today’s graphic design video is based
around logo designvaluable tricks and I’m gonna show you right now what is
that people welcome back to Satori graphics the home of graphic design
content right here on YouTube today I’ve got a list of valuable tricks that
you’re gonna find very useful when designing a logo in Adobe Illustrator
but before that I quickly want to remind you all that I’ve got my t-shirts
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let’s jump right into these local design valuable tricks that you can learn today the first valuable logo design trick
releases Tuaregs on your logo if we have strokes are left with stroke widths you
can cause issues later when the logo is rescaled by somebody else
as you can see I have a hefty stroke on my logo here first go to object and then
expand appearance then go back to object and expand and use the same settings I’m
using here as you can see the stroke is now outlined as a vector shape to finish
the trick tip for our logo design with strokes open the Pathfinder window and
merge everything together like so it’s advisable to have two versions of your
logo which leads me onto the next point in today’s video here I have two versions of my logo
they look the same but we can’t add some minor changes to one of them the logo on
the left is set up so I can still edit the typography and the strokes if I ever
want to LA today however the logo on the right can be edited so the stroke is
vectorized as we did previously but also we can outline the typography as well we
want to outline the typography so when the logo is shared to a different
computer there will be no issues and recognizing
the font so we save you later designing two versions one you able to edit and
the other version print ready the next logo design trick in adobe
illustrator is to use the eyeball tool this is a great tool for later designing
as you can hold down the option key and to placate your board and your design you can then make changes to logo and
refine it and then repeat the process over and over as your logo design
develops also you can edit the name of each individual artboard whilst using
the artboard tool as well as move the eye water on your screen the fourth valuable Lego design trick is
great for saving liquor designs for the web you may have several designs on
several boards but with the asset tool you can save them all at once as
different designs simply open up the hace export window and then drag and
drop your designs into the window but first check out the different options
that you have such as saving for pinching jpg
I’d also presets iOS and Android once you’ve dropped your designs in hold
down shift and select multiple designs at once and then click export when ready the default location P logo design files
should be Creative Cloud and as you can see all the liquor
designs here has saved a separate designs which saves a whole lot of time
I love this little eccentric as I often use it myself the last valuable little eccentric I
have for you today is to simplify your logo if you look closely you logo may
have a huge amount of anchor points less is always better in this situation as
long as the shape of the logo remains true say gulps object path and simplify can then click preview and adjust the
amount of anchor points on your logo design remember that you want a happy
medium between the amount of points on the logo as well as keeping the shape
true so did you find this tutorial on valuable tricks and logo design helpful
let me know in the comment section below and also let me know what you want to
see on this channel remember to like and share my content if you do enjoy it and
until next time design your future today peace

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12 thoughts on “5 VALUABLE LOGO DESIGN TRICKS | Logo Design Tips

  1. Your work is awesome. You have help me grow as a designer. Can u please do a series on the pen tool I totally suck at it. As well as how to use the Wacom. I was given a really nice one and I have had it for 3 years and it’s still in the box. Again thanks and if i have missed that you have done these already please Provide a link. Also what do you think of my logo

  2. Hey tom,. I recently submitted an entry to a freelance site, and a few issues, but your video helped me figure our what I did wrong, thanks. This latest will help me do a better job next time. Keep making these videos, I am learning a lot from your videos, thanks.

  3. Omg!!! I missed about 5 months videos due to financial issues, but it feels good to temporarily catch up on as many as I can.

    God bless you!!!

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