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23 thoughts on “AT&T Logo – Saul Bass | Logo design & Designer review

  1. Hi, mate! I'm a Portuguese Communication Designer. That being said, I must really congratulate you on this videos. I'm not sure where have I found you, if here on Youtube, or if on Facebook or LinkedIn, but I must really, really congratulate you on the quality your videos have. This series are timeless. You're making them in 2017, they'll still be good in a hundred years. I'm sure of that, if there still is Youtube by then. I'm not sure why are you doing this, I must assume that either you have a «grand plan» behind it, or in the worst case you're unemployed and using your free time to create content you can show and add to your CV, but I must stress that all of this is very good. Thank you. I'll keep following you!

  2. Saul Bass is a hero of mine. Probably known more for his film graphics, few people realise his contributions to marketing and advertising.

  3. Would love to see a video about graphic-design in the past (1950 – 1990) when they haven't got Photoshop, Illustrator and so on …

  4. I met a guy once that swore the AT&T blue was his creation for the brand (literally created it mixing paint) and he never got credit for it. He was bitter enough that I believed him.

  5. 0:26 – The original globe wasn't used until 2015, it was used until 2005 (albeit a slightly different version was introduced in 1998) when Interbrand introduced the marble version of the globe used until 2015 when the current version was introduced.

  6. Thank you for the videos. You are a superb teacher and the videos are for sure the best online tutorials out there.

  7. Saul Bass created some outstanding logos that are timeless, it's a pity that some of his log designs have been changed for the worse.

  8. I don't understand why such great and informative video has only around 5K views, while some "tutorials", where a person just clicking on the screen without any explanation, make over 10K.
    I shared this video through all of my social media. Great job, man!

  9. There WAS another version of the AT&T logo that you say was from 1983, one done with the words "American Bell" in 1982.

    That's the FIRST we saw of the New AT&T logo. T'was in print magazines and newspapers like USA Today, New York Times.

  10. Awesome video! Though it was more expository than instructional, I learnt loads regardless. Keep up the great work.

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