Americans Try To Label A Map of Asia

map of Asia labeling it do I know it find out I’m not great with geography I would say I know it a decent amount when my friends are parking their car and I’m with them like I know how to get us back to the car I’d have to count for something I would say I did really well in high school and I made a hundred on like the world test but I didn’t realize would be all downhill after that seventh grade Becky knew geography very well cuz I had a placemat growing up my parents would watch CNN and make me pick countries thirty-year-old Becky not so much can we talk about this like what kind of jagged puzzle piece bootleg like what did where did y’all get this map I would have appreciated colors can I just say that I know I know what this is about we are all having a laugh like haha you don’t know but with that said I don’t mean to be offensive countries I switch I don’t mean to imply I don’t think you mattered you know what I mean I just wanted to like I love this caveat honestly is it too much to apologize now or should I just like wait till the end of the video apologize I’m so sorry so we’ve been given a list with the names we have about 15 minutes we’re grading this on a curve that’s what I heard oh yeah however the other groups do yeah let’s just try to be better than the other groups done okay ready Dave is there a part that you feel more confident about geography boys start with your first most confident what up my name’s Zach I’m a geography boy and today I’m telling you guys where China is okay well that’s India I mean I think we should leave on top thank you very much that’s it that’s the end of it feel like we’re 100% right Japan okay yes North Korea and South Korea Sri Lanka I think the easiest other one is like Russia totally the ocean good extra credit and then I know that this here is Indonesia this is Russia Russia is not on here and that’s worrying me wait is Russia considered Asian half no okay well alright Russia is considered part of Asia it’s divided it is directors shaking his head it’s not half of Russia is considered in Asia y’all need to check stuff before you put us out here that’s India yes yeah yeah yeah ok that’s India Malaysia that I think this I think this is Malaysia Japan I know it’s an island well I feel good about that one this is Saudi Arabia Mongolia is here in between the Huns okay yeah that is not good I think this is North Korea and South Korea which makes sense because north you’re not read this north and south that’s the trick though if we if they can’t read our handwriting they don’t know if it’s right or not yeah there’s so many little little names I didn’t know about I think this is Kazakh yeah I think it is I think that’s Mongolia because like Tibet and everything Shh duh yeah uh-huh Philippines nor Turkey this is Turkey I love it I feel like this is all like Middle East is that part of Asia okay so this is Turkey I think turkey actually wait let me help you with this I just realized this is oh man and then it goes into Yemen oh you know where they are yeah there’s a sliver that would be Israel and then above it yeah I love that yeah oh wait I know where the Philippines are you do yeah this is the Philippines cool so we also establish that we’ve never been to Asia oh that’s a great thing to tell them cuz we have it never been this okay so this is Syria and then this is Jordan I think balls this is Syria and this is Jordan I’m gonna make you make a gut call Iraq boom boom bear okay hmm where are the Maldives this I know this little guy that’s guitar okay and then that is a country or that just a lake which one is Iran do you feel like it’s that one well dad we have to make calls I’m just gonna do it let’s do it okay love it love that Iran’s there this is Iraq um okay we just gotta start putting stuff right so like yeah Thailand whoa Malaysia I’m a baker okay where come all day just want to go there okay this is Thailand oh I think I’m wrong okay we’re making the executive call okay I say we gotta do it so this is Cambodia I say this is Singapore this is my mom yeah all right and then that’s Vietnam okay good I know Cyprus wait Chris where no no you’re on to something you’ve got it it’s a it’s an island I know Cyprus is an island close to the malty I wrote it baby which one it’s here it’s here all right I’m saying this is mine this is you Guinea oh wow that is a bad way Wow have we thought about Bangladesh as an option you know I haven’t how do you feel about this being Bangladesh I like it I’m gonna lock it in yeah Bangladesh that’s what about it I know the stands are in here somewhere just gonna put the stand what Indonesia and I’m also starting to think get this its Vietnam I don’t know where Fiji is Marshall Islands yeah guys Bee Gees an island just start labeling your islands back Saudi Arabia feels like a mistake okay I’m gonna say this is Fiji he was naming bold I like the boldness you said Cypress is this line have we done kuwait kuwait now all right I don’t think we can consider it giving up yeah for the sake of time yeah if you guys need to quit we can quit we did a bang-up job you know a whopping five hi say I want to hear what everybody else did before I started by myself and then we got a happy wife even if it was very close plus 18 out of it was nice teachers nice Oh nineteen and a half you don’t really do half points you round up and that okay not bad people got 13 out of 55 oh they gave they gave him something extra credit for like coming close yeah no no I’m not denying on okay fine honestly yeah we didn’t get any credit for stands yeah how do you feel about the Maldives being over here I like the location here vacation but I hate that I put it dude I’m just gonna say I’m sorry [Music]

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100 thoughts on “Americans Try To Label A Map of Asia

  1. I think I remember my classmates who failed labeling those in high school (without the list) punished by our teacher to make a map of their own out of monggo seeds.

  2. im kind of sad because they didn't even mention Bahrain which is a country in the middle east and its a really tiny island super close to Qatar and Saudi Arabia ((im Bahraini btw))

  3. Maybe if u need to know Indonesia, u will draw the line ZEE from Sabang – Merauke and the clue was many Islands, this is so point from map


  5. I think this all is Middle East…Is Middle East part of Asia?

  6. i would take less than five minutes if it were me. i am an asian and i also literally had to memorize the whole asia for geography so…

  7. They did much better than I thought.but how could you not know where Iraq is?u literally have been there for what 11 years?and your president mentions Iran at least 5 times a day and you still can't find it on a map?easy it's shaped like a cat

  8. Wow… im 13 years old and i could easily name all countries in asia all because of this conquering game called “rise of nations” in roblox. Roblox should sponsor this video so everyone could learn like me.

  9. Another video where Bahrain could have been mentioned, alas this has been another video where we’ve been ignored and forgotten 🙁

  10. If ur going to include NZ, australia, fiji, papua new…the title of the video should be AMERICANS TRY TO LABEL ASIA AND OCEANA.

    Asia have 48 countries and 3 dependent/territories.

  11. wait.. are Buzzfeed's OGs back ?? just saw Quinta in another video and now i'm seeing Daysha and Becky ?? Guys this is so great !!

  12. What? Oceania and Australia is not part of Asia
    Wtf Buzzfeed
    I didn't expect too much from the guessers but jesus, not even able to get a normal map…

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