interesting thing the other day about I
don’t know who this yogi was you might be able to work out from there from the
anecdote Bertrand Russell the intellectual and
early CND campaign for nuclear disarmament pioneer was like fools the
enemies like I think I will committed to that whole CND deal and they were
visited by a yogi who said to him look you know what does it matter if we get
rid of nuclear weapons we are still the consciousness the creating nuclear
weapons they will find some other outlet what we need to address is the inner
space this intention this attention the desire to create that kind of technology
as long as we have that where we won’t we won’t resolve the issue the nuclear
weapon is a symbol an emblem an expression of that phenomena of that
frequency so we should address that and Bertrand Russell said below there’s a
really significant issue again your mystical bloody Vedic approach to it
let’s get rid of the weapons I think it’s possible to agree with both men in
that instance and like that all that you know people that criticize me people
that adore me they’re responding really to themselves they’re responding to
their own consciousness they’re responding to their own reality and so I
try to now I know what my intention is I know where my attention is and that is
what defines my life I try not to be to allow my experience of reality to be too
diluted by other people’s input I mean I love the approval and I’m not so keen on
the condemnation but like also I look a lot at the source I look a lot where it
comes from and like you know I don’t mind FoxNews hating me I’m okay with
that I’m okay with that oh you know that I can’t change who I am
for Fox News what would I become see the you know the enlightenment realized
state that we like everybody to be in and then we have this kind of mess this
quandary that we’re in right now so how do we make those little bridging
steps we make I think we attain it within ourselves initially and we
communicate these ideas on a personal level of spirituality I can get as
you’ve just heard I can be very verbose and loquacious on the topic but really
it just means be nice it ain’t hard just be nice you meet a homeless person be
nice you get into a cab be nice to the person don’t see yourself as adversarial
then the Revolution as always I was already occured people fear Armageddon
don’t make people fear the apocalypse don’t know but for some Armageddon has
already occurred the homeless people that walk our streets live already in a
post-apocalyptic world Armageddon will surely come for each of us around
personal Armageddon when each of us die isn’t it redundant whether everyone
simultaneously dies if each of us will individually die regardless Armageddon
is coming so whilst these cataclysmic principles apply although an individual
level people who think we might be able to extend the human lifespan through
biotechnology merging but what I’m saying is is that what we have to do is
individually reach our own personal alignment we have to do the principles
are all there you know this the principles are already there we achieve
detachment through meditation we no longer then then we are know once we
live once we can achieve enlightenment and as once we put our satisfaction
beyond that our individual needs we are no longer malleable by the pre-existing
system the system requires us to be a selfish little consumerist pods once we
go I’m not bothered about that it’s easy for me except being famous now I know
that’s boring I’ve been rich now I know that’s boring loads of people now I know
that’s boring took loads of drugs now no that’s boring so all that’s live is
spiritual enlightenment awareness is all we must be aware we
must be aware of reality remember we receive reality through a series of
filters the senses themselves are a filtration system
remember the limitations of the eyes are only able to see between ultraviolet
infrared light remember the limitations of the ears
only hearing a certain frequency remember the limitations of language
placing everything into a semantic syntactic symbolic formula remember that
reality is too much for us to act to stand when we say we take it piecemeal
in tiny chunks to experience some too true resonant reality we have to journey
within the only language that matters truly is love this Swami fellow that I
know in Mumbai told me of this llll that once visited him mother was pregnant she
was gonna have another daughter when the kid was born she was very very
paraplegic double disabled and little girl she would disappoint exten years
old who had certain expectations of what this sister would be like and when the
sister was born all paralysed as are my expectations has not been met I’m sad
and she was resentful for a while resentful with her parents resentful
with her sister is in full with God but in time she recognized that if he got
frustrated or angry with the little sister she didn’t understand if he spoke
to the sister angrily she didn’t understand it means nothing to her but
if you were loving to her if you made her laugh at her little face lit up you
know ultimately the only thing that we understand is love we don’t need any of
its permutations we’re gonna have cultures we’re gonna have really culture
is our operating system and we do need operating systems but we must remember
that our essence is love return to it within yourself and express it to all of
us would be fine we are at the summit of our evolution
with 38% identical to bananas DNA wise we’re 67% identical to earthworms DNA
wise 98% identical to chimpanzees DNA wise so we have what we share together
is infinitely greater than what separates us to be at the summit of our
evolutionary possibility we have to live beyond the dead model of our animal
selves of our urgent primal selves we have to be at the apex of evolution we
have to be in the moment we can’t live in the dead animal self of oh geez and
acquisitiveness basically these are the things we have
to transcend a moment a moment this is what I think is important to live in the
apex see like these old ideas about individualism we’ve got to transcend
them the distinctions between you and I we know that they are an illusion we
share the same DNA there are invisible energies that are true passing between
us the same way as this used to have Wi-Fi before some tipped water on it
these invisible energies have to be harnessed and accessed because it’s the
only truth that matters as long as we prioritize this material truth over
spiritual truth we will live in tyranny because we are living in an illusion there are certain principles they’ll
help align us all just be true to your ascent yourself don’t cover people over
and their pie that yeah it’d be annoying too I think it’s really important it’s
like you know like say when I was a kid it was all apartheid and all that sort
of stuff and I would pretend to be sort of angry about here and obviously I
agree with complete racial integration and racial equality but actually when I
was at home at night I won’t actually I think people who are blown apart article
obviously you know really like I say when I got ripped off like a bus driver
and give me my fare back or when there’s an ATM charge of 350 I’m prepared and
kill Oh an Apple change their charger to keep changing the charges for you know
that stuff really affects me and impacts me you know so what I think we have to
do is recognize we’re in our own lives we’ve been ripped off with a ripping us
off left them right you know like we’ve recognized where those things are I
recognize that those things are not necessary and when people tell you
they’re there is no alternative look at the people who are telling you that
there’s no alternative to this system that happens
to benefit me oh that’s convenient we’ve looked at all the alternatives and the
best one is me in a big castle thanks well we’ll stop thinking debate
over is that certain cultural narratives are promoted that are beneficial only to
elites these cultural narratives are not true we need to realign the cultural
narratives that we promote so if there are that really want the only reality
that is relevant is we have this planet there are this many people on the planet
there are these resources any system that is in conflict with the even
distribution of the resources to the people is a disingenuous and illusory
system all these things are just ideas America just an idea
England just an idea karati just an idea Wednesday just an idea the literature
around spirituality whether it’s the sort of elegant simplicity of lauter or
the charming voluptuousness of the vedas the passion of catholicism the potency
of islam everyone is saying we are all one we are all one don’t get confused
don’t get confused by your own conflict don’t get confused by the contradictions
in your own amateur anatomical and biological drives don’t get confused
breathe take a moment look inside yourself there’s something else there
there’s an awareness behind your fear there’s an awareness behind your desire
there’s an awareness and if you strengthen your association your
connection to that awareness it’s possible for you to chew where your life
has changed your life has changed in that awareness and I think it transmits
and it connects I think perhaps the parameters that through work that we
currently regard the world as defined by me in my little individual body with a
little individual voice and individual haircut and individual opinions and
views and beliefs and these words I’m saying is a temporary expression of a
much more potent thing and there were we to have different eyes different senses
we would see the vibrations King and bleeding and glowing out and
tangling amidst one another in some constant infinite fractal war of
interconnectivity God in spite of what we think we are literally connected
we’re literally made of the same things carbon-based life-forms breathe in the
air in harmony with the planet to someone right I read a beautiful thing
do you know that Raya Emmitt Fox I think he’s a Christian writer wrote a book
called Sermon on the Mount you know like I probably the thirties or always I
guess it was written and then it he said like wait the judge don’t judge people
like you’ve still got the sermon of the principles in Christ Sermon on the Mount
don’t judge people he said you know the judge not lest you be judged right it’s
only say well what I meant is is that when someone’s behavior is unappealing
to us when we think they’re obnoxious or unattractive they’re in them the the
Christ in them is calling out to you to be saved
calling out to you who are awake to be saved there’s no value in us judging
them of being negative and to see them not as manifestations of darkness or as
evil but confused and conflicted in that we’ve in them the Christ in them is
calling out calling out to be saved it’s said in this book we are all part of the
one living garment of God and there’s no value in judging other people you cannot
define yourself in reference to other external coordinates you must define
yourself internally with your relationship with a higher na think of
yourself as a manifestation of some higher thing some higher frequency this
is the visible realization then you know that because you can’t see atoms can you
and you certainly can’t see the forces that hold hands together they’re in the
micro quantum world Richard lie the answers to everything we can’t
understand it without a logical rational minds but we feel it intuitively get
yourself an alignment with that stuff and you beam like the Sun

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100 thoughts on “AWAKENED MAN – THIS SPEECH WILL CHANGE YOU – Russell Brand

  1. God.. our God, is the ultimate creator. Satan is the God of this system, he is the ruler of this world, the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one and thus responsible for it's downfall. Yeshua said he and his Kingdom is no part of this world thus he is not responsible for what is going wrong. Adam and Eve were warned by our true God not to eat of the fruit of the tree of Knowledge of good and evil and that if they did that they would surely die. Then Eve was suduced by the serpent and ate of the fruit and Adam listened to his wife and ate some too. Thus it is not Gods fault at all. We should be thankful we have been given free will. Free will has given us the opportunity to learn for ourselves why God sets laws and boundaries and why we should be obedient to them and listen to him. Do not put your trust in nobles nor in the son of earthling man of whom no salvation belongs, it does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his steps. He our true God loves us and wants to protect and provide for us so we can live for ever in a perfect system in heaven and on earth. Satan has had his chance to try and prove he has the right to rule but he has failed and we have failed to live independently from our creator as we can all clearly see. So now we all need to reconcile all things back to God. For God is Love. Satan is the slanderous opposer of the true God. He is a liar and the father of a lie. It's time to stop blaming God and start taking responsibility.

  2. Plato, 2500 years ago wrote REPUBLIC and the Allegory of the Cave. Humans would be born in the darkness of unawareness and woud think that shadows are real life. The System studied and twisted this Knowledge, and created visual slavery CINEMA, TV, INTERNET, PHONES, TABLETS…Endless things to talk about maybe more than one soul can store
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    Thoughts??? Any opinions about that smirk???

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