coming right yet more adobe illustrator graphic design hacks which will show you how to use Adobe Illustrator like a boss what is that people found with the throw graphics back again with another graphic design tips video my previous upload that went on Sunday was very well received and I had positive feedback on a video so I decided to make another part 2 and bring you yet more adobe illustrator graphic design hacks that without a doubt will make your design life a hell of a lot easier to check out the first part of this video click the card in the corner and finally just before we start let me know if you do find these tips helpful by commenting and smashing that like button also share the video if you find it really helpful that way I know which content works well on my channel and we’ll carry on making that content and why even make this into a miniseries based around practicing this right there as well as side the shop anyway let’s get right into this list of illustrator hacks now this is something very few people know about and I myself only found out about this new recently what is it silky you may be asking well the tilt key is on your keyboard and it should be an upper left corner it looks like this in Adobe Illustrator we can use it to create some amazing equal shapes and geometric freehand athens select any shape tool so let’s do the star and make sure you have the stroke option selected without any cell hold down the tilt key and then click and drag rotating as well if you like you can have some serious fun with this and utilize it in many different shape goals i’m using adobe illustrator CC 2016 so i’m not sure if this works throughout the other versions of illustrator let me know if it works for you for some strange reason Adobe Illustrator does not yet have a feature that allows you to create a line of thought so easily but there is a hack for it either drill yourself a line with a pencil or make an outline of the shape then go to window and open up the stroke panel from here select dash lines and set the value to 0 for the gap you’re going to have to play around different measurements for your angle design finally we must make sure the round cap option is selected I’m Allah you have yourself a dotted line if you have to design I’ll end up using many different shades or terms with specific color it may take a little while for you to shop around different color swatches or groups in Illustrator there was a hacker however that makes things a lot easier simply select a baseline color you wish to use so let’s say the screen here and then I open your color guide menu like so you would then be shown different shades of that color as well as a few other colors that will match it within the design so you have yourself present harmony in color in the matter of seconds a lot of these hacks a shortcut may not come so naturally at first and they will take some time getting used to but with time they become second nature and the lifesavers for example I don’t even realize most of the time when i use this specific hack with the space by simply hold down the spacebar until you see this icon appear and then you can click and drag to move around and if you are bored this really does save a lot of time and I use it every single day if you haven’t designed many different components to it and you want to copy and paste different aspects there is a faster way to locate each part of your design easily and duplicate them normally you would have to search for that pie and then hit command Z and command me to copy and paste instead of searching a design for the parts you need you can save each shape or pass as a save selection go to select and save selection name your selection something clever so that you can reselect it anytime within your design process if you then conveniently paste it and then keep going on with your design without losing your data it comes in handy when designing artwork as many sections are repeated this is another very handy and cooler shape tool hitting away illustrators arsenal tools take the shape tool this works best with a perfect circle so i would suggest choosing the ellipse tool make a circle that is only a stroke another fill and then goes object path and and anchor points from there go to effect the store in transform and then choose the path grey and blue tool play around with the slider and you will see you can make some cool shapes and designs you can also open up the stroke window here to round off any corners or editors style like so this will be useful when designing something like a flyer least little greeting card pretty much anything that needs a decorative design we will probably know that when you want to create a shade that this perp is impersonal you must hold down shift and then click and drag however this can be annoying if you want to have the shape generated in a specific place there is a quick keyboard hack that will help you with this issue soul into shape tool and then hover the cursor over where you want to generate the shape in the exact center of the tail hold down alt and shift was clicking a dragon lastly for today’s illustrator hacks and falls list I’m showcasing the align tool many of you will know about this tool I’m sure but some of you will not it’s very very handy and I use it every single day with my design work so I thought I’d get a mention you can open it by heading up to window and then a line here you can learn shapes or paths vertically and horizontally you can also even space objects up and down as well as where it’s an arrange them in more group sections so they have it another list of adobe illustrator graphic design hacks I hope you did find it really helpful if you did then let me know in the comment section below smash that like button and share this video to someone else are we back on Thursday with speed our video so until then is only featured today feed

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31 thoughts on “ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR GRAPHIC DESIGN HACKS #2 🅷🅰🅲🅺🆂 How Use Adobe Illustrator Like A Boss

  1. never heard of this tilde key ! Awesome thing 🙂
    functions excellent in Adobe Illustrator 4 folks, thanks for this excellent trick !

  2. Excellent ………. No one taught me this in my Design school. Thank you so much for helping New designers like me. GOD bless you.

  3. Suggestion for creator.
    Hi, there thank you very much for your video tutorial. i will share it in my fb and my website too. i really like your videos keep going on.
    By the way am from indonesia. my mother tongue is indonesian, even though i can speak and write english, but still i have difficulty to understand your very fluent english (your pronunciation is very american / mother tongue) so sometime like us from foreign country who speak standard international english will difficult to understand. So if you never mind than please add text titles like while you asking to hold some key than please add in text too that may us more clear and your viewers will grows, make us more easy to understand. hopefully you will continue your video tutorials.
    for example, in minute 1.50 you said to hold tab key or something like that, while i do in my computer with windows 10/core i 3. it can't do like you did over there. i did't understand exactly what you ask to hold tab key or something else.

  4. Hey, it's bugging me so much: "Skaner żywności" is in polish. Do you have anything in common with Poland? 😀

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