Americans Try To Label A Map of Europe

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100 thoughts on “Americans Try To Label A Map of Europe

  1. i love seeing fellow dutch people getting pissed about the fact that lanky guy put the netherlands as finland and the other dude that knew where amsterdam was but didn’t know which country it belonged to

  2. Am I the only one who noticed that the Netherlands was shaped weird? Like it was more outward than it should be? It could be me but I thought it was weird

  3. The fact that I had to learn all American states at one point and all European countries with capitals and Americans are happy that they know where Great Britain is kinda makes me angry

  4. The fact that they don’t know the stuff is disappointing, but oh well, whatever. The fact that they act ignorant and all nonchalant calling countries that were occupied and had to suffer the horrors of totalitarian regime under Russia still USSR even in 2019 is really just disgusting. You don’t know? Fine. You don’t care that you are being an ignorant? Not so fine.

  5. As an Australian it’s funny to see how in an attempt to undermine Americans, Europeans have become the unbearable ones with their aura of “superiority”

  6. omfg😂😂😂 i cant believe u guys r happy with 46% mann… in Slovenia high school we have to know every country IN THE WORLD (just think about Asia-Turkmenistan,Uzbekistan,Kazakstan… Africa-Morocco, Egipt, Niger, Kongo, Mali…) and their main cities and u cant even name a country…thats just sad

  7. 4:18
    You are right Texas covers that much

    Although it doesn’t have that much culture… just like the entire US

  8. They marked Montenegro as right, that's Kosovo and it's placed where Montenegro should be, even the map is wrong I-

  9. I read many comments that say that in Europe we have to learn the countries of the whole world and all the American states? I guess that's true for some countries but not all of Europe, because in Greece we only learn about European countries and their capitals and nothing else except for Greek geography. I'm not saying this is good, I just wanted to point out that these comments aren't true about all of Europe

  10. Most Americans including my self don’t know where the states are in our country. How do you think we would know where European countries are?

  11. Look y’all, in the U.S. WE DO learn where all of the countries in the world are as well as where all the states are. World Geography, at least in California where I went high school, is a required course in order to graduate. The problem is that we’re only taught where everything is once or twice and it’s been 5 years since I was in World Geography. Do you remember EVERYTHING you learned 5 years ago? Unless you practiced and applied it a lot, I highly doubt it.

  12. We had to draw and label a map of the world (to scale, from memory) for my freshman high school geography class. So at one time I knew them all. But let be honest, that was 10 years ago now lol.

  13. I can say it is in Europe, but each country. Naw. That was never even a test in grade school, high school or college.

  14. I could’ve named every country and every body of water (but not every river but every major one) I have never left the United States, and I can do this. I also have terrible memory, so if I can do it, anyone can. It’s not that hard to learn where all the countries are at. I can label most countries on the globe, apart from a few of the pacific islands.

  15. Well I mean my social studies teacher made me learn as much of the world as she could. She was probably the best social studies teacher in that school, but it was a public school so the bar was pretty low. In fact, you literally couldn’t get away with “I know I turned it in, you must’ve lost it.” Because in her 15 years of teaching, she lost one homework assignment because it fell off her desk into the recycling bin. That was the only time she ever lost an assignment. She was good.

  16. One thing I don’t get is how these videos always have relatively few people, and never ones that actually know anything. I have watched maybe six of these videos in the past week? I have seen maybe a total of forty Americans, and only one of them knows even part of the rest of the world. It’s almost like it’s purposefully skewed, and I don’t say that lightly, because I take that sort of thing incredibly seriously. As for maybe a more accurate representation, my little sister would do a better job at naming countries than most of the people I’ve seen in these videos, and that’s saying something considering that my sister has never been asked to name countries from a list.

  17. Is it weird that I can name every country on a map but none of my fellow students know where east America is

  18. I legit had to take a quiz today where I had to know where 193 countries are (seen as all the countries in the world to some) for AP Comparative government. There's no excuse, it's really not that hard. I'm 17.

  19. Great Britain is not a country and there's Ireland and Northern Ireland. . Having said that, I'm not much better than them with Europe's countries

  20. Living in Europe: nope, that's not the name of that country 😂 but tbh: couldn't write down which state is where in the USA 😅😅

  21. The fact that they say that the Balkan are "just the USSR", and that they are new states, is one of the most rude things i have ever heard.

  22. You forgot the Basque Country and Catalonia, as a basque independentist person this also hurts. BTW I expected much more less of them, I mean, americas education only think about the USA and the great USA; that´s why I think this is kinda fake. But the 4 pof them were funny.

  23. 5:22 new countries? NEW COUNTRIES? Most of them was on the map so long even from the begining! Most of us was on the map for so long even if we sometimes disapear!!! We were big emphires and now they don't remember about us?! Sorry but it hurt me.

  24. They tried to make Malta 🇲🇹 into Cyprus 🇨🇾💔
    As a proud Maltese/Australian I’m personally offended America!!

  25. You know what, that's pretty good result. I'm from central Europe and I have problems identifying northern countries. I have to say that NSFW is pretty darn good mnemonics. But don't ask me for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
    I know if I was given blind map of USA, I'd be on spot in like 20% of states.

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