Anthony Davis Unibrow Trademarked

everybody here i do sports locked out
here in culver city california rick strong glad to be with you and the
mediators let’s talk about and be twenty twelve n_b_a_ draft is just two days
away he will be the number one pick you will be playing in new orleans for a longtime at least we would think um… apparently today he has decided to
trademark his univer yes yes trademarked is univer
now you can’t criticize him for the move personally i think that it is a very
smart move in a savvy move by the nineteen-year-old what he has
trademarked is raise the brow and fear the brow and he has been quoted as
saying i don’t want anyone to try to grow a universe is a me and then try to
make money off of it me in my family decided to trade market
because it’s very unique this will include jersey sales tee shirt
sales in fans have even supported your brown
merchandise and according to c_n_b_c_’s they’re available we’d will
be making and other moved to d_s_p_ end said that due to n_c_a_a_ rules which
would compromises eligibility he could not trademarked the univer mountain
jason chalet for kentucky’s associate a_d_ for marketing said we sent half a dozen season
deceased letters but towards the end of the season people
were getting really creative now you might be asking yourself how creative while fans have a creative
mind they like putting stuff on posters maybe even have their own univer al
sports pickle dot com put up these ten pictures undi best be
the best ten tributes to anthony davis is univer the first is the end jail like
poster with heat davis’s univer did spans his entire wingspan the second are
ubuntu cookies not that the third was the wildcat mascot sporting univer of
ashley judd anthony davis birthday cake fifth brow
down posters at a u_k_ game which are obviously
trademark now the state so what can brown do for you
having fun with u_p_s_ is slow seven o’clock the cards dot the problem i like that when that solid an alumnae i am not to be spent on this
but i have to enjoy it bobby knight’s pouring into berlin tenth just a representative al nipples representing the eyes go to work there sir also anthony davis has been quoted as
saying that he will not shave he’s universal razor companies like scheck
and select you could count them out however his first endorsement deal was
signed with sprint so i’m sure many of you guys will see those commercials
during the twenty twelve n_b_a_ draft which again is two days away on thursday also can you really blame him for trade
marking all this stuff i mean it’s a clear moneymaker the kids only nineteen
years old he’s going to be on the olympic team it appears he’s obviously going to be the number
one pick it’s a money maker i completely agree with about a leaf boards dot com
also outlines many athletes like are g_-three terrill owns jared allen uh…
and also jeremy linda relentlessly trademark lynn sanity portrayed marking
many quotes and sayings also you could say that this is a big
similarity anthony davis is your brow uh… dave’s harding with his beard
joking nobody’s ponytail anne-maree stockmeyer with his glasses
so let me know your thoughts on all this here’s one of them right there discussing uh… and danny davis’s
univer alf be let me know your thoughts on all this what do you think it was a
savvy move or do just think that the univer needs to be shade whatever it is for those at the event face book page description below
comments comments section below and also please do with the very best we are so
close that thirty thousand subscribers help us out subscribe if you like to

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36 thoughts on “Anthony Davis Unibrow Trademarked

  1. i had a unibrow and got bashed for it when i was young, along comes a basketball player and its fine now.??? its amazing how society works. smh

  2. I always want to shave his uni-brow or just punch him in the chest for being so damn ugly (his chest is as high as I could hit).

  3. i have a unibrow, i'm pretty proud of this kid. believe it or not there is a ton of pressure on us to not naturally grow it. ppl can be cruel. props for giving us a smile, and for a little while not be looked down upon.

  4. You kidding me? Shave that thing off. He could probably make more money from Gillette than he will off of "fear the brow."Not to mention any girl he's with is going to constantly try to pluck the brow when he's sleeping. Disaster.

  5. Anyone who think this trademark is a great idea, is a complete FUCKING MORON! How the fuck are you supposed to patent a goddamn physical characteristic of the human body? I've got lots of hair in my balls. Guess what I'm going to patent that. Hell I got long fingers and a birth mark on it. I'm gonna patent that shit too..You see how fucking dumb that shit is? How the fuck is this idiot youtuber is gonna say that it's a good idea. What this player should trademark is his fucking crooked teeth.

  6. I think that LeBron James should trademark his hairline, lets face it that hairline is way more unique than Anthony Davis unibrow…..

  7. everyone is so gimmicky nowadayas and ppl eat that up! seriously when did it become marketable to be ugly ON PURPOSE!

  8. Really America? Really? Are you actually serious? How is it possible to even make money off of a unibrow, traditionaly, girls stayed away from that shit.

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