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One day, all of the mothers went together to meet Miss Dorothy, their children’s teacher. Miss Dorothy, Cussly doesn’t like eating fruits and vegetables. He always fusses when I serve them. ChuChu and ChaCha are the same way. And Chika and Chiku too. Oh dear! Fruits and vegetables are very important. The children need them to grow. I have an idea. Let’s try something that will help the children learn to like fruits and vegetables. Miss Dorothy made an announcement in the classroom that day. Children, everyone needs to bring some fruits or vegetables with you tomorrow. The children listened to Miss Dorothy, and they all brought fruits and vegetables to school the next day. I brought an apple, Miss Dorothy. That’s great, ChuChu. Now let’s have some fun with your apple. Miss Dorothy then carefully carved the apple and turned it into a beautiful swan. The children got very excited. This apple is now swan! Hooray! Chika had brought a mango. He gave it to Miss Dorothy. Miss Dorothy, turned Chika’s mango into a beautiful goldfish. Hooray! Cussly brought some fruits too. I have bananas, kiwis and grapes. Miss Dorothy took Cussly’s fruits. And she turned them into a beautiful tree. Oh look! This tree has a banana trunk, kiwi leaves and grapes as its fruit. Yay! Chiku brought a zucchini. She gave it to Miss Dorothy. Here’s my zucchini. Miss Dorothy, turned Chiku’s zucchini into a friendly caterpillar. Yay! ChaCha brought an orange. He gave it to Miss Dorothy. Here’s my orange. Miss Dorothy, turned ChaCha’s orange into a snail! Hooray! Then Miss Dorothy, invited all the kids to eat the fruits and vegetables. Children, we had a lot of fun with your fruits and vegetables. Now you must eat them and have even more fun. The children ate the fruits and vegetables, which made them feel very lively. Mmm mmm! Yummy! Delicious! Miss Dorothy, then told the children more about fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are very good for you. They are full of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that make you strong & healthy. So you must eat them every day. That evening all the children surprised their mothers. Mom, can I have some fruits and vegetables? Me too! All the mothers were very happy. Miss Dorothy’s idea had worked. And all the children now enjoyed eating fruits and vegetables.

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