**Award-Winning** Sci-Fi Short Film: “Helio” – by Shadow Council Productions | TheCGBros

– [Announcer] Attention. This is your intermittent
reminder to get light. If you are feeling noticeably anxious, fatigued, or otherwise
not your normal self, you may already be overdue for a session. Stop by your local light clinic and get your necessary exposure. Do not forget, light is
a prerequisite for life. Your Council of Health is here for you. (suspenseful electronic music) – Shame. (banging) – [Man] Open up! We need help! (grunting) – This is a light clinic, not a hospital. – I’ve got the credits. Save him. – I’m sorry. – I tried… – Oh my god. You have to get out of here, now. They’re part of the resistance. – He’s bleeding to death. – [Doctor] I can’t help him. – Save him! – I can’t. I can’t save him. – Save him now. – I know what they do to
people who help the resistance, I can’t. (electronics whirring) (shuffling outside) Don’t you understand? You can’t hide from them. You need to get out. – [Man] You want him to die, don’t you? – [Doctor] He’s already dead. You both are. (boots shuffling) (gun firing) (gun clicking) (electronic beeping) (explodes) (clatters) (guns loading) (guns firing) – The partisan has boosters. He’s heading for the ladder. (suspenseful industrial music) (crowd chattering) – [Announcer] See if you qualify
for a procreation license. Each hour you work is one hour closer to obtaining your own license to family. (zooming) Inform counselors of transgressors. To report a transgression in progress, locate the nearest call box to alert our Council of Security. If you see a crime in
progress and do not report it, you will be prosecuted
alongside the perpetrators equally and justly. (yelling) (guns firing) – Hey. Transgressors. (grunts) I’ll be back for you. (electronic beeping) – Hey, he’s going for the ladder. (crowd chattering) – [Officer] Move! Move! (crowd shouting) – Come on, come on! Go! Go! (alarm beeping) – [Announcer] Disobedience alert. Kill order in effect. For your own safety… – Move! Get out of the way! Move! Let’s go! – They’re setting up the pipe. – Denizens, return to
your homes immediately. Those who do not comply
will be treated as hostile. Denizens, please. For your own safety, return to your homes. Load it! – [Man] They’re gonna shoot him down! – Stay back! – [Man] Let’s get him! (crowd shouting) (gun fires) (grunts) (spraying) (guns firing) (screaming) (electronic whirring) (mechanical whirring) – Ready the cannon! – [Man] If we hold them off
he might make it! – Aim! (mechanical whirring) Fire! (exploding) (slow, triumphant music) (electronic whirring) (mechanical whirring) (wind whistling) (engine zooming) (dramatic music) (upbeat industrial music)

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100 thoughts on “**Award-Winning** Sci-Fi Short Film: “Helio” – by Shadow Council Productions | TheCGBros

  1. This is the basic plot of Logans Run meets dystopian future. Instead of the Ahnk as a key they used a hockey puck like thingy.

  2. Any "Resistance" that had any chance of forming, AND Surviving would NOT look like a bunch of scruffy, Brooklyn Hipsters!

  3. this is not Sci-Fi thats what we have today….5% owns the World…95% are slaves of them called global capitalism

  4. Seit 2.Welt bis 1980……Dann steigen Arbeitszeit & Arbeitakkord……Tempo auf neues Techniken Know-how…….
    Zombies bei Militärischen & Kinders Ansteckungen ……Was wollen Sie es wieder Politiker/in & Banken……….?

  5. Die Jugends als Frauen auch Schichtdienst……Was wollen Sie es tun……Beweise mit Arbeitszeugnisse……?
    Sklaverei ohne Alphabetisch & Buchstaben……Ok.Gut….Ich versuche es & gerade es Beschreibungen……?

  6. Möchten Sie alkes Männers & Vaters ohne Gesichtlich sterben……Wo haben Sie studieren & Welches Zerstören Professor…….Auf der Menschlichkeit & Schönheiten verstanden…..Medizinische vorbereit mehr Schule & Students fördern

  7. Great production values……very impressive BUT atrocious writing. Go back to the drawing board and try again – watch some short films by DUST on YouTube so you can learn how to make a compelling short film that has a comprehensible beginning middle and end that has characters that your audience will care about.

  8. Award winning… They simply combined https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0088083/ with https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0970411/

  9. In reality, though He would be extremely sensitive to daylight. This scene 16:24 he should have been screaming in pain from seeing daylight for the first time, yet alone looking directly at the sun in the scene that followed 17:49

  10. Did anyone notice the sign in the background? It was shown several times. It said 70,476 days since the final war. That's over 193 years.

  11. Kazakhstan first place came to mind…structures there resemble that structure he sees when coming to the surface. More of as it is on the surface so it is below the surface…only….below the surface they never see sunlight…they don't have grass fields…etc…but they are most certainly taking our resources. Where all the better medicines are going to. Cool movie enjoyed it…I just wished it had ended w/providing everyone below w/helping them….instead of just one…only disappointment in this short movie…good effects well played thank you for sharing

  12. I will view it as –
    we are transgressors in this dark world, held in bondage and oppression with no apparent way of escape, without Light.

    But by the power of magic boots (Christ – who lifts our soul)
    we can ascend to the city of God where there is Light –
    hope, joy, peace, freedom, Life, Love, Truth, Power….Grace.

  13. I can't believe I'm just finding these channels containing all of these amazing shorts!! It's like I've died and gone to SI-FI heaven!!

  14. Enormous cliché
    shit ending, yeah, all what humanity needs is a central city

    and not a one after Elves example, huge trees combined with a city…

    this film was really SHIT…

  15. This film wasn't released… It escaped. Another "dandruff syndrome "flick. It leaves you scratching your head.

  16. Definitely one of the better short sci-fi ultra low budget films that I've seen. spoiler* They certainly could have scraped just a few dollars more to make the canon that didn't look like it wasnt made out of pvc piping though. Otherwise, not a bad effort… 3 stars.

  17. All those rules to help everyone stay safe and to get along, remind anyone of a certain current political ideology??

  18. por que usarían la escalera si tienen botas voladoras? aburrido y sin sentido. Los efectos muy flojos. No me gustó

  19. Good short but Geez when's the next episode guys?…
    C'mon give em up or shall I present a writ of "Habeas Corpus"…

  20. I thought this was a great short! Clear message, chaotic, 2 class system exploited underclass. Loved it!

  21. Finally! A great concept with a clear ending!! Loved every minute of it!
    I know we have to keep in mind that many of these filmmakers are working with limited budgets, or resources in general.
    So, things that we, or I, may think looks cheap or fake..could be some really great work and effort on their part. Great job on this one, guys. Knocked it out of the park!

  22. Once he was identified on the big screen, why didn't he just take off his miner's mask and blend in with the rest of the crowd? No one else seemed to need a mask.

  23. It was just okay. Story's been done before. Kinda cliche'd really. It won 50 awards? Who's awards? Never heard of em'. Still, good shot at it.

  24. This shallow, simplistic plot would appeal to immature graffiti vandals who view society as oppressive, and law enforcement as Gestapo.

  25. If the lived their entire lives underground than it wouldn't be possible to see sunlight or look like normal humans since it's been generations since they been on the surface

  26. Let live as a specie not nations,
    So light can be shines to all corners of the world, and therefore
    Preserve humanity as a specie long into time.

  27. Award-winning your ass! Why was he the only one wearing a mask? Why was he not treated as a rebel by the doctor earlier but the black who was wounded was refused assistance? Listen to the voice of the doctor when he said sorry at 2:00. So ridiculously inappropriately funny

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