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86 thoughts on “Auto Digitize any image in to embroidery file-embroidery digitizing

  1. Thank you man I really appreciate this I just looked up this software and i'm getting it, and the video again is off the chain and thank you for sharing.

  2. I have a question I have a Babylock Alliance that I bought a few months ago, my question is my machine uses PES Files so that it can recognize whatever it's sewing can I still use this software for that ?

  3. thanks for the reply! where can i download it? i have the ES and i really have hard time digitizing my logo,

  4. I see youre using wilcom, how much is the software? I want to learn how to digitize myself, some people charge outrageous prices to digitize

  5. What software are you using and how do I get it. I see some say its wilcom? I really need this.Lucas

  6. I own a Brother PE-770 and im having trouble finding the right software for my machine. Ive tried many different software but havent had any luck. I was wondering if you could Skype me or email me so you could show me how to work this software.

  7. I bought a Bernina 765 model. I have their Bernina Embr DesignWorks V7 software that I am trying to learn. By following your Wilcom video here, will this also apply to their software since Wilcom built their modules or will their be another learning curve outside this video?

  8. Hi! May I ask what the software is it! It's incredible! This is first time I see how easy can be! I used most of my time spending on how to convert the best version I want to. Now I can see how easy you can make this happen! May I ask where can I get this? Thank you!

  9. Hey, I just purchased a Brothers x P1050x. I have had to outsource vectors for digitizing and it is becoming too costly. Can you assist me in how to acquire this software? I have PE Design 10, but I can only digitize manually (.PES). This Wilcom looks like heaven, lol

  10. How much does this type of software go for generally? I make a lot of designs for my gaming community for a particular game, and would love to use something like this to make the vector patch designs look like 3d embroidered patches, but most things that do generate that 3d preview image that you can export (as like a .png, etc) costs several thousand dollars and only professionals tend to access such things.

  11. Hi I am looking to start an embroidery business, I want to create my own designs however every program is so expensive, how much does this program cost and can it be installed into a mac?

  12. sherry's i do have brothers pr670e can i use this program to digitize images using coral drawx7 , and is it ok to contact you by what sup to get this program from you or how i can get this program from

  13. hello.. thanks for such an informative demo.. i am from bangladesh and like to have this software.. we have a 6 head large bed machine (660mm head to head with 140mm overlap and double head function and 1170mm bed width).. can do very exclusive works but quality punching is a real challenge here ! would appreciate your help in this respect.. thanks 🙂

  14. Hello, I'm thinking of purchasing a Brother PE-770 to start a small business for sorority and fraternity embroidery to pay for school. I came across your video and was wondering if you can recommend a machine as well as possibly helping me in understanding the software and how to make my own designs. I'm not sure the cost or how this works and was wondering if you can possibly dumb it down for me a bit.

  15. I run a little embroidery shop down in Jacksonville ( and I just wanna let you know I appreciate you pointing out that you don't personally use auto-digitizing. That one tool has cheapened this industry at an unbelievable pace.

  16. I’m looking to get an embroidery machine. I understand that they all come with presets. As long as I get one that allows computer uploads will creating any design like you have still be possible? If not, what do you recommend. I’m working on a budget.

  17. This is all great if you could afford the software to start in bed wit M.E. and Chronic Pain so im unable to work. Ive priced digitizing software and no way is it possible for me to afford it. I bought the brother nv 955 from money, £500 I got when my mum passed away, its got an ok set of fonts etc but there is notbing nicer than designing your own or tweaking something. Sorry but not everyone has money and it gets to me everything costs so much

  18. Nothing in your title mentioned needing a particular software. So, what's the software? I stopped the video at 0:24 because it started in the middle of the process instead of explaining what software it is. If the answer is further in, I didn't get that far.

  19. if you don’t mind me asking what version is this? And what’s the difference between Wilcox Embroidery Software E4 and this one.

  20. I’m sorry I have another question. What version do you use for this accomplishment? I want to do a logo for my sister and want to know if I buy the software I have the right one. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

  21. Nice explanation Sherry, You just need to add the name of the Software you used to digitize the embroidery Logo at the beginning of the video that and how to find it. So it could be clear for everyone.

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  24. I have this program and I have been a programming embroidery for move the 25 years now. Yes this will make a program like this but it is not a professional job at all. Might be ok for someone home that don't know what they are doing but I would never sell the programs that come out of the auto punch mode. I never even use this feather. The program is great but learn how to program the right way.

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