720 HP Mercedes C63 S AMG GAD Motors Review | The White Widow Maker (ENG/русский Subtitles)

Today I’m starting on a German “Parkplatz” with the new C63 AMG S I need to prepare before I’m going to drive because I never had a car which needed this much respect This is not your average C63 This one is from GAD And it’s got 720 HP and nearly 1100 NM! I haven’t driven it yet So this will be the first time Lets see.. Lets keep the ESP on It’s a bit wet We have Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R’s today Which are semi slicks So I won’t have to explain what will happen if I floor it now.. But I’m a bit anxious which is good.. They have fitted bigger turbo’s and a different exhaust and remapped it all making 720 HP! I thought the stock 510 HP was quite a lot! Lets just… This is.. absurd! There we go.. in fourth! Now it’s really starting to grip Next gear! We’re at 240 250! This is bizar! The sound that comes with it.. is absurd! I can’t believe it’s from a turbo engine Get moving Skoda! Back to third.. In fifth.. 250.. 260 270 280 290 This is BIZAR! This car demands your respect at all times As soon as you lose the respect.. for the power It will go wrong I’ve been driving for ten minutes now.. And I really need a break This machine takes all of your energy It’s time for a drink We have driven a GAD creation before The A45 AMG and.. we noticed that they go beyond the “normal” borders which other tuners just want to approach But those others then stop and don’t go any further GAD really make violent machines They don’t make any consessions These Trofeo R tyres You need to drive them until they are red hot before you can really use them So it’s not the best tyre for the streets But when they’re hot.. Driving this car is a battle for grip! With such a short wheelbase that much torque, nearly 1100 NM.. You really need to keep respecting it This car can REALLY surprise you If you just give it a bit to much It will immediately kick its tail I have never driven anything like this If you drive an MTM car You look into the future You see what Audi will be doing.. There will be a 760 HP RS6, someday But this will never be made A RWD 720 HP C63 This exceeds all bounderies boundaries which manufacturers will never even go near This is just so immense Which is exactly what GAD delivers the most extreme.. If you’re looking for the purpose of living want to feel alive.. You’re looking for something spectacular and GAD really deliver! When we came to their shop We thought this would be one of their most powerful cars And they just finished the dyno run on a E63 AMG S with 1100 + HP ! They thought that was pretty awesome too! I say goodbye to this fantastic C63 The most spectaculair car I’ve ever driven! without a doubt.. But we’re staying here for another day Tomorrow we have something very special! So stay tuned..

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26 thoughts on “720 HP Mercedes C63 S AMG GAD Motors Review | The White Widow Maker (ENG/русский Subtitles)

  1. Wat een gave auto!
    Maar 720pk is to much. Heb zelf ook in een M6 Gran Coupé (G Power)met 740pk gereden, met achterwielaandrijving is het veeel te veel pk's, hard accelereren gaat lastig.
    Mooi gefilmd ook met de drone.

  2. Mooi om te zien dat jullie zon plezier hebben! Klinkt deze c63 beter dan de oude c63?
    En watvoor auto rijden jullie zelf eigenlijk?

  3. I love the car, the review and the edit. Did you use a drone to film from the air !??
    Love this channel !! Congratulations !!

  4. This car is Spetacular! I want one!!! The only thing is that amount of torque just for the rear wheels. Without the traction control it will consume the rear tires in an instant. Apart from that, briliant!

  5. leuk als je een andere mercedes hebt met die motor.

    wel jammer dat je het gemiddelde verbruik niet neer zette. zal wel rond de 36-46L/100km zijn:)

  6. +AutoTopNL YES automakers went as far as 700hp+ at the rear wheels only : the Dodge Charger Hellcat and the Dodge Challenger Hellcat: 707hp from the factory with a warranty!

  7. ik there's a lot of c63 review out there.. But Can you review the amg c63s coupe? thanks! i'm subscribing to this awesome channel

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