ASTRAL CHAIN Full Site is HYPE, Fire Emblem Three Houses Dominates the eShop Sales & MORE!

What’s up everyone
OJ here welcome back to another video today we’ve got some great topics for
you guys so let’s go ahead and get right into it and we’re starting off with
Nintendo officially stating that they don’t have some type of transfer program
or exchange program for Nintendo switch systems so recently there was an article
that came out from a user that claimed that he called Nintendo because he
bought a Nintendo switch after July 17th and Nintendo support exchanged his older
switch for one of the new better battery switches now there was reports saying
that anybody who bought the Nintendo switch after July 17th was able to
exchange this for Nintendo all they have to do is give them a call and it’s going
to be set up and done well that is not the case this is not an official thing
like for example the joy Const where you can send those in and it’s no problem in
Tendo was going to be fixing them this is not that according to Nintendo
because the verge actually reached out to Nintendo to see what was going on
with this official exchange program if there is anything like that and Nintendo
is denying their is so here’s what Nintendo had to say on matter
quote we do not have a Nintendo switch exchange program we always want players
to enjoy their Nintendo switch system and if anything ever gets in the way of
that we encourage them to visit support Nintendo calm for support or to contact
our consumer support team not if you live in Europe or other parts of the
world outside the United States this was never even a thing for anybody
else so that’s why some people did doubt the legitimacy of this cuz they’re like
wait a minute Nintendo has announced anything that seems like a pretty big
deal cuz right like the new Nintendo switch is coming out there’s a lot
people popping it into a switch and like the previous months and if you bought it
after July 17th all of a sudden they’re gonna say hey you can get just one of
these new Nintendo switch systems that might be something that you want to talk
about a little bit more so that’s the reason why some were skeptical about it
and I know I talked about it on one of my PE live streams but it did seem to
you like something was a little bit off when it comes to it but you might still
be able to get it switched out so all you have to do is call the support team
and see what’s going on there but it’s not gonna be like the Nintendo switch
joique on store Nintendo’s pretty much is going to be taken in any toy cons
that drift and its no questions asked it’s not gonna be anything like that so
we’ll see what happens going for in the future but as of right now there is no
official intended switch exchange program so what do you guys think about
this news here and if any of you guys actually called Nintendo and gotten your
switches exchanged I’d love to hear what you guys his thoughts are in the comment
section below alright now moving into the next topic
here it does seem like a game by the name of superhot is going to be coming
to the Nintendo switch so here’s some more information on super ah guys
because I have no idea what this game is and what’s going on with this topic so
super ahh appears to be making its like the Nintendo switch update data has been
found on Nintendo’s servers despite the fact that it’s not actually out yet
specifically version 1.0.1 and a twitter user did share the information that you
guys are going to see here so if super ahh wasn’t coming to Nintendo switch why
is this data on the Nintendo switch servers so here’s an overview of the
games just so you can kind of know what superhot is I thought it was a VR game
for the most part but anyway let’s check it out blurring the lines between
cautious strategy and unbridled mayhem super OTT is the first-person shooter in
which time moves only when you move no regenerating health bars no conveniently
placed ammo drops it’s just you outnumbered and outgunned grabbing
weapons off fallen enemies to shoot slice and maneuver through a hurricane
of slow-motion bullets with its unique stylized graphics super ahh finally adds
something new and disruptive to the first-person shooter genre super hot spa
lished minimalist visual language helps you focus on what’s most important the
fluidity of gameplay and cinematic beauty of lights down here are the
features of super hots you have an endless mode how long can you last
against unyielding waves of enemies you have a challenge modes where you can
take on super ha with your bare hands no restarts time runs and more kind of like
a rogue mode you have a replay editor edit and upload your best runs for all
to see on the super hop video and you also have extras as well you can delve
further into super not with mini games a sc2 art and more so there you go guys
you have this game called super hawks and it seems like it’s going to be a
pretty cool game i’ve never played the game myself i think i’ve seen somebody
play it but like i said i thought it was like a AVR style of game and all that i
think it does that and like all the characters are
like orange or whatever and you just kind of have to play through them and
fight and bullet time you know it’s just kind of crazy it does seem like it could
be a good game like I said I’ve never played it before and it does seem kind
of cool but what are you guys’s thoughts on super are potentially coming over to
Nintendo’s switch it doesn’t seem like it needs to be in beyond I’m pretty sure
you can play it not in that so what are you guys it stops on super ah I’d love
to hear what you have to say in the comment section below all right now
moving on to the next topic here we have the full website for astral chain here
in North America that is up and ready to go and my boys and girls it is looking
very very good I love the unique colors and designs and
I think that through the years especially with the Nintendo switch
Nintendo has done a fantastic job at designing the full websites for each of
these games Fire Emblem three houses was absolutely phenomenal Super Mario maker
was great just the themes the colors the look of it is awesome tons of great
information to where you can kind of explore understand what the art is which
is city you have the legions the different styles of legions there’s all
sorts of cool stuff that you can see you can watch videos as well you can fight
alongside and kind of show off the different types of battle mechanics that
you can do in the game of course they have places to where you can purchase
the game and they also have some really cool wallpapers too I’m actually going
to download this first wallpaper here where it shows off the default main
characters and everything and there’s desktop tablet mobile and Facebook
covers so that’s awesome as well I love when they do the little wallpapers not
too many of them right now but hey it’s better than zero wallpapers I remember
like when Xenoblade Chronicles X came out there was so much cool stuff on
there so I’m really happy that Nintendo is doing a great job with these full
sites and showing off exactly what Astro chain is all about and the legions and
the gameplay because this game is going to do a lot better than what people
think usually people see platinum games and they say oh well Platinum Games
titles don’t do as well but I think that this is a different beast with the
Nintendo switch we saw how well Fire Emblem 3 houses is doing we’re seeing
how well a lot of different titles are doing on this switch and this has a nice
clear release window before some of the bigger games come out when it comes to
like Damon ex machina Legend of Zelda link between worlds and
Dragon Quest 11s definitive edition for next month so I’m actually really
excited about this game and look out guys
I will be doing a new video on astral chain pretty soon here should be this
week so I think you guys are gonna like that
and make sure you guys check out the astral chain in tendo minute they showed
up a brand new mission in there and the game is obviously looking stunning and I
talked about how great it is I’ve reacted to some other new videos that
we’ve seen this past week man so I’m looking forward to I’m looking forward
to playing astral chain and it’s coming out August 30th so less than 2 weeks not
this upcoming Friday but the following Friday we will be playing astral chain
on the Nintendo switch so what do you guys think about this whole website here
what do you guys think about the Kombat a national chain and what they’re doing
I’d love to hear you guys have thoughts in the comment section below alright and
moving on to the final topic here last but definitely not least once again the
game for me that is leading the game of the year discussions and that is Fire
Emblem three houses is once again at the top of the Nintendo switch a shop charts
and just for tracking here guys it’s pretty much been three weeks
even before Fire Emblem three houses launched it was number one on the eShop
charts almost in every single region Japan and also here in America and still
to this point it still is number one on the eShop chart this is easily going to
be the best-selling Fire Emblem game of all time and I love to see that Fire
Emblem is doing so well considering where this franchise was and I know it
something that people have talked about so many times but as a huge Fire Emblem
fan I’m really happy to see the franchise doing well because it almost
slipped away from us we almost weren’t going to get more Fire Emblem and now we
are this pretty much secures its future it secures its place as a top Nintendo
franchise and it secures that they’re going to take even more time and more
effort into the next Fire Emblem game now people have been asking like okay
well what are they going to do next when it comes down to firing them or they’re
gonna make like an old-school game like echoes are they gonna make a new one I
think they’re probably gonna make a new one just kind of build off the momentum
from having a new Fire Emblem game but you never know I do also want to point
out that Dragon Ball fighters is on sales so that’s the reason why it’s
doing really well have some DLC come in to some new characters and all that so
I’ll check out that and just the top 10 or top 20 is pretty much how it always
is same usual suspects when it comes down to it they actually have the top 30
on but yeah Dragon Quest abilities on in
Super Mario Odyssey Super Smash Brothers stardew valley minecraft
cuphead Super Mario maker – all that stuff I have no idea quest for the
golden duck have no idea what that is but the duck is golden you gotta go get
that golden duck and also doom on there at number 5 as well probably a sale on
that one too so what do you guys think about all this news when it comes to
intend dosing if there is no exchange program super hot probably coming over
to the Tendo switch the full website for astral chain and also the Nintendo
switch shop charts where Fire Emblem 3 houses pretty much reigns on top a whole
month in terms of days more than three weeks it’s been the number one game on
the eShop charts so what do you guys think of all this let me know your
thoughts in the comment section below alright guys that wraps it up for this
video here gonna show up the links in description below we got Facebook and
Twitter go and give us a like and up on our social media hit that like button if
you did like this video let’s you know you guys want more constantly disscourn
for in the future and subscribe the players’s for this RPG japanese and
nintendo gaming news thank you guys so much for watching and we’ll catch you
guys for the next one pace

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25 thoughts on “ASTRAL CHAIN Full Site is HYPE, Fire Emblem Three Houses Dominates the eShop Sales & MORE!

  1. The full site of Astral Chain is a certified blockbuster. I love everything that Nintendo puts in this promising AAA title.

  2. I was hyped for Astral chain since I 1st saw it and knew the amazing team at platinum games is working on it. A great studio for action games Imo.

  3. IT could have been true in his case but he wasnt supposed to tell. Years ago a friend had a WiiU pad that wasn't working and I ordered one from Nintendo, they told me they don't do this and not to tell anyone but maybe they just said that to everyone who called in and tried to buy just a replacement pad.

  4. Hate to be a grammar Nazi but you pronounced it unbriddled when it is unbridled like the bridle that a horse wears, it means to take off all restraints like a bridled horse is sort of under control and tamed and unbridled is wearing no bridle and allowed to roam and be free.

  5. Good video PE Ninja Master. Looks like Nintendo is just replacing old with new. Super Hot is a super cool game and really nice get for the Switch, you can play this game with or without VR maybe this will get the Labo VR treatment down the also could Super Hot be one of those Hot Shadow Drops happening during the Indie World Direct. The Astral Chain Website is very neat. FE 3 Houses is phenomenal, I think I will manage too finish the Blue Lions Story before Astral Chain drops.

  6. Superhot I believe was a console game before it was a vr game. I don't remember what console (or maybe it was on pc first) but I know the vr version came later. While I haven't played it, my friends who have said it was alot of fun.

  7. I would love to see IS expands on the social system. Maybe next time we play as a lord in charge of a city where we can customize the city and decide which facilities we want. I think that would be fun.

    Anyway, congratz on FE3H doing so well around the globe!

  8. What I really want for the next FE, is to get rid of the "hub town". It's the one thing about the game I don't really like. I prefer to have my army moving all around the world, and being able explore MANY towns along the way.

  9. Iā€™m trying really hard to complete fe3h before Astral Chain releases but it seems like my luck is dissipating…MORE FOR MY BACKLOG YAY

  10. Superhot was never a VR game to start with. They then made a vew version for VR, not a port of this, but new from ground up for VR. Similar gameplay thugh but diff games. And its wicked with this versionand VR version. I have it in oculus VR

  11. Super Hot is boss a bit old, but a goodie to add to the full Nintendo Digital Catalog. @PlayerEssesnce if they add VR that'd be amazing.

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