 100% durability.

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