A Detailed, Newbie’s Guide to Building Your Brand in 2020

– Do you know what the
best moat in business is? See these days, anyone can cop
your features, your product, your services, your marketing but there’s one thing that is really hard to copy, and that’s your brand. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today, I’m going to break down a detailed newbie’s guide to
building your brand in 2020. (upbeat music) Before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this channel and if you’re on YouTube,
click the alert notification. That way as I give more tips like this, you’ll get notified. Tip number one, be active member on the most targeted communities that you can think of in your space. And most importantly, help people out. Comment on other blogs adding
as much value as possible and help them. Participate on Facebook groups that are related to your niche. Teach people one-on-one
in these communities how they can be better. Go to places like Quora,
Reddit, Yahoo Answers and help out people in all these areas. This will build up your
brand in these communities, and when you do this, what
you’ll find is you’ll be known as a expert over time. It won’t happen over night but over time. Now here’s a secret, when people answer other people’s questions and they’re like, yeah, I want to do this
for brand building, most people just do this with one sentence and people can see right through that. If you want to build up a really big brand and have a loyal audience, you need to go super in depth. The more in depth you go,
the more you help people, the better off you are. So I wouldn’t go and just write, hey, one or two tips here
or there and answer it. I would try to actually include paragraphs and if you want super pro tip, what you can do is you can
actually take the questions you’re answering and create
blog content around it that goes super in depth. And if you’re not sure
what questions to write these content pieces on, use Ubersuggest. Go to the keyword ideas reports. You’ll see a questions tab. It will show you all the
questions people are looking for within your space. Now here’s some motivation for you. One of my students, Gerard launched his skin
care website years ago named Skin Care by Elena. He started helping people out,
answering their questions. When he did this, he got 931
visitors during his first week and 12 sales, it’s that effective. Tip number two, be a guest
on other people’s podcast. The concept of a podcast
tour works so well. Like book tours, you go
around the world and you speak and people buy your books. You can do the same on podcasts but you don’t even have
to leave your living room. Heck, you can have Netflix
on in the background put it on on mute and be on a podcast and start spitting out some advice. So hit up everyone in your space and ask them if they’d be
open for you to be a guest and break down some of the
things that you could talk about that’s relevant to their podcast that their listeners would want to see that would also help brand you as well. Now if you don’t know how
to find these podcasts, you can go to the iTunes store and look at all the podcasts there or you can just Google keywords in your industry’s space podcast, and you can see a list of all
the podcast that are going up. So a good example of
this is if I’m a coach, I would be searching for Tony
Robbins podcast interview and that will show me not
just Tony Robbins podcast but all the other podcast
that had Tony Robbins on there for a interview, and I could
also hit up all those people and ask them if they want
me to be on their podcast because they had Tony
Robbins who was on there, who’s a coach. If I’m a coach as well, that’s a good fit. Now here’s a pro tip when
you’re doing your outreach, start off by only hitting up three people and give them three different topics that you can talk about. So if you hit up three people, give them each different
topics that you can talk about and the reason being is you’ll
start seeing what resonates with people and that will
give you more ammunition. So when you hit up three more people, six more people, 10 more people, you start giving them topics that you know that other podcasters like versus ones that no one’s responding to. because if you’re giving
topics that no one wants and you start hitting up 20 podcasters and giving them all the same topic. Well if none of them liked it, you’re not going to go
on any of these shows and then when you respond
and email them back and give them good topics, they
ignored you the first time. They’re like, oh, we already
got emailed by this person, let’s just ignore so you don’t
want to burn your bridges with all those people. You want to start off small. Only email three people, test
out three different topics and then from there, expand. Tip number three, create your own podcast and interview guests. This is great because
if you had interviewed the Tony Robbins of the world or anyone who’s a influencer
within your space. Because you’re associated with them, you’re on the podcast with them, it also boosts your credibility as well and this makes you seem
more like authority which helps build your brand. Now, the key with this because
I’ve been on a lot of podcast and people interview me. If you don’t ask them good questions, the podcast won’t do well
and it won’t help you out. People will just be like, oh that was terrible podcast interview. So I want you to listen to
all the podcast that any guest that have been on, look at the questions they answered. That will help you figure out the right questions to ask them because you don’t want to just
regurgitate the same information over and over again. You want to ask them new
stuff that’s personal that they’re not talking much about that makes your episode so exciting that they’ll want to share
it on their social profiles which will then increase your traffic, and also boost your brand as well. Tip number four, co-publish content. I’ve done this many times
on several of my websites. I had “The Advanced Guide to SEO” that I did with my cousin Sujan Patel. I’ve done advanced guide or
a guide on personal branding that I did with Aaron Agius. I’ve done so many guides
with other people. This has helped build up
their authority and mine. It’s reduced my workload and this is great because then I can create
more detailed guides without putting in as much time which then gives people the
type of content that they want and it gives me really good authority. So go find other people who have a brand who have a audience,
co-write content together and what you guys should both
so is when you publish it, you both promote it to your audiences, your email list, your social profile. This works super well. I found that blog posts
works well for this. Videos work really well
from a format typing so doing those two work well. Podcast work well for this as well. For example, I do a podcast
with my cohost Eric Siu. Him and I do one together which allow us to both build up our brands together, and I’ve also done this with webinars where I’ll do webinars with other experts from companies like Optimizes of the world or the WordStreams of the world and it’s helped build up Larry Kim’s brand as well as my brand as well. Tip number five, be very
active on Pinterest. I get roughly 413,000 monthly
visitors from Pinterest each and every single month
on one of my websites. Now of course not on neilpatel.com but I have another website out there that does extremely well. Now, it’s not me who’s the
brand, it’s someone else and it’s in the health space and they do extremely well
putting stuff on Pinterest. So Pinterest is a great
place to not only get traffic but you also find that it
can drive sales really well. And the cool thing about
Pinterest is once you’ve built up that momentum and you’re
getting the traffic, you don’t have to do a lot
of work to maintain it. So, I found that the first three months are the toughest in which
you have to participate, create a bunch of graphics
and you can use Canva for this to make really nice designs, and then you just use existing
templates and color schemes, and you can create
content that are engaging, interactive like mini infographics. I’m also part of public boards and that helps as well when you contribute to these public boards,
engage with the community. That helps you get more traffic as well because more groups you’re active on, you’ll find that they’ll engage and come back to your website as well. Tip number six, bring people back to your website as much as possible. I’m a big believer in the rule of seven. When someone sees your brand seven times, they’re much more likely
to engage and remember you which builds a brand. So I do this through three main ways. First, push notifications. I use a free toll called subscribers. People subscribe through
push notifications when they come to my website. When I release new content, new features, I send a push back out
through subscribers.com to get them back to my website. A general push can get me
around six to 7000 visitors. It’s that effective. I also do email blast. I use Hello Bar to collect emails and then through ConvertKit,
I send out email blast. You can also use Mailchimp,
that’s a free solution. Hello Bar is also free. I collect emails through pop
ups, exit pop ups, quizzes all through Hello Bar even sliders. And then, I send a email
blast for new blog post, new features, new products, new services. The third way, chatbots. So you can use MobileMonkey or ManyChat. I chat with people, engage with them, get them to come back. I prefer the many ManyChats and the MobileMonkeys of the world because then I can use Facebook Messenger to get people back to my website. And tip number seven,
launch your own tool. I do this with Ubersuggest. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. It’s helped build my personal brand. I got so many more brand queries after I launched Ubersuggest. You don’t have to build
your own tool like me. I took a atris SEMrush mos
gave a version away for free, that’s what I call Ubersuggest. But what you can do is
just go to sites like CodeCanyon.com and find
free tools that cost, technically they’re not free but tools that cost like $10 to $20 or $30 or $40. Put them on your website
and then release them. There are tools on everything from the car industry
to the mortgage industry to the health industry literally. They even have SEO tools that
you can buy for 40 bucks, put them on your site and
give them away for free which will help build your brand. So if you need help
creating that personal brand which is going to be the
best moat in the future, check out ad agency Neil Patel Digital or if you just have any questions
or comments or concerns, leave a comment down below and I’ll answer and help you out. Thank you for watching,
make sure you subscribe, share this video, have a wonderful day.

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