Benefits of Getting Into the Amazon Brand Registry

– Hey everyone I’m Jamie
Davidson with AMZ Insiders, a little bit about us, myself and my two fellow
co-founders, Jason and Brad, combined to sell over 75 million
dollars on Amazon last year we’re on pace to do over 100
million dollars this year. Today I wanna talk to you
about the brand registry, what it is and why it’s so important and what are some of the
benefits of the brand registry as it relates to selling on Amazon. So first, what is the brand registry? Alright so the brand registry is a process that you need
to get approved for so there’s an approval process to get into what Amazon
calls the brand registry. And it’s basically, it’s a way for Amazon to designate certain sellers
through a set of criteria, it’s kinda like if you’re
goin’ through airport security and you can get into the
pre-check line, right, if you can get in the
pre-check line it means the airport security
has done a pre-screen, a process they’ve
approved you and they say, “Okay, we know this person
is a known traveler, we have information on this person, so therefore they get this
kinda special treatment.” So same thing on the
Amazon selling platform, there are millions of sellers
on Amazon all over the globe and there’s only a percentage of them that are in the brand registry. And to get into the brand
registry there’s a process, so when Amazon knows a seller
is in the brand registry it then has greater
confidence in that seller it’s gonna trust that seller more it’s therefore gonna give privileges to those that are in the brand registry as opposed to those that are not. So the biggest thing to get
approved into the brand registry before we even talk about the benefits, is you’ve gotta get a trademark, you’ve gotta get your brand, your brand name has to be trademarked because it’s one of the criterias now, it used to not be the case and that’s one, if you don’t have that it takes a long time to get it, so it takes about seven
months, eight months to get that approved so
you gotta get goin’ on it you don’t have to have, to sell on Amazon you don’t
need to start with that, but you should start that process as soon as you can with your brand because you need to get
that trademark approved. There’s some other requirements
to get approved into the brand registry as well, but the biggest one, like I
said, is the trademark, the other ones will have information, they’ll basically want
proof of information about who you’re getting your goods
from, from your manufacturer, they constantly update
different requirements, all the other ones are, you can very much
provide that information, again the big one being the trademark that is definitely takes some
time and is really important. So why do you wanna get into
the brand registry, alright? What are the benefits of it? Important. So I’ve already described
a little bit that it puts you in kind of an exclusive club an exclusive club of sellers
that most people aren’t there, that in itself is gonna give you an advantage towards success, it’s really gonna help
your grow your business because again there’s
not many people in that and Amazon is trusting you more as a seller than other people. And so with that they
give you additional access and new tools that
other people don’t have. One of the big ones is
called enhanced brand content if you go to your tab above here, if you take a look here we’ll show it to you here on the screen is, you can see here it says enhanced brand content on
our account, regular account, if you’re not in the
brand registry right now you don’t see this on your seller account, so that’s one of the things you have. You’ll also see under the marketing when you’re under your
advertising platform that you have additional
type of tools they can do, you have something, if
you’re in the brand registry you have to access to something
called headline search ads, okay, the headline search ads
are not available otherwise, again it’s a major advantage
that you can advertise in a way that all of the other sellers that are not in the brand
registry cannot, so. And then beyond that
Amazon is going to give you additional protection
of your listing itself, so a lot of people think when they create a listing on Amazon, they think it’s their
own, that they own it and they’re surprised that other people can actually change a listing and the reality is that Amazon doesn’t view that as your own listing, when you create a listing
to sell a product on Amazon Amazon views it as Amazon’s listing, they consider it an account
of the public domain that anybody can go and
anyone can sell a product if they have the exact same product on it, then anyone else could, it’s
almost like crowd sourcing, then anyone else could add
features to the product, can make changes and so forth, so that’s with no brand protection,
with nothing else there. So when you’re in the brand registry it really restricts, only the brand owner can make any changes to that listing. So you can see how that’s
a huge deal, right? Especially there’s been
cases where, you know really competitor, someone else is goin’ and basically messing up a listing or tryin’ to change it to their own to try to get that approved. So you really kinda lock down
ownership of that listing in a much bigger way than if you don’t, if you’re not part of that brand registry. So in summary, you know,
getting into the brand registry is really really key,
it’s really beneficial, more and more Amazon
is adding new features to reward those that are
in the brand registry so I really strongly
encourage you to do so and also as a reminder the biggest thing to get in the brand registry is you need to have your
brand name trademarked and that takes some time,
you can get an attorney, it’s not, it’s gonna cost you
about $800 or so including, most of that is the fees
and it’s gonna cost maybe a few hundred dollars to
have an attorney help you, which I strongly recommend because you don’t wanna go eight
months and have it declined and then you’d have to start
the process all over again, so really make sure you
do your homework up front. But I really hope this discussion around the Amazon brand
registry was helpful and gives you a sense
of why it’s so important and if it was helpful, I encourage you to go ahead
and click the link below here and check out our free workshop where I share all about how we built our 75 million dollar
Amazon business ourselves and more importantly I share
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that you can make your own and start today to really
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