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100 thoughts on “Are You An Efficient Logo Designer? LOGO DESIGN TEST

  1. So I'm no professional logo designer but here are my results:
    0+20+15+0+20(I think in Tri Hex the colors had meaning with the brand but ok)+0+15=70

  2. This guy acts like there's an absolute correct version of every logo and he knows it. Like there's a factual, objective answer to all of his ideas of problems and you're skilled if you share the same opinions as him.

  3. Regardless of score. Looking on ways to improve your design and critique are essential to becoming better at the craft. Love the concept. Keep up the work.

  4. although I did not find any mistakes in the whole exercise, I just want to thank you for your video, because I started using PowerPoint for a few days, and when we know we have 3 days to make a decision, colors that I will use in my presentation, you will agree with me to say that it does not matter if I fail your test

  5. Nil. But it's encouraging to know that it might be lack of knowledge rather than talent that makes me a bad Logo designer

  6. danm I was bad.. Do you suggest any book or so on ? That`s a lot in internet but no everything is good, hard to sail in this ocean of information

  7. Hi! I'm a beginner in logo-making and graphic design in general, and I really love your videos. 😁 I just wanted to ask where can I learn the basics/essentials/fundamentals/principles needed not only in making logos, but also for graphic design in general? Thank you! +1 Subscriber. 😊

  8. Me: Oh that looks cool. Nothing wrong here because everybodys taste is diffrent.
    He: actually explains everything that is wrong
    Me: oh yeah sure

  9. In the first one, I was like "maybe change the WHOLE logo so you won't get sued by Beats by Dr. Dre!", but no, that wasn't the correct answer. Too bad

  10. It would be a much better format if you had three improvements for each logo (guess you need to find worse logos) and gave points according to their importance.

  11. I have achieved 25 points, thanks for the test. This test teach me more about a logo design. I will keep in mind all these thing on my next logo design project.

    By the way, you can also watch my videos. Channel link:

  12. ok all of these, im not sure if youve designed them but the scaling on all of them was wrong. like the first one, it was clear that the words energy saver were far too small and faint to be effective on a logo plus the words Power should be bolder to match the strong icon above. yet all you picked out was the type was too clear to the icon. and how small does the type want to be on the 2nd logo compared to the icon? lol

  13. man I have found this video and exercise extremely helpful. Being self taught in design with as many resources online as I can find, I still have an untrained eye, and this video really was eye opening, thought provoking, and challenging. I would loooooove more of these, to train me to be a better designer. Much love.

  14. I politely don't agree with your point on the logo 'TIR HEX" because many logos that have many colorsare tasteful and are well known e.g google, instagram, Nbc,ebay,microsoft and toys 'r' us. I believe there is a great way to use at least three of four colours in your logo and still make it tasteful So didnt get points for that one but am not worried,i like colour. Great video though

  15. Ok I need to know, what resources especially books that educates about professional logo design principles?

  16. There is no hard n fast rule for logo.. if it works for the business its good. And its about trends of the era also… 15 years ago logos were not same. So you need to follow the trends.

  17. This was a really cool idea can you do another similar! It really helped me see more details in each logo design! Thank you!

  18. I watched your other contents and it was really good but for this one I think its somewhat informative but subjective at the same time. Maybe you should probably discuss the basic rules of a logo and how breaking them would make an impact either in a positive or negative way.

  19. got 110. i guess i choosed the right profession 😀 looking forward to see more videos like this =)

  20. I always wanted to understand how to make logos but i don't know where to start, these stuff will definitely guide me well

  21. 4:14 I would not agree with this One! I would probably remember the colorful version as it stands out more, moreover, TRI is represented by the three colors (trio)!
    so it's very subjective 🤔🤔🤔

  22. I also had an issue with the urban style logo where the “style” didn’t contrast with that gray enough. Kinda hurt my eyes to read

  23. 130p easy. But then again these where very straight forward and simple problems that can be spotted by anyone within graphic design as you usually have more time than 15 sec to observe and study the design problem. It was fun though, kind of like solving the daily sudoku in the newspaper.

  24. all of these are about the text not the logo. which is the important thing. the text doesnt matter cuz you can easily change it and cuz its just…text. the logo is the hardest and the most important. so next time focus on the logo not text

  25. 1:39 scalability, heh? Yeah… What about roportion of typeface to mark or that you hardly read the tagline in any of the examples? I feel cheated, because the logos had far greater problems than for example "corning" (4:52)

  26. superb Bro !
    Keep the Good work Going !! It means a lot to Budding Graphic Designers like Me !! Thanks Bro !!

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