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100 thoughts on “Aquaria Rising: Portrait of a Queen | Logo TV

  1. Loved the video because I'm truly a stan. But I don't like the fact that WOW and Logo are doing only these fucking sad videos about Aquaria. I mean, obviously she was overworked and living in the eye of a hurricane at that time and her life was very stressful and she was not living a great moment because she wasn't being able to be creative the way she loves to so.. why focus on that? Yes, it's nice to have a little bit of and intimate perspective and the BTS stuff and I understand that showing the hard times is necessary sometimes, but I also think we would love SO much more to see some videos/documentaries of her being happy and enjoying her work?? Just an idea, because you haven't shown us this part of her life yet and as a true stan (lol) I know it for a fact that she is so damn happy and goofy and dorky and has a lot of fun on tour and working. So yep WOW and Loog do that challenge.

  2. 6:59 That face change happened so quick I didn't even have time to blink lmfao. But me too Aquaria. Me too ! Lmfao

  3. eureka only crying bc this means it isnt her… also damn this is some deep shit. the dark side of show business. mama is tired.

  4. I love Aquaria I always have I feel like us aquarians understand eachother well, but a lot of the shit she says confuses me lmfao.

  5. A lot of people have different opinions about Aquaria, but one thing for sure is this: SHE HAS INCREDIBLE WORK ETHIC.

  6. I love her and I’m so glad I got the opportunity to tell her that in person. I know she’s not really liked too much but I see myself in her and I hope she continues to open herself up to growth. She’s truly a talent.

  7. Love love love me some Aquaria. You don't have to try and be a star honey you were just born with it .It radiates from you . Sending you tons tons of love and happy thoughts 😀

  8. Don’t worry about failure we all fail it’s okay worry about investing in your future buy a house or condo whatever now because when you get older it’s going to be expensive and things will be harder love you

  9. I loved certain things, the “I want to learn from you, not with you” line, and that Roberto Cavalli stunning yellow print.

    Something was off. Aquaria completely disassociates when told she is the Winner Of season 10. On camera, It’s psychologically narciscratic reaction, she withdraws into a vision, and was colder than Tyra Sanchez’s winning breakdown.

    Something about how Aquaria was on her phone during that scene on the dragcon carpet, and kept wearing that messy blue wig, and looked exhausted every time she wore the assless mortal combat dress, made me worried a little. And gave this video a hot sweaty steamprint of a conclusion, as soon as she spun off stage the audience only had eyes for Michelle

    Somebody help make sure Aquaria is getting the proper care she needs at her young age in the Industry!

  10. Hey squirrel friends, when one video ends, just open up another one. It's called binge viewing. Go ahead, I support you – 8:01 😊☺😊☺!!!!#ThatPART

  11. Omg when she started saying “there can be a hundred people…” I was already like OH MISS VANJIE DON’T GET ME STARTED

  12. Aquaria fashion sense never let me down
    Her runaways always bless and clear my vision
    She is GORGEOUS and such a young hard working human being
    she deserved it tbh 😔🙏🏻💗

  13. You learn A LOT MORE when you, yourself fail cuz there are emotions/feelings involved that helps oneself learn a lot/even more than learning from the failure of it happening to one person rather than yourself. So when you would rather learn from someone else’s failure rather than your own makes no sense cuz you LEARN A LOT MORE when you experience something yourself.

  14. I really liked her from the get go. I thought she seemed very old soul and humble for someone so young. She was quite educated in gay icons unlike some of her peers which impressed me too. I felt she was a bit misunderstood but then I also had that same vibe for Violet Chachki. She was not mean, she was just quite shy. They say that real entertainers are completely different when they're not performing. I believe that.

  15. We love you, Aquaria. You are a wise, hard-working, funny, sweet and gorgeous person. Proud to call you my Queen. Take care. 🙂

  16. During Aquarias season everyone was obsessed with her and now that she won people are always hating on her. This fandom is messed up.

  17. I love how she talks in memes and social media and reality TV references 😂 I’m not kidding when I started the video I was like “I bet she’ll say the 100 people in a room, Gaga quote” and she did 😭😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭☠️☠️☠️

  18. That clip when Eureks is hugging Aquaria! LOL! Eureka is like shake-crying "oh..oh.. OH GOD.. OH GOD".. She was not a cute loser, you can feel how devastated she was. Kameron handled it like a pro, Asia too. Asia looked amazing, like gracious Oscar nominee.

  19. Aquaria pushes me to be the best version of myself and we’re so close in age, she’s unstoppable she’s inspiring she’s sweet she’s kind and she’s so positive and those qualities not everyone showcases or has, so props to aquaria we love you queen pure amazing keep going ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. Shes a smart gurrrl. I didnt like her on S10 – but like her big sister Raja, shes gotten more likeable off the show.

  21. Do they only find out who won when they watch it back together in a group? I saw Trinity in a show and she mentioned how she didn’t know it was a tie until they watched it together in the bar (which was filmed)….I’m guessing they film all of their wins so it’s not leaked?

  22. I'm sorry but her crying was the cutest thing ever. 2:19
    Her lip is quivering and she looks like a little girl crying :')

  23. Aquaria is so YOUNG and she is INSPIRING. She is amazingly talented and hard-working and I am so proud of her. she is truly an icon and I'm always excited to see what she does next and I hope that Giovanni gets more rest <3

  24. The more I get to know Aquaria, the more I see how she is the perfect example of what an Aquarius is
    and btw I love her ❤️ continue carrying the legacy of the Royal Drag Family of Halloween

  25. I love that the only thing winners can say is that “it’s allowed me to travel all over the world to preform.”

    Minus Sasha and Bob
    Real queens for the people

  26. I love it, Aquaria was one of my favs since the start. She has matured & become such an amazing individual.

  27. She deserves a break today and not at McDonald's…I hope she is making good investments with all that coin she is making.

  28. He's so young. his entire life will just be work. I feel for her a lot even though I dont like her that much.

  29. idk why people don't like her. Aquaria is fierce,smart,kind and sooo hard working. she deserves all the goodness that is in her life. i wish she knew how much she was appreciated

  30. Anytime a winner begins their ‘gracious’ speech with “its allowed me to travel all over the world” I automatically check out.

    This is why we need a Latrice or Nina to win. Someone that actually cares about LGBTQ rights and wants to be an active member in activism. Not saying that there’s anything wrong with just wanting the money and dropping lame albums but come on.

    And yes I’m aware we got other great queens who spoke for the community like Bebe, Raja, Bob, etc

  31. There's an underlying sadness to this everytime I watch it. All she talks about is being tired and working so much. 8 days off in 8 months? That's crazy! I think we all need to realize fame comes with alot of prices. I feel like she's questioning if it's worth it. I dunno, anyone agree or disagree with my take?

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