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13 thoughts on “Altium Designer Tutorial 4 – Adding Logo to PCB

  1. Hello, I see you used the file: PCB Logo Creator. 
    My work well. 
    But wanted to know if the file already tested: CreateRegionsFromBitmap that the best resolution. 
    when I try to boot, it crashes and error, I have to restart your computer. 

    If you already have a solution answer me.

  2. You just can use Ctr+A, Ctr+C, Ctr+V (Select all, Copy, Paste).

    You are NOT CLEAR explain where is the script – which folder from 10 folders?
    Just write the PATH of this folder in your explanation above!!!

    This is very important, DUDE. 
    The path is: ScriptsDelphiscript ScriptsPCBPCB Logo Creator

  3. Thanks.
    I tried with several figures and extensions but the only one that worked for me was a bmp and black and white one.

  4. how about the resolution ? when I convert a logo I get a bad resolution, is there any thing i can do for that?

  5. Only bmp format will work and yes path is scriptsDelphiscriptPCBPCBLogoCreator. Other then bmp format will not convert

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