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18 thoughts on “An Intro to KiCad – Part 2: Create a Schematic Symbol | DigiKey

  1. Brand new and already outdated. KiCad 5 will be released soon, maybe worth considering for your tutorials?

  2. I also love how you visually show the keyboard commands. Tried to learn from other YouTube tutorials, and has been confusing for me. I'm able to follow a lot easier here. Thank you thank you!

  3. I totally disagree about the ERC being more trouble than it's worth. It only takes a few seconds to identify the pins correctly, include the correct power flags, etc. Imagine going to the trouble of making a board that had a fault, only to realize later that ERC would have picked it up. Best to start good habits early.

  4. You should be aware that the KiCad 5.0.0 windows version of this symbol editor is different. Anyone following this needs to Create a new Library and then right click the new Library in the left pane and select add new symbol. If you try to create the symbol without the library created it will force you to pick a library that is already available.

  5. Something that wasn't obvious to me as drawing a polygon such as a box changes from program to program. You click once to start the box and then move the cursor. It's not "click and hold". This isn't immediately obvious in KiCad because clicking and holding still draws a selection box, so it seems like it's working until it doesn't keep the box you drew.

  6. this was very usefull! except that some things have changed in KiCad 5.0.0
    But other than that this helped me out a lot!

  7. I am using Ver (5.1.0)-1 and it is difference from what shown in the video. It is difficult for new comer like me.

  8. Hi,

    İ have a problem with footprint i am trying to fix the footprint on the pcb but they are in different places. İ dont know how that i should to fit the footprint into pcb. İ would be very gratefull when u could help me. Thank you very much.

  9. Hi, I am running KiCAD on mac and can't find the "Run Library Editor" option. Can someone please help me out here. Tx a lot 🙂

  10. A really good video; I've been designing with kicad but today is the first time I've needed to design a symbol. Wanted a quick intro which doesn't treat me like a idiot. This was bloody perfect. Thanks.
    Nice Bow Tie.

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