Alm & Celica Vs. Duma MHB – Fire Emblem Heroes Theme Team Battle [FEH]

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100 thoughts on “Alm & Celica Vs. Duma MHB – Fire Emblem Heroes Theme Team Battle [FEH]

  1. As soon as I saw Duma as a mystic, I was immediately thinking Phoenixmaster1 was going to make a video.

    Thank you. I love shadows of valentia

  2. I’m in all honesty impressed by this… you delivered something so top tier… thank you for this. Now if Only I can summon at least 1 Celica

  3. This is the BEST of all Theme Battles. Stop motion before striking Duma, interaction timing, and voices make a movie, not a video. I appreciate your effort. Thank you, PM1. You made Shadows of Valentia be interesting to me.

  4. I couldn't hold back my tears remembering your playthrough from about 2 years back and seeing you recreate this final match. I really like these theme battles. Thank you for this :')

  5. If Alm ever becomes a legendary. He better chuck that shield out of the universe. I’ll be really disappointed if IS doesn’t do that.

  6. The best theme battle ever created PM1 I loved it and all your other ones, even the ending was perfect thanks PM1 I love your theme battles their awesome and the best. I appreciate every video you make I really hope your future would come true to you my favorite FEH Youtuber.

  7. This is the best FEH themed battle ever. It gave the sounds and feel of the main game with all the voice actions and moves.

  8. Fun fact: I've not played SoV but yet here I am, crying over how amazing this theme team battle is. Honestly I was just waiting for Lukas' line at the start. Everything else is just such amazing bonus, thank you so much for this PM1!

  9. I absolutely love these videos! Thank you so much for how much effort you put into these videos! They are so amazing! ❤❤

  10. I'm so blown away by the quality of this. I got teary eyed towards the end and I've never even played SoV nor do I know much about these characters. This was so, so, so amazing.

  11. I'm always impressed with how much time and work goes into these. Even going as far as to choose one character from each route, mad respect.

  12. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! In all honesty in my eyes this topped your Alm & Celica vs Walhart battle. I love FE Echoes truly a game we don't deserve but IS gave it to us. Aaaaaaaaah I'm fanboying to much. Great job Phoenix and keep doing what you're doing. You're amazing!!!!

  13. New Favorite Theme Battle for me (not that I have seen all of them), plus Shadows of Valentia is my favorite game along with Alm being my favorite Lord from FE. Makes this all the more satisfying to watch.

  14. Man what a great work of love. Shadows of Valentia has become one of my favorite games on the franchise and this video only reconfirms it. Great and beautiful work Pheonix, as always, thank you for the great content.

  15. This was amazing. Gave me chills. And made me remember just how much I loved this game and this last boss. I think you pushed me to play it again.

  16. I loved this! This has easily been my favorite Themed GHB so far, and I thank you for this. Also
    Dont Worry Celica, I'll crush these bastards!

  17. Superb work leveraging the SoV voice acting in this one. I only wish you could have brought everyone else, especially Mae.

  18. This has became my favorite Theme Battle Video, the voices, lines and the background music. Such an amazing video. It remembers me the very same feeling that I got when I played this map in Echoes. I have deep feelings for this game so “muchas gracias” for your effort and for doing it <3

  19. I swear, you're the best thing that's ever happened to the fire emblem community.
    This was so much fun and in my opinion one of the best theme team battles you've done.
    Thank you pm1 we love you ❤❤😭😭

  20. This…is so perfect.
    It's like the Walhart one but even better!
    Damn YouTube feeds that made me discover this video only now.
    Good Job, Pheonix!

  21. The line of "And never shall you disturb our slumber" just makes me want a game where someone manages to revive Duma and Mila, and they rampage throughout all of Valentia/Valm

  22. One of the best theme battle in Heroes. Love it!

    Grima theme battle is my favourite one though. It doesn't matter. Love ALL your work!

  23. Ty for this theme battle Pheonixmaster1 it's one of your best ones you have done thus far in my opinion the other one I liked was definitely the Walhart, Celica and Alm one you did

  24. I might be stupid for asking but how are they talking? Did you edit the voices, or is it a setting change, or maybe just a one time thing for that battle?

  25. Putting Alm and his "army" to the left side and Celica and hers to the right, working by meeting together then taking on Duma, the voice lines and their timing; you truly nailed the finale of SoV to perfection. I agree with others, your best Theme battle yet and it is amazing.

  26. Alm dealing the finishing blow with Celica beside him. Exactly how the final boss battle is like in Echoes. Well done.

  27. I like that Alm has renewal. And that he and Celica start on the appropriate side of the map with the appropriate ally.

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