5 things you NEED for your PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS

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100 thoughts on “5 things you NEED for your PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS

  1. i agree with most of these but bruh! who wants a card to be sticking out their wallet ??? a lil bit over the top optimism maybe?

  2. Love this, super solid advice. Things I thought weren’t that important when I started, but they are truly foundational when running a business 👍🏼

  3. I've gotta say, I've got all these things but am having trouble finding clients. Facebook ads among other advertising worked very well for me last year but seem to have stopped working for me. Any tips on that?

  4. Thanks for this great video! I really appreciate your energy, enthusiasm, and spot-on targeted subject matter. I will be checking out the sites you mentioned, and I will be using your links! I've just recently been transitioning to working more and more for myself, and I appreciate your help and encouragement (even though you don't know me haha)! It was because of your earlier video I found Blackbox and am now a "card-carrying" member. I appreciate that you gave me a bit of focus on the entire "package" of my business and will be re-visiting this NOW. Thanks again!

  5. First off, I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge. Good stuff! …but come on… "Furtography"… really?

  6. Hey Chris! I’m a big fan! I’ve recently gotten into photography, and started taking it seriously, and I was wondering if you have any good tips for those just starting out? If you see this, thanks for your time 😁

  7. I agree with everything here and the reasoning behind it.
    Additionally, I remember getting my first logo. So happy things like Fiverr exist now. 😉

  8. Additionally… as a media designer, I can tell you that 50 $ for a Logo is just a rip off for every serious creator. On the other side you rarely find those on Fiverr, so you get what you pay for.

  9. That's awesome always wanted to know about logo design's and the reason why you choose a certain logo,

    What is the story behind your lion head logo that you use to use in your older video's?

  10. You have more than 5.000 unread emails in your inbox…you should add a secretary to your list of important things 🙂

  11. Literally the video I needed to see. I’ve been struggling to really get my business fully in motion. I’d say things I wanted to do but I just never do them. I’ve gotten myself so lost on just the process of getting started. I’ve got the gear, I’ve got the time. I just need to do it. I was telling this to myself earlier actually so I’m glad I came across this video right now. I’m going to do it. I’m going to stop procrastinating and just do it. No more fearing the unknown. I’m going to take my chances and accept that nothing needs to be perfect and that failure is a part of the journey to success. If I fail at anytime, I’ll get back up and learn from it and keep on pursuing my passion. (Sorry this is kind of a thing for my self lol) I just gotta put myself on blast and call myself out for holding myself back. I’m going to do it. Im going to fully commit and establish my own media business. It’s something I’ve always wanted. No more excuses. I will become the best I can be in my field and I will learn and grow everyday. I will succeed.

    Thanks for the video Chris! And all you do <3

    I’ve really been inspired today. Ill meet you one day Chris and show you how I’ve grown with my career!

  12. Is this respect to designers work? What if I pay you 50 dollars for a video? This website sells already made logos (not custom ones) to everyone. Go work with a proper freelance designer not a bunch of Chinese children 🤬

  13. Dear Chris. I hope you read this comment.
    You say that your company focuses on video production. Why are your tutorials not about that?
    I want to learn more and see your behind the scenes when it comes to video marketing. Creating projects with clients, brands, companies. Video ads to commercials. Pre prod to prod to post prod.
    Would love to see more of that like how Daniel Shiffer does, he’s from canada too

  14. Wow a Fiver logo for a Marketing agency that works with Mercedes… 🤔 guys if you’re investing on the importance of your brand and it’s identity, it will directly reflect with how you treat your clients and how important they are to you.

  15. Hello. Please give me an advice…Should I buy the pack Canon 80D with the lens EF-S 18-135 f3.5-5.6 IS USM or Sony A7 II with FE 28-70 f3.5-5.6 OSS?
    Thank you very much!

  16. I did a few random payed video gigs last month and I got asked for a card a few times. I also, recently got my FAA part 107 license last week. and yesterday when I was flying the mavic, a surfer asked me if I had a card for video work as well. I know I should order some cards. But, my question is should I have them look professional. Hence, a business name and a logo? Or would just a simple card with my info be good enough?

  17. 100% on the email address thing. As you said, especially when inquiries come in. Also about the "additionally" thing…been there. Went back to the edit, was like wtf, and pointed it out in the video haha mine was "back and forth"

  18. Tldr; dont provide services on fiverr, u are getting ripped off and ruining the earning potential for everyone else…

  19. I feel bad for that designer. He will get business cool but now everyone is expecting those low prices. He will have a hard time making what he is worth going forward. Great advice. Starving artist will stay starving off this info!

  20. If you are watching this don’t sell yourself short you are worth more than you think and someone will pay what you are worth.

  21. Looking forward for more such videos 👌💯♥️🔝

    Thanks. This one is amazing and super helpful for me 😀😅✨✨

  22. New subscriber here! I love this video. And im trying to build an empire in which photography and videography are heavily involved in the build of my empire that im working on. Thank you for this advice and information! Much love

  23. im sorry but no one is making the connection of "oh its a triangle that means they are a strong resourceful company"

  24. What are your thoughts on going from a hobbyist to creating a business? Love photography, but unsure of how I transition it from a hobby to charging people and making a legit profitable business.

  25. Can you tell us how you do marketing for companies? Like how do you promote them on different social media platforms?

  26. Another little tip maybe, when your website is opened it sais „not safe“ it’s a little thing to fix, ask the one who designed your website to make it as a safe website on google.

  27. I thought i'd ask here since you are always so helpful. I am looking to buy a camera in a few months.I was thinking about a new Canon 5D Mark IV but saw a very legit camera store having a used Canon 1dx ii for around the same price. I mostly do runway/studio and I am looking to start weddings. Would the canon 1dx ii used be a smart buy?

  28. Chris, you seriously are one of the most inspirational content creators/photographers that I've seen. Always love seeing your videos, and wish only the best for you and your business!

  29. LOL I love the client impersonations. "lost your invoice" gasp Fiverr well spent on that logo.

    No Jimmy Bob! Thanks Chris.

  30. Logos shouldn't cost 50 bucks… People do logos that cheap because of many reasons. I know one of them because I was facing it…

    In eastern Europe, Asia, Russia, and who knows where else people are severely underprivileged, 50 bucks is a nice sum. Not all are talented but hey, in every industry there will be talented and less talented. So those who are talented, like the person making your logo, works for dirty cheap just because they weren't born in, let's say, Canada. They probably don't have medical, retirement savings… Just a Payoneer’s card with some money from Fiverr. Offer them a fair price, I am sure you have means for that.

  31. 😟 humm sorry but your logo is not really good imo. I'm pretty sure you're the only ine that think it looks like a play button ,iris etc

  32. $50 dollars for a logo? Why are you promoting something that will put designers on Welfare? Meanwhile you charge 45k for your services. Business with no ethics.

  33. Before the E-mail address, before the logo, before an invoicing system and before the business cards you need far more important things.

    1: An accountant to handle your taxes, particularly if you(wisely) incorporate to protect your personal assets. Trying to do 'bussiness' taxes yourself is foolish unless 'tax preparer' was your previous job title. Either you'll get audited for incorrect deductions or end over paying by not claiming some.

    2: INSURANCE. No ifs ands or buts about it. Nothing can destroy your business quicker than a lawsuit. Whether it's because a light fell on someone or they slipped and fell on a shoot, even screwing up a job(lost the files on the way home?) can get you sued. That leads us to-

    3: A lawyer that knows both contract and liability laws. You don't want to be shopping for a lawyer last minute, it generally costs you a lot more.

    4: An operational budget. Just because you made $2K on a shoot today doesn't mean you'll do that as often as you need, like or even hope. First and foremost you need to put all of your income at the beginning of the month towards paying your accountant/insurance/lawyer/marketing/web hosting/etc BEFORE you pay yourself. I don't take a penny of income the first week of the month until I've made enough to cover my operational costs.

    How many aspiring photographers/creatives or any other entrepreneurial endeavors don't make it a year because they spent money on the business peripherals(logos/cards/website design) and gear rather than the universal things EVERY business needs?

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