Americans Try To Label The British Isles

– Oh. (laughs) – I should have known this was coming. (whoosh-screech music) – Oh no! – I’ve been there. I want
to live there one day. The food’s pretty good. I don’t know, I feel pretty confident
about my knowledge of the UK. – I don’t know a damn thing, except that’s where my home girls, the
Spice Girls, are from. – That’s Great Britain. – Is this right-side-up? – [Right] Okay… – [Left] One, two. – [Right] I’m just going to
go one line there. This is… – [Left] Ireland. – [Right] This up here is Scotland. (ding) – [Left] Ireland. (buzzer) – I know that Sporty
Spice is from up North, because they’re always
yelling Northerners. – And this is like, something here. (buzzer) – I think this is like Northern Ireland. (buzzer) – And this is Ireland. (ding) And this is something else. – Wouldn’t Ireland be
connected to each other? (ding) – Yeah, Ireland’s right here. (ding) – I’m going to draw my line right here. – I’m drawing it right
here. This is Scotland. (ding) Is there two T’s in Scotland? – So, what is this? This is Ireland. (ding) – Isn’t this England? (buzzer) – No, I don’t know, maybe. – Which one is the Scottish flag? – Right there, that’s Scotland. (ding) – Okay, great. – Okay. – The Welsh flag is really cool. (ding) – It’s awesome. – This ones Wales. – Shoot, I’m starting to
think up here’s Wales. (buzzer) – No, no, I know, dude, Ireland
and Scotland are up here. (buzzer) – Here, I’m going to
say Wales is right here. This is where all the whales hang out at. (ding) We’ll do this. – Is Northern Ireland another country? (ding) Or is it just a part of Ireland? – And this one, wait, did we
decide on which one’s the flag? – Yeah, this one. – Cool. (buzzer) (buzzer) – Man, I’m cooking. – I’m so sure England is on this side. (buzzer) – I am too, but I messed up. – Wales. (buzzer) England. (ding) Scotland. (ding) Northern Ireland. (buzzer) Ireland. (ding) – How wrong are we? (buzzer) – I’m not 110% sure where the exact border of England and Scotland are, but I know it’s in this skinny part.
So, let’s pretend it’s here. (ding) So, England’s down here. (ding) Ireland’s here. (ding) But then you have Northern
Ireland is this little thing. (ding) And you’ve got Scotland up here. (ding) And then Wales is right here. (several dings) – You are killing it. (makes explosion sound) Literally the smartest one.
I’m the dumbest one over here. (she laughs) I have like a **** load of
friends that live in London, and I’m for sure they’re going to be like this a**hole, you’re a fraud.
You don’t really love us. You don’t even know. (whoosh-screech music)

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29 thoughts on “Americans Try To Label The British Isles

  1. I bet they don't even know which continent is which in America 😂 do Americans even go abroad or do they just go to the state next door they don't seem to know much about other countries

  2. Omg painful to watch!! I’m 14 and I could do the majority of the 50 states! Come on guys learn ur stuff there’s only 5 to know

  3. Ireland is not part of the United Kingdom. Only Northern Ireland. So only Northern Irealnd should be on that map not the whole country sis.

  4. I thought Northern Ireland was on the same Island as Ireland but Ive lived in England my whole life so I no every thing about the British isles

  5. Is Northern Ireland a country?

    Or is it just a part of Ireland?

    Oh boy you guys have no idea what controversy those words could cause

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