Are Food Labels a Scam?

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6 thoughts on “Are Food Labels a Scam?

  1. No Animal By Products means that is not in whatever you're purchasing, i.e. your food. They save that disgusting crap to make low end dog and cat food with.

  2. I find it so laughable that people actually still go around saying they eat organic as much as possible. Okay, look up the rules and then you will see just how stupid you sound. These same people buy bottled water with no clue how long the water in the plastic has set in a hot factory leaching the toxins into your fake bottled water . I camp and there is no where in the USA that you would ever drink water without filtering it. Do i eat organic? NO. Do I use bottled water? NO. I use my SMART PHONE to seek out information rather than sound stupid by stating that you eat organic and can’t drink water if it isn’t from a bottle. Yet your so called organic meat has been drinking tap water. And the potatoes you eat how do you think they grow ? With bottled water or tap? And that watermelon you love is that bottled water inside? Wake up people because the marketing people have you hooked and the profits keeps rolling in because of your ignorance.

  3. An excellent video but what if it fails to cover is the new nutritional value label a paradigm changing way for consumers to confidently purchase higher nutritional value foods. Come check out #Grow the farm up' to learn all about it

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