67 – “The Fall of Babylon – Salvation in Symbols & Signs”

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7 thoughts on “67 – “The Fall of Babylon – Salvation in Symbols & Signs”

  1. Powerful. Pride comes before the fall… 

    [Pro 18:12 KJV] 12 Before destruction the heart of man is haughty, and before honour [is] humility. 

    So to receive God's glory (which is the truest Honor to receive His character of righteousness), we must first fear Him (which is the truest humility to be taught as a little child), then we can give glory or His character back to Him as we reflect it in the life. Moon giving praise to the Sun for its marvelous light. If we recognized pride for what it truly was, we would not shun any reforms in diet, dress, country living, etc for it serves to keep us modest/humble in heart and mind. God is truly merciful to us.

  2. SO I learned the "opposite" of those who God has "forgotten" in their SINS (where there is no condemnation) for those that love Him… ….*** HE will be FORCED to REMEMBER the sins of those who have rejected Him! Even though Christ had died on the cross and took those SINS already for the entire world!…
    ** HOW SAD that people can't see the FREE gift of Life…. by just coming to Jesus…..and loving Him always!

  3. When are you guys planning on airing the Daniel series? This Series has been such a blessing I've watched it several times and plan on going through it at least one or two more times lol

  4. Thanks be to God for this series . It has helped me to understand this quarters sabbath school teachings on Revelations by Ranko Stephanovic . There are some differences in the identification of the seven kings but somehow they all end up with the same conclusion . Much Christian love Pat nz

  5. I love how they teach that "GOD ls Longsuffering" ! … He is such a Good GOD , that he doesn't wish any suffer the fate of the evil1…Thank you for your Merciful Goodness , Our Father … ALL PRAISE TO OUR CREATOR !!! …

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