Ask POSGuys: How to calibrate a Zebra label printer (GK420, GX240, GC420)

Hi, Travis from Today we’re going
to go over how to calibrate your Zebra G-Series Desktop printers. So this applies to the GX420,
GK420, GC420. There’s several models that are in their desktop line that this applies
to. Basically the ones that don’t have an LCD screen and are the dark grey color. The
lighter color white ones, the older ones, LP2824, LP2844, they have a slightly different
process. So by default this is the one button on here that you use to calibrate. If it shoots
out multiple labels, it skips labels, or it’s aligned in the middle of the label, then you’ll
need to run a calibration. To do that, you’re going to hold down this button. It’s going to flash
once, then it’s going to flash a double flash, and then it’s going to flash a triple flash
and then a quadruple flash. What you’re looking for is the double flash. So you hold this
down, you get a single flash, then it’s going to be a double flash. That’s when you let
go. After you let go, the printer is going to spit off one label, maybe two labels, and
it’s going to be calibrated after that. Whenever you hit the button you should get one label
spit out of it. Right here I have black mark labels being used. If you’re going to switch
to a different label, like a shipping label with a gap instead of a black mark, you drop
in your label and you hit the button. So that might happen, where it’s not cleanly feeding
out labels, you just go through the process one more time, hold down the button, it flashes
once, then you’ll get a double flash. After the double flash, you release and it’s ready
to go. You’ve switched from black mark labels to gap sensitive labels. So this applies to
the calibration to the GX420, GC420 or GK420. For more information on those printers, or
to purchase, please visit us at Thanks!

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