5 tips for journalists to create a strong personal brand

With the growing importance of social media it is becoming essential for journalists to build their own personal brand or presence on these networks. IJNet researched the topic and asked some journalists to compile a list of the best tips. You want editors to know who you are and what you do. You might want to have your own website and a personal domain name. You can also use platforms such as clippings.me or Contently, but they can only be customized to a certain extent. Be clear and consistent about what you’re sharing and how you present yourself online. Think about what sort of publication you’d like to work for. Working for the BBC or Vice will require you to adapt your personal brand so it’s more in line with theirs. The idea is to share 80 percent of content related to your beat or journalism in general and 20 percent of a more personal side of who you are. You should adapt the tone of your posts based on the network used. Twitter tends to be more professional, whereas you can show snippets of your life or go behind the scenes of your work on Instagram. Be careful about how personal you get or about your emotions! Angry about a co-worker or project? Think twice before posting something passive aggressive. If you have any questions, tweet @IJNet or ask away on our IJNet group on Facebook.

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