After Effects Lesson: Logo Animation Motion Graphics

hello and welcome to another
aftereffects video lessons today i’m going to be an email logo now
we have a logo it really depends on the logo on how you animated so this is just
one way of doing it hope you enjoyed nl let’s get started first off if you’re
going to want to have logo now highly took the logo it was a audio blue slow though i got off the web site called brands of
the world where they have lots of different brand logos all victor base d_p_s_ files and i bought that into the illustrator
and i separated out into layers and then i import that into aftereffects now i didn’t know thing here is i put this day right there and enlarge it to fill that space this
is the actual logo but i put the letter a right here because i want to use that in
my animation but depending on the animation you’re
doing you may not be you need this cuz you most likely not going to be a
remain the audio-visual so let’s get started first thing i want
to do is unclear my workspace and only showed the parts of the logo that i’m going to
be animating right now which is this big circle and these four circles as well so i went to just hired the other pieces first thing i want to do is i want this circle dot combat poppin and it’s easier to do well i don’t want to start arise
beginning some of the four issue frames partition left bracket will cut my layer them on and i want to hit tests on the keyboard
for scale he framed that but i want this to be at one hundred and
ten percent go forward to dreams and bring them back down to one hundred and you can see ill popping to really easy way to do them but before i get into the rest of this
money to make sure that i want these little circles to rotate
around him or didn’t do that i need their incur
point to be dead center with that circle so i’m going to take all-star were circle one and all
use the hand behind tool which is hockey is
white keyboard and i can just take and take that anchor point and put his
clothes to centers i can handle culinary and fix that and the last one will be that to make sure these events anyway
i’m going to do is to highlight my big circle and then apple are on the keyboard will bring a
my rulers and what i’m going to do is put some markers in right on center but certainly of now win any yahoo the easier these and i think points now says these anchor points are senator
warner use a rotation tool he should stay okay so i’ve got these centered now what i want to do in the hide those guides go ahead and had the rulers com so that was command colin in command
are hides the guys in rulers so they all have the same center point and when i wrote a you can see
because right around it’s pretty damn cool now i do peggy was no news and have one circle
popup commenced in a row no comment leave a trail circles behind it so i’m going to turn off these other
layers right now just so don’t have the one on working with and a lot after a good big circle pop said than this one circle one abstinence but
since you were doing is going to grow into that space i’m going to do it well shortly personal trainer layer and when i’m going to do is and move forward to where i want to be
so twenty-three for frames later i want to look just like
this so i’m going to key frame position scale come back to where i want to start and i’m going to use grab the top of this and bring it down and
you can see a flattens out and bring that and what will happen isn’t coming grows the only problem as its white on top so i i want to star black internalized kisi way to do that is with the filter called tent so i select my layer affects color correction tent with tin does you can take the black
levels in the white levels and ask them in different colors by default it’s going to map black to
blacken white white but what i want to do is at the beginning of this i want to map white two black key for it go to the end and the math a white back to life and it’ll change from black for the two cylinder with a pops in and
grows too fast scientist grab this larry and move it also thinkpad time is over two-thirds as well
something out expenses another four frames and highlight those seek he frames into
spring i’m crushed poppin that’s better now that i have that grown well conformers there i’m going to spin around the big circle and i wanted the other circles to be the wind up with it so i’m going to grab entrance to the karma grab encircle head are preview rotation back made ninety degrees the circle hit our premium rotation back negative ones any circle for remembered attitude seventy so those are all now in the right spot i want them to start after that for sure circle grows on so i will highlight the three layers on the keyword holdout option than left bracket animal cut layers or i can just grab them here and bring it crashed either way works credit to you so one this circle right there to rotate around and then leave a trail circles behind i’ll take the circle com circle one bringing my rotation and kiefer and the rotation and i want to go over the course of hong two seconds intro two seconds no just click right here on the rotation
tool has zero x and then plus zero nine zero
degrees thirty degrees first one is how many rotations so i can just go ahead
click one rotation can you know rotate around perfectly one time which is what i want to do now i want kids these other ones to follow behind it when that goes at sea three three four five friends later take circle two rotation that’s key fram hat and this will go right here jews fired bring this back to zero bring this over to you one eighty and you’ll see what happens in seattle follow and then leaving behind five translators ki friend this one rotation classrooms questions later and will do the last one
key for a minute and this circle three just to go down here and then circle for recovery there’s negative one eight eight himself into spam makes a trail and lives in behind pretty cool thing so but of course everything always looks better with
motion blur don’t forget that scones turn them on
you know i’m going to enter in the month all the layers cuz solicited and don’t forget to turn on globally and look at the end of the defense speed
around him super quick motion blur okay so let’s keep our word stud keep on keeping on get this done turn off the motion blur it’ll render
faster okay so after that moves around who want the ada fly-in and that’s why i have displayed here so i can have it flying in so but i just i don’t want a big black hair flying and
i wanted to be just outlined so how are you going to do that will use
even further supplier clicked on larry up here total
air styles and do stroke an apple given outlined to it vince justice will keep it has been and what color with the rest make a good bigger size district in five dot com and okay so what with that i don’t want the black to show up and
just want to read i want to show up and i canceled a tricky so i want to do
that is unwilling to pre composed this layer so command ship c_e_o_ pre
composed hung aik hong will work just fine and move move all the attributes to the new
compensation click ok now this is it’s own composition and
what i’m going to do is usable lewke too kiero the black and so now this is just the outline and i wanted the speed of flying over time and then land right here so i will have it start to fly in sorry affording time out to our wives and so i’m going to key frame the ending of this but i want to fly in the three space so
i will turn the three button on also motion blur and let’s grab this back in time and creamy is out of camera view and their supply and soul of meeting i’m going to add one more effective to this and color corrections tent i want to add attempt to this and i will map white black as well going to do is i’m going to have
resolved different colors for him when to start with one color that ended here in the next one be different color
know all the different colors and i want outputs a five maybe six players for him what i’m going to do is right here where they start before
and this is i’m going to cut this this layer come so i know where it is and duplicate to mandy fixed for those funds to six and then i was moved forward coming frames come before lineup move forward for france wind it up lighten up in the last one so what we see here it is that is a very
flying in you know when determining notes does the colors on these now i want the last one to be read
because i have a red circle here so it’s grab this last layer and turn it read so i want to map the black to that read amendment the white to that address now one thing i do have those of comes over the edge here and i don’t
want to do that so i’m going to mask it nanogram my mask tool goto ellipse tool and home ask it the same size of the circle we’ll see here this is now just society’s it’s not insists the edges are cut off which i don’t want the whole time i just
want like that at the end so what i’ll do starting about here’s where it lands and the mass expansion hokey frame that kovach few frames an expanded pixels tech kantor pixels it looks like what that’ll do it as an adult cuttin’ and land just like that and when that lance i want all these
others to be disappeared as well so at the same time as this mask is
expanding out and take the rest these layers tea for transparency or opacity key frame it go to this key fram right here and then
bring it home downturns mol c here it is that altered come right instead of a that way i want to go how do you want all these different
colors which hein started with the a the last one but that’s changing the ones so this guy location so the stern that red circle back off if
you then what you can see here is the different colors are flying in and when the red one hits the rest of them what kind of disappear okay but at the same time we also want are red circle here than turn them back
on him bring up tennessee it’s totally transparent and then we’ll go forward in time when
the rest of disappeared and will have alan come up to twenty percent so as it animates you can see it nothing that’s what i want so me along pictorial sorry about that all right last thing i want to do is add a little
bit more color so i’m going to add some more color this
is i’m going to take meyer my circle big circle and for other layers bring themselves to
get their they can’t be right there and i’m going to pre composing so it’s all well and call this uh… big sir kal and want to do with this is duplicate the similar right here where everything lands then i’m going to do duplicate this six layers again and then uh… the spurs top layer actually right here canon label that as i want that to stay the same and these other guys i’m going to come back so i can actually color than the same as
i have here so it’s just copy of it based on this act that so mail when it is simply the skill is take my scale key fram it escapade frames and putting that up and that’s it and i think copies key frames will separate them by two frames on the next one paste it into the scale i totally screwed up today because there’s a way around it so what i did it is i have this read one
on top which i don’t want unwanted on the bottom and i want these all to be reversed except for the one on top of wanted to
stay on top so what you’ll see here is it’ll grow out com but i do want one more because i want to end concrete so this one all map white and tent pathetic okay source it is the colors will spread out but in the
last one will be white which is perfect for our name to reveal and with the reveal i will just do the circle mask come into my expansion ki friend that bring it down cup under pixels for a couple of go for a second bring this up to ten pixels and what will happen is in old expand and reveal it from the
senate what i can do is i can add a little bit
further to this softening up a little bit and that’s really it one last thing i do have to do is add
his solid because he is still transparent so that’s close clamps down these miners but that’s what i’m doing and have a solid later and you solid just a white player okay and we will stick it at the bottom so that’s reveal it some take a look and when around us out pan so here we have the finished product
think they’re pretty good so uh… held this is a the degrees
lesson for you leave when overseas convinced of the doctor predisposing
layered percolator styles physically stroke bs lewke filters that’s unfiltered force field layers which we did a lot so thank you and tune in for a more

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40 thoughts on “After Effects Lesson: Logo Animation Motion Graphics

  1. "You need to turn off your computer. Hold down the power key until it turns off, then restart it again."

    That's what I always get whenever I try recording with screenflow. I have an Imac, probably the same specs as you, but ALWAYS, When I try to record, SOMETHING has to crash. Help?

    Btw, I'm running snow leopard and not lion.

  2. I have been looking for an answer for 2 days now. how do u make the logo in Illustrator that can be animated in After Effect. what setting are u using. lets say u want to make the word PEACE in Adobe Illustrator then import that into AE.

  3. disregard the music but would you know how to go about animating a logo to react to music like this? /watch?v=-NAgv77W3dI&list=LLdT7BwxzC_TMIErgE4PGkJw


  4. Thanks for replying… I tried using a PSD file with layers but for some reason the layers are not showing up in After Effect. The PSD file just appears as one layer in After Effects. I tried importing the PSD as a composition with layers and it still didn't work. What am i doing wrong? Do you have any idea why i'm not able to see the layers in after effect? I'm using Photoshop CS6 and After Effect CS6… Thanks in advance!

  5. Thanks for your help… I resolved the problem. I found this on another youtube channel's video comment…

    This was the problem In case anyone has the same problem.
    If you weren't able to import the psd file, and it was importing just as an image, then the problem is that the psd file has to be converted first to RGB mode (without merging the layers) once you do that, you'll be able to import the PSD file into AE.
    Hope that helps for someone who had the same problem as me.

  6. What is the key command you are using to scroll through individual frames?
    Also what was the shortcut to cut the layer on the timeline?

  7. Luis, this logo was a vector file, I opened into Illustrator and separated out the layers I wanted to animate. After effects can open Illustrator files, and any object that is on a separate layer in illustrator will become a separate layer in After Effects.

  8. Hey, nice video! I have a logo and the logo has some dots, and the name. I want to make those dots rotate around the name and then stop on the right position as shown on the logo. How do I do it? Thanks

  9. If its similar to how this logo is done, then just follow the tutorial. Also, make sure that the anchor point of each dot is at the center of your name that they are rotating around. Its also easier to work backwards. Keyframe the dots at where the are going to end, then move the playhead back in time and rotate the dots to where they will start.

  10. Great tutorial but how to call the text effect name you making at first . I mean the text " after effect Video lesson " …… seriously reply me please !

  11. Can I get some help with animating my logo? It's very simple looking but hard to animate, if you have a Skype, please friend me at steinman01210

  12. Sorry for the useless comment, but watching this video with closed captions turned on was pretty funny. 25:44 "So uh… held this is a the degrees lesson for you leave when overseas convinced of the doctor predisposing layer percolator styles physically" lol

  13. Hi Mikey I just finished this tutorial and I have a question the part where the Anchor Point from the litle circle was moved to the center of the big circle so it could rotate around it. Is there a way to do this with an expression so that the little can rotate around the big one with total precision. Not that noone will notice if this animation was done for TV resolution but maybe if showen on a bigger scale, line on a movie theater, it would show certain rotation imperfections, because of the bigger resolution,  as small circle rotates around the bigger circle. what do you think. PS: Very cool tutorial YOU ROCK. 

  14. Cool, awesome tutorial, I do some After Effects intro work for the Freedom network, and it is great to further this endevor, You can see some of my intros on my youtube, by my username.  Thanks for this great tutorial!

  15. Thank you for your videos. I am not sure if you can help Mikey, but I am after an intro video where my logo (which is a circle with text/brand in the middle) will be on a whitebackground-simple- but with the background colour of the LOGO itself changing rapidly- so let say the original logo is black, the logo will keep changing to blue, gold, transparent through the letters, etc etc with a music sync to the rapid changes– and the finishing of the video- showsCOMING SOON- the Logo in the end with the website url under…. How do I explain this or how do I design this OR where can I have such video design for me? I appreciate your comments/answer

  16. your link to the other logo you did is pointing to a playlist on continuity programs by someone who is not you, just a heads up

  17. Thanks you so much for the easy to follow and informative tutorials! It's great to be able to follow along at least create some things without having to own any expensive (but very useful) plugins.


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