80s RETRO Typography Tutorial Illustrator Retro Typography

today we’re going to do a little bit of
time-traveling i’ma gonna head back to the 80s in this tutorial on how to
design your very own retro 80s typography in Adobe Illustrator so
follow along and design your very own retro 80s typography with Satori
graphics what is that people welcome back to the Satori graphics home of
graphic design content right here on YouTube so I hope you guys had a great
weekend and that you’re ready to dive into some typography in the retro kind
of 80s style this tutorial is pretty straightforward to follow and it’s a tad
long but follow along with me today and design your very own retro 80s style
typography in today’s 80s retro a typography tutorial we’re going to want
to activate the grid to create precise typography in Illustrator so head up to
view in a link to show the grid you can press P for the pen tool and the
users stroke with no fill your lettering for this part of the
typography will be made up of three thick lines so imagine how you’re gonna
make your design using three lines per letter
I’m gonna show you the letter M here and how it’s done you can use the option key
to duplicate a line and then you can use the grid to evenly spaced the line of
higher so I’m moving this line over three squares to the right you can then
press a for the direct selection tool to manipulate it and move the anchor points
around obtained on the smart guide settings which you’ll find in the
literature preferences in the top left of the screen as you can see a district
shows me where the middle line is perfectly positioned at an intersection seeing us letter M symmetrical you can
make half the letter and then duplicate it to save time and to be precise so use
the option key to duplicate the lines over to the right and they reflect them again the smart guides will inform you
when the lines are perfectly aligned you can zoom in with command or control + on
your keyboard to check the lines are connected like mine here and if you need
to change the anchor points you can use direct selection tool I need to select
two lines or in pairs so I’m gonna select the two top lines here and then
press command or control J to join them together as one line you then need to do
this two more time to the other lines you should end up with three lines in
total for your retro 80s typography and you can now increase the stroke weight
up to something quite thick and appearance so here I have one word from
an 80s retro typography and now we’re going to add the gradient effects to it
you can go ahead and hide the grid you don’t need to use anymore in today’s
illustrator tutorial so when you’re hundred percent happy with the thickness
of your lines outline the stroke to convert the stroke lines into a shape
bring down a guide from the rulers that is halfway across to typography then
access the pen tool we want to make a shape that’s going to fit around the top
half of the typography with the pen tool you can add to leave the guide and then
select everything and press command or control C to copy it open the Pathfinder
window and use the crop option here this will cuts out half of the retro
typography press command or ctrl V to paste the copied section as we want to
cut the bottom half out now with this election highlighted press R for the
rotate tool and then drag the target icon down to the bottom of the shape
like I’ve done here click on the icon just once and then
hold down the alt option key and click one more time
in the new window type in hundred eighty degrees and hey okay select everything and then use the crop
option again in the Pathfinder window now you can bring the two shapes
together it doesn’t matter if there’s a slight gap between them still in the
Pathfinder window and use a trim option which is going to allow us to add a
gradient to 80s retro typography in Illustrator for this bottom section here
you’re going to want to create a three color gradient from very dark blue to
light blue change the direction to minus 90 degrees
so the darker side is at the top of the topography you will need to take the gradient tool
and draw a line across the entire topography to spread the gradient evenly
throughout the entire design we’re going to do the same for the upper section of
a retro topography so use the trim option in the Pathfinder window and add
a gradient this time we want to create a gradient
that’s almost white to navy blue if you guys been trained today tutorial drop a
like and a comment letting me know and if you’re new here to Satori graphics
subscribe for weekly graphic design content which I upload three to four
times a week so again use the gradient tool to spread
the gradient across the 80s retro typography essentially that’s the
hardest part of today’s tutorial finished now select a very dark blue to
almost black in color in the color palette and access the rectangle tool
with M on your keyboard make a shape across the entire canvas send it to the
back and then lock it down in place to act as a backdrop for this retro
typography design this next step is optional but we can add a white stroke
round typography you might want to play around with the stroke weights but also
in the stroke window you can change the stroke T to be centered to be inside or
on the outside of your design for the last part of today’s in district
2 retro typography design I’ve chosen this one here you can search for it on
google or places like define or font squirrel I find it a light pink color to the type
and now we’re going to add an inner glow add a white color for the glow with a
100% opacity and the blend mode is overlay the blur value we paste around
the size of your design so play around with the until you think it looks best
for your design lastly we can’t add an outer glow which is really going to add
to the eighties retro effect I use pink for this effect a normal
blend mode and eighty percent opacity now what you need to do is to figure out
the layout for your retro type you can also add a little section of typography
giving more detail and information but make sure to use a color from the design
itself for this pie I have one last important step to mention you will need
to select everything in your design then expand the appearance this means that
when you change the size of your design the strokes and the effects of the scale
proportionally so there was today’s tutorial on a retro
80s star typography in Adobe Illustrator let me know what you guys thought of
today’s video in the comment section below and drop a like if you did enjoy
it also share my content on social media if you do find it useful I’m gonna be
right back tomorrow with more graphic design content as well as two other
videos on Thursday and Friday so until then design your future today
peace you

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20 thoughts on “80s RETRO Typography Tutorial Illustrator Retro Typography

  1. Back again, and coming into this week with a fresh typography tutorial from the 80s!
    And yes, there is a quicker way to add the gradient over the entire design, without splitting it into 2, but I prefer the stark contrast of splitting up the typography into 2 elements

  2. now this is really different cutting the text then applying the gradient. instead of type text then apply gradient

  3. Old is Gold. I like typography very much. And you've made it magnificent. By the way, you are looking nice & happy.

  4. Thanks Tom, another great video. One technical question – why do you have to apply the trim option on the cut text before you put the gradient on it?

  5. How could I miss this one 😲 great effect and since I was born in 1980 those retro ones are my favourites. Thanks for another lesson, keep it up 💪

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